Homemade Cranberry Sauce in the Instant Pot

Homemade Cranberry Sauce in the Instant Pot

Cranberry sauce is one of those foods that I didn’t know I liked until much later in life and I seriously regret not making an effort with sooner. It add a delicious sweetness (and extra flavor) to almost any white meat, but is especially delightful on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner turkey. This year I decided … Read more

Christmas Themed Drinks and Cocktails

red jello shot with whip cream and strawberries on top that looks like a santa hat

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! Time to bring out those decorations and start planning those festive meals. Personally, I feel no meal is really complete without some tasty Christmas themed drinks and cocktails (or mocktails). Let’s be real Christmas can be such a stressful time! With those endless to do lists … Read more


Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is known for its turkey and tons of delicious side dishes. What you often don’t see at Christmas dinner is a nice salad, hey maybe you do serve a salad, but I can say I’ve hardly ever even thought to have one with Christmas dinner. There are surprisingly tons of different options that … Read more


Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

roasted white asparagus

Christmas will be here before we know it. Time to start planning your big Christmas dinner! We all know turkey will be on the menu but what about the side dishes for Christmas dinner? They are extremely important after all. If you are like me, you are always wanting to find the next best recipe … Read more

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts for Halloween

red tray with white chocolate covered strawberries with ghost faces

One of my favorite holidays is almost here, Halloween! Which means it’s time to decorate and get spooky! One of the best things about Halloween is the many cool themed desserts you can make. I made these Chocolate covered strawberry ghosts for Halloween with my kids not long ago and they were an absolute hit! … Read more


Easy and Delicious Oreo Cupcake Recipe

There’s nothing I love more than making cupcakes. There’s so much you can do in these cute little packages and plenty of opportunity to experiment. This Oreo cupcake recipe combines a classic flavorful chocolate base with Oreo buttercream icing for a delicious treat anyone will love. I actually made these cupcakes for a bake sale … Read more