50+ Ways to Get Ready for Christmas NOW!

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Oh boy, this is going to be a big one but I am already SO excited for Christmas. It’s hands down my favourite time of year. But it also can be a lot of work if you want to make things really special. That’s why I like to get ready for Christmas early.

50+ Ways to Get Ready for Christmas NOW!

Believe it or not (ok I’m sure you can believe it) I start getting ready for Christmas months ahead. With 5 kids I’m always Christmas shopping, especially at yard sales in the summer. My closet is so full of gifts right now that I have to find a new hiding location!

Now that it’s getting cool outside I’m even more excited to fill my home with holiday cheer. Personally, I start decorating early November, shortly after Halloween. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October here so by the time November hits it’s cold and snowy anyway.

For most people Christmas is only a month, at most 2, of festivities. If you want to do all the things that’s not a lot of time to pack it all in! But there are some things you can do now to make Christmas easier later.

How to get ready for Christmas early on

  1. Shop for second hand Christmas gifts
  2. Shop yard sales or thrift stores for Christmas decorations
  3. Complete Christmas DIY projects
  4. Declutter your house
  5. Go through your Christmas decorations so they’re easier to set up later
  6. Make a list of all the things you need to buy eg. New Christmas tree, lights, etc
  7. Hang Christmas lights in November before it gets too cold
  8. Start your December calendar filling it up with school holidays, important events, etc.
  9. Do a “brain dump” and write down everything you can think of that you must do before Christmas
  10. Change up your furniture or storage solutions to accommodate new gifts, guests, the tree, etc.

Plan for Christmas ahead of time

  1. Make your Christmas gift list
  2. Get a Christmas card list together with addresses
  3. Decide on your Christmas dinner menu if you’re cooking
  4. Solidify any travel plans
  5. Make sure you have enough space, dishes, glasses, etc for entertaining
  6. Take stock of what the kids have for toys, clothes, etc
  7. Make wish lists for the kids if relatives shop for them (Amazon is great for this)
  8. Design or plan your Christmas card including booking a photographer if needed
  9. Consider printing a dedicated Christmas calendar or planner so you can keep on top of important deadlines, events, etc

Budget early for Christmas

  1. Set a budget for Christmas gifts
  2. Pick up a second job if you need extra money
  3. Start a savings plan so you can afford Christmas gifts
  4. Save unique wrapping paper eg. Comic pages from the newspaper, brown paper from packages, etc
  5. Check Costco and similar places, many popular toys are much cheaper there
  6. Sell unused toys and household items and use that money for your Christmas shopping
  7. Budget for Christmas entertaining and food
  8. When turkey, ham, or Christmas dinner trimmings go on sale before Christmas buy them and freeze

Easy Christmas traditions

  1. Pre plan and shop for supplies for your Elf on the Shelf
  2. Make and freeze Christmas cookies or the cookie dough
  3. Make a holiday bucket list
  4. Pre-make a Christmas eve box for the family
  5. Make a Christmas playlist on Spotify or add to your music collection so you’re ready for the holidays
  6. Plan any Christmas parties you’re hosting early
  7. Make a homemade advent calendar so it’s ready for Dec 1st
  8. Buy your Nutcracker or other performance tickets as soon as they go on sale
  9. List and prep for any new traditions you want to start

Early Christmas shopping

  1. Start your Christmas shopping as soon as possible
  2. Make sure you leave 2-3 months for anything ordered from China (eg. Wish)
  3. Make handmade gifts early so you’re not rushing during the holidays
  4. Go through your gift closet to see what you already have
  5. Shop for wrapping paper, tape, etc as soon as it shows up in stores so you’re not scrambling last minute
  6. Stock up on batteries for kids’ toys (especially if they go on sale)
  7. Get parcels ready to be mailed and add dates to mail them into your calendar so you don’t forget
  8. Decide what you’re doing for teacher/coach/etc gifts and buy/prep them ahead of time
  9. Ask your kids what they’d like or check out what kinds they’re interested in on YouTube together

Other things you can do to get ready for Christmas early

  1. Make your own gift list
  2. Stock up on firewood if you have a fireplace or bonfire
  3. Make a list or calendar of the Christmas movies and specials you want to watch
  4. Check your rewards cards and apps to see if you can use that for Christmas shopping
  5. Stock up on Christmas essentials like candy canes, hot chocolate, and baking ingredients
  6. Make freezer meals for busy December days
  7. Complete any changes do your guest room like fresh paint or new bedding

How do you get ready for Christmas and when do you start?

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