45 Unique Christmas Countdown Ideas


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I love the anticipation of Christmas almost as much as I love Christmas day. The holiday season is my absolute favourite time of year. These Christmas countdown ideas are a good way to make that time even more fun.

I’ve collected some awesome ideas for advent calendars and Christmas countdown ideas in this post. Some are DIY projects, others easy crafts. There’s also some printables and a bunch of ideas for Christmas themed activities!

Christmas Countdown and Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids and Adults

There are so many great ideas out there. Personally, we buy advent calendars for the kids and then try and add in as many activities during November and December as possible. It’s not always easy, especially with busy lives and kids in sports, but we try and make sure we hit our core traditions.

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For example, one of our favourite traditions is reading holiday themed books. We usually try and grab a few from the library and there are a bunch in our home library we pull out too.

Another fun activity is driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

With COVID, Christmas traditions were harder last year and I don’t except things to be completely normal this year. So many fun family activities are getting cancelled. That’s why it’s more important than every to find things you can do at home with your family to keep the holiday spirit going.

When Should You Start a Christmas Countdown?

Most Christmas countdowns start December 1st and go until Christmas eve. I find if you start earlier kids get bored.

Some people have the Elf come back earlier (we are Canadian but I hear of people bringing it out right after Thanksgiving in the US) – but most advent calendars start Dec 1. If you’re DIYing, though, you could definitely add a few days if you want!

Hopefully you enjoyed these Christmas countdown ideas. The holidays will be here before we know it so now is the time to get creating!


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