Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

by | Oct 1, 2022

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Christmas dinner is known for its turkey and tons of delicious side dishes. What you often don’t see at Christmas dinner is a nice salad, hey maybe you do serve a salad, but I can say I’ve hardly ever even thought to have one with Christmas dinner. There are surprisingly tons of different options that would work perfectly with Christmas dinner this year.

Cold salads, warm salad, all vegetable salads, and ones with nuts and cranberries! The possibilities are really endless with salad options. Check out these salads to serve with Christmas dinner recipes below for ideas!

Christmas Dinner Salads

Whether you enjoy a classic salad or something totally unique I have put together the perfect selection that is sure to have something for everyone this holiday season. Personally, I’m loving the sound of the walnut and cranberry salads!

The tartness of the cranberries and the crunchy walnuts just sound so delicious to me, not to mention how festive they look! Like I said before salads to me are not something I often do but after putting together this list I’m for sure adding one or two to my menu this Christmas. Hopefully you will find something that will inspire you to add to your menu as well!

So, get looking at these salad recipes and find the perfect one today.

Salads to serve with Christmas Dinner

I hope you found a couple salads that will go with your menu this season. honestly, I’m not sure how anyone could pick just one! I’m definitely going to be making a few of these this season and I’m really excited to add a healthy touch to dinner this year. Drop a comment below what salad recipes you picked and how they turned out! Happy Holidays!

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