Birthday Party Places For Your B-day Bash

by | Feb 18, 2020

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Getting ready to celebrate a birthday? Whether it’s your special day or your kid’s, throwing an at-home birthday party can be a chore. If you’d rather take it out of the house, then you need to find some great birthday party places to host your party! Here’s some ideas to inspire your venue choice.

It’s tough to cater to everywhere with these kinds of posts, so everything might not be available in your city. Generally, these are the birthday party places most people have nearby. Or use them as inspiration to look up what you do have at your disposal.

Super Cool Places to Host a Birthday Party

Most of these birthday party places are great for kids or adult birthday parties, too!

Laser Tag

This is one of my family’s all-time favourite birthday party places. We have a local one that’s actually pretty awesome, and most areas have one nowadays. I love that it’s active and competitive, but still fun. Laser tag can also be scaled to any age group right from little kids to adults.

Mini Golf

This is another birthday party venue idea that is suitable for everyone. Even the elderly can usually play mini golf! If it’s a summer birthday an outdoor mini golf course is a nice way to get out in the sun. Otherwise, look for an indoor mini golf place.

Arcade birthday party place


Talk about a throwback! Arcades haven’t lost their touch, at least not when it comes to birthday party venues. Instead of sending kids in with a roll of quarters most arcades these days use a card system that you can load with credits. Look into your local spaces: most have birthday party options that include play time and food.

Escape Room

There’s nothing that says “birthday fun” like being trapped in a puzzle room for an hour. Seriously though, escape rooms make great birthday party places. Especially for adults. They’re especially nice if you’re not super social but still want to get together with some friends because everyone will be working together to solve puzzles, not mingling.

Trampoline Park

There’s no way I’m going to have a class full of active boys come to my house. I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason these birthday party places exist, too! Trampoline parks are popping up all over the place now and for good reason: kids can burn off some of that energy and have a great time. Most of birthday party packages at group rates and are appropriate for toddlers right through adulthood.

Movie Theatre

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed then trade the trampoline park for a movie theatre birthday party. They usually have kids birthday party packages that include their ticket, snacks, and access to a party room for cake after. For an adult party just get some friends together and see check out a movie you’ve been itching to see. Some movie theatres even offer alcoholic drinks now!

Indoor play center birthday party idea

Indoor Play Center

These are those places with the huge indoor play structure. Either book a birthday party package for the kids to save on admission or consider booking out the entire venue for a larger group. Although it’s not the best for adults, this would be a fun place to host a big family birthday party.

Museum or Zoo

Even the smallest of cities usually have these kinds of birthday party places. Whether it’s visiting your local history museum or a fun aquarium, this somewhat educational birthday party idea will definitely be a hit. Most larger places do offer birthday party solutions to save on kids admissions. For adult birthday parties, though, you’ll most likely once again have to make arrangements on your own.

Amusement Park

If you’re lucky enough to have a permanent amusement park in your area it might already be one of your go to birthday party places. If not, definitely consider it for your next b-day bash! Ours is only open in the summer but they do have group rates for parties. If you’re looking for a toddler friendly birthday idea you might be able to find indoor venues that at least have little-kid rides a bit easier.

At the bowling alley


Bowling alleys are one of the most classic birthday party places! Kids and adults alike can have a blast trying to outscore their friends. For a kid birthday party, grab a package; they usually have food and shoe rentals included. For adults, book a few lanes and invite the gang! Most bowling alleys also serve beer if you’re looking for a boozy birthday party venue. If you want some more privacy, most bowling alleys can be booked completely for private events.

DIY Ceramics

This is an interesting birthday party idea that’s been taking the world by storm lately. At these places you choose from a piece of pottery that’s pre-made. They usually have a variety of dishes and some decorative items. During the party, everyone decorates their piece with paint and markers. The pottery is left and the staff glaze and fire it before it’s ready to be picked up.

Nerf battles are great birthday party places

Other ideas for birthday party places

  • Ziplining
  • Paintball
  • Board game cafe
  • Trip to the nail salon/spa
  • Rent a hall or gym
  • Pool party
  • Rock climbing
  • Group lessons
  • Nerf battle

Hopefully these birthday party places will inspire you to throw a great party outside your house. Venues make it easy to host large groups and are ideal of you live in small spaces!

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