Pumpkin Printable Scavenger Hunt

by | Sep 21, 2019

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My kids are scavenger hunt obsessed! They’re always thrilled to come home from activities only to find one set up throughout the house. This one was no exception! It’s a cute pumpkin themed printable scavenger hunt that’s super easy to customize and set up. What a great way to kick start fall!

To make your very own pumpkin scavenger hunt:

  1. Print out several small pumpkins (I used the clipart below and tiled it to print 9 pumpkins).
  2. Label the pumpkins (I used numbers 1-9).
  3. Hide each pumpkin and write riddles to the corresponding numbers.
  4. Read out the clues one by one and get your little one hunting!

You can tailor the difficulty of the clues to any age group. I used clues like “This pumpkin is very cold” for the one hiding in the freezer in the hunt for my preschooler. When I involve my first grader her clues will be more like “This pumpkin is hiding with something that starts with “A”.

Learning variations for homeschooling:

  • Print 26 and write the alphabet on them. Hide with the an object that starts with the corresponding letter.
  • Print 2 sets if you have children of different skill levels playing together and hide separately.
  • Focus on a specific skill you’re working on like colours, place (over/under/behind), or rhyming with your clues.
  • Make the pumpkins spell a secret message when found.
  • Instead of numbers put a math equation (clue #2 pumpkin says 7-5, etc).
  • Or use sight words and incorporate them into the clues (I” nearly SAT on this pumpkin”).
  • Have the kids hide the pumpkins and make up their own clues for you to find.

More ways to play with this printable pumpkin scavenger hunt idea:

  • Join some friends at the park for an outdoor hunt.
  • Hide some prizes with the pumpkins or at the end.
  • Instead of printing out the scavenger hunt, find small pumpkins or buy fake ones from the dollar store to hide.
  • Go one step further and hide the pumpkins around a local park.

Hopefully you have as much fun with this printable pumpkin scavenger hunt idea as we did! Happy hunting and happy fall!

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