Christmas Gift Ideas for a Minimalist

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The holidays are coming up, and with that means gift giving. But what kind of Christmas gift ideas are out there for a minimalist? What do you give someone who’s trying to keep as few things as possible?

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Minimalist

Giving gifts to a minimalist can create a job and burden. It’s something that they’re going to have to deal with – and might even cause some stress. Make sure that your gifts are given with the understanding that they don’t need to keep it. Even better, give with a gift receipt.

This post contains affiliate links. That means we earn a commission when something is purchased through an affiliate link.

Minimalist Design Dish Cloths

minimalist dish cloth gift ideas for a minimalist

I personally like practical gift ideas for minimalists, especially ones that can replace things that they already have but might be worn out. These dish cloths are stylish and fun, take up very little space, and can be an excuse for the minimalist to toss worn ones from their kitchen.

Book about Minimalism

minimalism book gift idea

Once they’re done with it they can pass it on to someone else, or donate it. This is a great Christmas gift idea for someone who’s just getting started on their minimalism journey and needs a bit of a inspiration.

Art for Their Home

Minmalism art Christmas gift idea for a minimalist

Unless you’re shopping for the type of minimalist who likes bare walls, you can probably get away with giving them something to hang as long as you really think it will suit their home and tastes. If you’re close, see if you can even find a place for it to go and find something that will fit.

Experience Gift

experience gift ideas for a minimalist

Experiences are one of my favourite gift ideas for a minimalist. You can give memories, which I absolutely love, but they also are one gift that’s truly clutter free. If you want a physical item, this scratch off map is pretty cool!

Acrylic Organizers

gift ideas for a minimalist organizers

These are something minimalists love (I know I do) but they’re pretty pricey so it’s nice to get them as a gift. You can get them for the fridge, pantry, or anywhere else in the home. That way the little bit of stuff a minimalist has can be organized well.

Minimalist Home Audio Book

audiobooks are great christmas gift ideas for a minimalist

Audio books are an excellent way to give a book as a Christmas gift without it creating a physical object in their home. With this, the minimalist you’re shopping for can just listen on their smart device or computer.

Minimalist Wall Hooks

wall hooks christmas gift ideas for a mininamlist

You’d be pretty hard not to find a use for some more wall hooks, even if you are a minimalist. These have a super clean design and can match almost anyone’s home.

Minimalist Design Watch

watch is a great christmas gift idea for a minimalist></a><img loading=

If there’s a minimalist in your life you want to spoil (you spouse maybe?) then a nice watch never goes out of fashion. Luckily, they also come with minimalist design options that look sleek and elegant. When choosing a practical watch you want nice, but not too nice that they can’t wear it every day.

Gift Cards

gift cards as christmas gift ideas for a minimalist

If you’re really not sure what Christmas gift ideas for a minimalist will work, then going with a gift card is always a safe bet. It’s not as personal, but a minimalist will appreciate one a lot more than something they’ll never use.

Scents for the Home

christmas gift idea for a minimalist essential oils

Having some nice smells at home make it feel cleaner, calmer, and more relaxing. Most people, minimalist or not, appreciate when a space smells great. What you pick up will depend on who you’re shopping for: some people prefer candles, others wax melters, potpourri, incense, or my favourite, essential oils.

EBook Reader

ereaders are great Christmas gift ideas for a minimalist

I listed the Kindle here, but there are other brands out there too like the Kobo or Nook. EReaders are great for minimalists because they can hold hundreds of books and take up very little space.

Space Saving Solutions

space saving solution minimalist gift idea

You have to have stuff, so help a minimalist store it effectively. Handy space saving items like this hander means they can really condense their clothes in the closet, meaning less visual clutter.

Smart Home Accessories

Smart home accessories for a minimalist

If the minimalist that you’re shopping for already has some aspects of a smart home (Amazon Alexa or Google Home, for example) then adding a few more accessories can make great, low clutter gift ideas. Smart plugs or bulbs, for example, just replace existing things in their home but make their lives easier and more comfortable.


snacks for the minimalist as a gift idea

You can never go wrong with snacks! What’s nice about them is you eat them, then they’re gone. Find out what your friend’s favourite treat is and then add that to your Christmas gift ideas for a minimalist.

Something They Need

money clip gift idea for a minimalist man

Keep an ear out when you’re talking to your minimalist friend or relative about what things they might need in the near future. Then, look for a well designed, minimalist version of that item. This money clip, for example, replaces a wallet and takes up less space.

Minimalist Laptop Stand

I know from experience storing laptops can be a bit of a pain. They take up so much surface space, and never look good. This is a great solution, especially in a minimalist home.

Minimalist Clothing

minimalist clothing christmas gift ideas for a minimalist

A word of caution when getting someone clothes: Clothing is a huge source of clutter for many people. So make sure it’s something they will love, and can actually use! But, chosen well, clothes can be a welcomed gift idea even for minimalists.

Minimalist Day Planner

day planner minimalist gift

Not everyone is ready to move to an all digital space, even some minimalists. A minimalist day planner is the perfect compromise to that so they can stay organized with simplicity. Day planners also make great Christmas gift ideas for minimalists because most start in January.

Multi-Use Appliances

minimalist christmas gift idea instant pot

As long as it’s something you know they’ll use, a multi-use appliance (like the Instant Pot) can replace a few older ones in a minimalist kitchen. Personally, I have one in my kitchen and I love it – it replaced the slow cooker, rice cooker, and sometimes even the stove!

Minimalist Christmas Book

Minimalist Christmas book gift idea for a minimalist

If you want something that’s seasonally appropriate, this book is it. It’s a practical guide to the holiday for minimalists to enjoy Christmas without the overwhelm.

New Tech

tech gift idea for a minimalist for Christmas

Most of the time (but not always) minimalists rely on digital space to replace some of the the physical items they enjoy. Upgrading their well loved technology is a great gift idea for a minimalist you’re close to that won’t add to their clutter and will make their life better too.

Everyone’s ‘brand’ of minimalism is different, so there’s really no one size fits all Christmas gift ideas for a minimalist. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to create more clutter in their home, and consider their own personal style while shopping.