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When the holidays come around it always seems like mom gets left out. While mom’s busy making Christmas magical for everyone else, why not do something nice for her? If you need some inspiration, try these stocking stuffer ideas for moms so she has some extra gifts to unwrap Christmas morning.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms

Moms rarely make a fuss around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like having gifts under the Christmas tree. Especially if she’s the only one who doesn’t have a stocking full of goodies!

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Here’s some great stocking stuffer ideas for moms that you can use to inspire your shopping.

Travel Mug

Whether it’s for her daily commute or just to keep the coffee warm while tending to the kids at home, moms always find uses for travel mugs. Psst, they’re also great for keeping mixed drinks cold in the summertime too.

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Make Up Sponges

If mom likes to wear make up than updates to her existing stash is always welcome. If you’re not sure what to buy, make up sponges like these are always appreciated.

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The Golden Girls Mad Libs

I think that fun gifts are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for moms. Little activates that mom can do, like this Golden Girls Mad Libs, are a great way to make her Christmas morning even more merry and bright.

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Waterproof Fitness Watch

Fitness watches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, there’s a few popular brands that seem to dominate the landscape. I chose this one because it’s both stylish and loaded with features she’ll actually use.

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Essential Oil Set

If she already has a diffuser than this is a no brainer stocking stuffer idea for moms. Just make sure you get whatever brand she already uses! Even for those who don’t diffuse, essential oils can be added to homemade cleaners and other homemade products too.

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Ring Light

These are super handy to have around the house, especially with so many more people needing to be well lit for online videos. Moms can use it for video calls, making Tiktok and Youtube videos, or photography.

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Comfy or Novelty Socks

My mom asks for socks every single year for Christmas. I swear it’s the only time she ever gets new ones! Whether your mom’s like mine and you want to get her some good quality, everyday socks or you found the perfect novelty pair that mom will love, socks are almost always a hit in stockings.

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Good Quality Chocolates

Snacks are a must when it comes to stocking stuffer ideas! Instead of buying cheap treats, though, add in mom’s favourite snacks or some good quality confectionary that you know she’ll love.

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Daily Calendar

Depending on the size of your stocking daily calendars are usually small enough to fit into stockings. With a gift like this, mom will be thinking of you every day all year long.

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Hand Cream

Winter is usually a time of dry weather, which also means dry hands. Especially if mom has to wash them frequently, uses hand sanitizer regularly, or suffers from eczema. Some nice hand cream can go a long way, and it make a great stocking stuffer too.

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Warm Winter Gloves

You’ve gotta have your mittens for winter! They make amazing stocking stuffers because it’s nice to have an extra pair, and they’re practical too. Opt for something soft, good quality, and stylish.

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Clever Fox Password Book

I’m not kidding when I say that I might get this for my own mom for Christmas. It’s a tabbed notebook that organizes passwords. If you don’t want to put the actual pass, you can add a hint instead.

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Mini Succulents

These are all the rage right now and the perfect size to make great stocking stuffers. They’re usually solid (the bedding doesn’t come out) so you don’t need to worry about making a mess.

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Mom Truths Party Game

This is a party card game in a similar style to Cards Against Humanity. The cards are raw and uncensored so mom can plan a hilarious get together with her friends.

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Back Scratcher

Mom is always scratching everyone’s back (figuratively) so why not scratch hers (literally)? Back scratchers are a nice to have, practical stocking stuffer idea.

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Wireless Headphones

Very useful for a morning run, workplace audiobook, or drowning out whining toddlers.

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Colourful Pens

If your house is like mine then it’s probably true that you can never find a pen when you need one. Get mom a set of her own – preferably great quality and fun colours.

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Jewelry is one of those classic stocking stuffer ideas for moms – but you can definitely give it a more modern twist. Instead of getting thoughtless jewelry make sure it’s something she’ll actually wear and love.

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Clip on Book Light

Don’t let darkness stop her from reading her book! A clip on book light is super hand if mom likes to read traditional books or on an eReader that doesn’t have a backlight.

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Since Christmas falls at the start of winter what better time than to give mom a scarf? You can get so many types so choose one you think she’ll like. The most common are fashion scarves, fleece, and wool.

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Hair Accessories

Having new stuff for your hair is nice, but it’s not always a priority for moms to get themselves accessories. Help her out by getting something you think she’ll like or a collection of trendy styles like this pack.

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Tarot Set

Although this might seem a bit niche I’m continually amazed at how many women are interested in Tarot cards. If this seems like something the mom you’re shopping for might like, a beginner set like this one comes with instructions to get started.

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