Space Themed Birthday Party for Adults

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OK, so my birthday is coming up and I decided that it needs to be space themed. I mean, Star Wars would be cool too, but I want to save that level of high effort for when I can actually invite people over. Even if it’s just us, though, how do you throw a space themed birthday party for adults?

I think too often we let ourselves “grow up” too much. Why should fun birthday parties stop after childhood? Why can’t I make space themed drinks and share them with my space loving grown up friends?

Space Themed Birthday Party for Adults

The cool thing about this theme is it’s fun for girls, guys, and theys. Really, anyone who loves space. I find that a lot of themed birthday adult parties can get really feminie, but space is a bit more netural.

I mean, who doesn’t love space?

You can use your own tastes to put a unique flair on the grown-up space themed birthday ideas. They’re not too mature, though – the whole point is to have fun!

I also find this great post about Space Themed cocktails for you to try!

Spaced Themed Birthday Party Decorations for Adult Parties

These are some of the coolest and thematic space themed decorations I could find that would be perfect for adults too.

Need somewhere to host a party? Here’s some great ideas for party spaces.

space themed paper plates and cups

Solar System Disposable Dishes

You’re an adult and that means you don’t have anyone to clean up after you. Save on time after the party putting out some disposable dishes… Space themed, of course.

Serves 16See it on Amazon

Space Themed Table Cloth

This one is pretty simple and will match pretty much any sub space themes you decide to go with. It’s sophisticated and mature, just like you space party animal.

54″ x 108″See it on Amazon

Galaxy Style Balloons

These round balloons are just what your space themed birthday party is missing. You can fill them with air or helium depending on the look you’re going for.

Set of 4See it on Amazon

Star Garland

You can use this simple garland in a lot of different ways. Drape them over the table, hang them from doorways, or decorate a wall. There’s a couple different colour options, too, so you can buy ones that fit your theme.

130 feet totalSee it on Amazon

Space Backdrop

How else are they going to Instagram your totally Instagrammable event? This backdrop doesn’t come with the stand, so keep that in mind when ordering. You can hang it up in your party space for a trendy photo op or put it behind your focal point (usually the table with the food) for an extra decorative touch.

Available in multiple sizesSee it on Amazon

Happy Birthday Banner

You’re never too old for a birthday banner! They have ones that are more “space” but I found them childish. If you like those better, though, go for it!

Letters are 6.6″ longSee it on Amazon

NASA Recruitment Poster

This would also make a great gift for someone who loves space, but I love this as an adult themed space birthday decoration idea too.

12″x16″See it on Amazon

Silver Metallic Tinsel

Hanging this metallic tinsel up as a backdrop really makes a space pop. Not only does it reflect light and draw attention, the texture ads dimension to otherwise flat party decor. Just make sure you grab a few panels – they don’t cover a lot of horiztonal space.

Covers 3 x 9.3 feetSee it on Amazon

More Space Themed Tablewear

Depending on your style this set might work better for a space birthday party. I like that it has big and small plates, cups, and napkins. Plus the design is pretty neutral too.

Serves 30See it on Amazon

Glowing Stars

You might have had these on your bedroom ceiling as a kid but we’re bringing them back! Once it starts getting dark outside these fun stick on stars will give your space-themed birthday party the glow it deserves.

213pcsSee it on Amazon

Metallic Balloons

I love using metallic balloons to decorate all kinds of party themes, but they’re especially thematic when you’re pretending to be in outer space. This set comes with a nice variety of colours and the balloons are suitable for air or helium.

Pack of 50See it on Amazon

Star Banner

Hang banners all around the room for an easy way to bring the theme together. I like this one because the stars are shiny, simple, and will match whatever space (get it?) you put them in. Plus they’re not too childish!

7 feet longSee it on Amazon

Galaxy Party Kit

If your adult space party is more of a galaxy party then you’re going to love this disposable dish set. It comes with the tablecloth, plates, cups, and napkins so you don’t have to run around finding things that match.

Serves 16See it on Amazon

Inflatable Alien

These are so 90s I just had to include them. Delight your guests by including balloon aliens in your space party decorating… Here’s best part – you get 12 in the pack!

24″ tall See it on Amazon

Space Themed Birthday Party For Adults Favor Ideas

You can’t send you guests home empty handed! Even adult birthday parties can have fun favour bags to give out to your guests as they leave. Here’s some fun stuff you could include.

Space Treat Bags

I like how dark these treat bags are. They just simple paper bag style and you’ll probably want to do something to secure the bag closed. My pick would be folding it over and securing with a space-themed sticker.

Pack of 24See it on Amazon

Galaxy Favor Bag With Handles

If you prefer bags with handles, these cute galaxy style ones might be better. They’re actually reusable, too, so the bag itself is part of the gift.

Pack of 12See it on Amazon

Be a Kid Again

Sometimes it’s fun to just go full on childish with adult birthday party favors. You could use these as bag fillers to compliment a nicer item, or just on their own.

Enough for 12 guestsSee it on Amazon

NASA Silicone Bracelets

These are actually super cute. I know I’d personally wear one! Another idea is to hand these out at the start of the party so everyone can have a space themed accessory to enjoy throughout the evening.

18pcsSee it on Amazon


Stickers are fun at any age but recent trends have opened up a whole new world of cool stickers for grown ups to enjoy. Grab a pack of your favourites, or use this one that has an assortment.

100 piecesSee it on Amazon


Like stickers, patches are super trendy right now. Let your guests leave with some of these open ended accessories that they can add to their bag, hat, coat, or whatever! Just make sure they’re cool like this Apollo 11 mission patch.

4″ embroidered patchSee it on Amazon

Astronaut Food

If you’re going to include snacks then it just has to be this one. Who doesn’t like freeze dried ice cream anyway?

Pack of 6See it on Amazon

What to Wear to a Space Themed Party

OK so you’ve been invited to a space themed party… But what do you put on? Well, the actual answer is going to be up to your host, but here’s some fun ideas I found that you might want to use.

NASA T-Shirt (or NASA Anything)

It’s a faithful classic that won’t steer your wrong. Wear NASA logo stuff (there’s plenty out there) to a casual space themed birthday for adults and while you won’t steal the show, you’ll definitely fit in.

Comes in small to 3xlSee it on Amazon

Novelty Space Socks

Even if you don’t want to theme you whole outfit you can still get a little bit of space fun in with novelty socks. These would be great if you were attending a more formal, dress up adult space themed party.

Comes in a packSee it on Amazon

The Moon

It definitely will make you stand out. The moon may orbit the Earth, but if you wear this to a space themed party people will probably be orbiting around you. Probably to ask why you’re dressed as the moon.

One size See in on Amazon

Funny T-Shirt

Show off your personality with a funny space themed t-shirt. This one has cats being abducted by aliens, which is amazing, but you can find one that more suits your personal tastes too.

Sizes small to 3xlSee it on Amazon

Sexy Astronaut Costume

Insert something about Halloween being the one day of year where girls can dress up like… You know. Don’t limit this costume to just women, though, anyone can get in on this sexy space themed fun!

Comes in multiple sizesSee it on Amazon

Space Themed Dress

Channel your inner Miss Frizzle with this dress that’s perfect for attending or hosting a space themed birthday party. It even comes in blue, purple, and black. Choices!

Sizes up to 2xlSee it on Amazon

Astronaut Helmet

Do you know where there’s no air? Space. Better come prepared with your very own astronaut helmet to keep you safe. This one is made of soft materials so you’ll be comfortable all night long.

Might be too small if you have a big headSee it on Amazon

Alien Headband

I think these are adorable. You could even get them to hand out to guests as they arrive so everyone has as “costume” that fits with the theme. Oh, did I mention they glow in the dark too?

Pack of 12See it on Amazon

Are you planning a space themed birthday party for adults? Hopefully this list at least helped give you a bit of inspiration. No longer does space have to be the final frontier to us grown ups – we can have fun themed birthday parties too!

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