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It was my daughter’s 9th birthday last weekend and like most kids she was pretty excited to have friends over again after having to spend last year’s b-day in lockdown. I let her pick the theme and she came up with… Squid Game. Anyway, here’s the Squid Game birthday party for kids that we threw!

And before you start judging, no I didn’t let my 9 year old watch the show. It had so much buzz that’s it’s all over YouTube and Tiktok, so she’s seen the characters and games without the extreme violence.

Squid Game Birthday Party for Kids

Turns out, though, Squid Game makes a great theme for a kid’s birthday party! After all, the whole show is about playing games.

Free Squid Game Party Invitation Template

Squid game birthday party invitation

For the invitations I wanted something that fit the theme, but still let the parents know that we weren’t going to be doing anything that wouldn’t be child appropriate. Otherwise it was a simple invite!

I made them in Canva quickly based off another template and printed it off double sided onto cardstock. I shared the template, so you can download that for free with the button below.

The Games

We pulled a few games from the show and modified them to fit our space. Since it’s a December birthday we couldn’t play outside, so we had to make it work indoors. Our games were: Red Light, Green Light, Tug-of-War, the Dalgona cutout game with the needles, and the glass bridge.

Instead of eliminating the kids we gave them plastic medals when they won a game. At the end we gave them out to anyone who didn’t get one, since they all won Red Light, Green Light at least once.

Red Light, Green Light

It was pretty straight forward. I played the doll and we used this sound from Youtube connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Since it was a small space we played a few rounds. Kids who were caught moving were shot with a Nerf gun for extra fun.

Dalgona Game

Dalgona cookies in a tin like the ones in Squid Game

We got super lucky the day before the party and found these at Showcase. They really made the party! I was going to make them myself, but these were already ready to go. There’s two dalgona cookies inside so we kept the second as a party favour and included them in their bags.

Before you ask, YES we gave the kids needles! I grabbed a cheap multipack and gave the kids the bigger ones. They worked well and it was actually a lot of fun.

The song is called Needles and Dalgona on the OST, by the way. We played it while they worked.

To make the Dalgona sponge toffee yourself:

Heat 1.5 tablespoons of sugar in a metal ladle over medium/low heat or in a small sauce pan. Mix it until the sugar melts, removing it from the heat if it smokes. Add 1/16th of a teaspoon of baking soda (2-3 pinches) and stir it until it’s dissolved. Pour the mixture out onto parchment paper (use a spatula to scrape it). Let it cool for 15-20 seconds, press it down with something like a small bowl, and then stamp it with a cookie cutter.

Tug of War

I strongly recommend using a proper tug of war rope. We borrowed one but you can get them online too. If you’re playing inside on hard floors, have the kids take off their socks so they don’t slide. We played a few rounds mixing up the teams after each one to make things more fair.

Glass Bridge

Foam rectangles spaced out on the floor that were used as a stand in for the glass bridge game in Squid Game

This was really fun. We taped dollar store foam rectangles to the floor (which, by the way, is a pain to clean up so I suggest grabbing some Goo b Gone if you go this route) to make up the bridge. I then created a sequence on paper that was just 1s and 2s to signify which one was safe.

When someone crashed we tossed a bean bag on that space so we knew which one was “broken”. We also played a glass shattering sound from a sound effects app we downloaded for the party.

The kids loved this one and we played it a few times. Just change up the sequence!

Other Activities

The games went pretty quick, so I’d suggest adding a few more if you have a 3 hour party to fill. Instead, we played Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition and it was a HUGE hit with this age group.

Seriously, I can’t recommend that game enough.

Squid Game Themed Cake

Squid Game themed birthday cake

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m good at making cakes. They usually taste pretty yummy, but I am not a professional decorator. Anyway, the kids liked it. I couldn’t get gel icing so I used cookie icing and it didn’t turn out quite right. The Square Squid Game character is made from red fondant, and the white is homemade buttercream.

Goodie Bags

Party favor bags that are red with squares, circles, and triangles drawn on

Last, but definitely not least, are the treats! These included the leftover Dalgona cookie and tin, a cool ball, a little trophy, and some candies. Simple and sweet because no one wants a bunch of junk.

I just bought plain red paper bags and drew squares, circles, and triangles on them. Super easy!

You can also see the tablecloth here – It’s just red with a black one layered on top.

Other Squid Game Birthday Party Ideas

We chose this theme last minute so there wasn’t an opportunity to order anything online. Here’s some cool Squid Game birthday party decorations, accessories, and party favours that you could use.

Pop Fidgets

These things are so popular among kids right now and I just know they’d lose their minds to find one in the party favour bags.

See it on Amazon

Contestant T-Shirts

You could get one for all the guests, or at least the birthday child. My daughter and I actually had Squid Game shirts I found when I was out shopping, but these ones are way cooler.

See it on Amazon

Favor Bags

With scenes and characters from the show these favor bags would be perfect for a Squid Game birthday party. Fill it up with treats and some of the goodies on this list!

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Balloons

I wish I could have ordered this before my daughter’s birthday! It’s a set of 14 balloons that would be perfect for decorating at a Squid Game birthday party.

See it on Amazon

Dalgona Making Set

This has everything you need to make your own candy for the dalgona toffee game. You can also buy the tins separately from the same seller.

See it on Amazon

Plush Doll

The 4″ ones would be great in the goodie bags, or pick up a bigger one as a birthday gift for someone who loves Squid Game.

See it on Amazon

Hanging Decorations

Swirl decorations like these are easy to hang up and add a lot of fun to the party space. There’s a good selection of memorable characters and moments from the show, too.

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Hoodie

This hoodie is actually pretty nice, so you could easily wear it again after the party. Fun for kids to wear or for adults too!

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Props

I actually think these scratch off posters are really fun. This one has 100 date ideas that you can do as a couple. Most are pretty simple, so it’s accessible but still fun! but still fun!

See it on Amazon

Fidget Spinner Ring

It’s a bracelet, it’s a fidget spinner, it’s a pop it, and it’s Squid Game themed. Kids will love it either as a cool gift idea or party favour.

See it on Amazon

Cake Topper

If you decorate cakes like I do you might want to pick up a cake topper like this one. Or just hire someone to make a cake like the one in the picture…

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Mask

This would be good for the parents so they can be “guards” at the party while the kids play.

See it on Amazon

Fidget Character Set

More fidgets, but kids really do love them. I like that this one has multiples – and it even has one that looks like the doll!

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Birthday Party Invitations

If you prefer ready-made over DIY, these Squid Game themed birthday party invitations do the trick. It comes with 20 cards so no friends will be left out of the fun.

See it on Amazon

Party Decoration Set

If you want a little bit of everything this is a great find. There’s balloons, a birthday banner, and cake/cupcake toppers. Super easy way to plan a party!

See it on Amazon

Bracelets and Keychains

What an affordable set if you want something to add to party favor bags or give away as prizes! You get 24 pieces (12 of each) in the pack.

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Party Favor Boxes

These brown boxes are simple and look like the business cards they used in the show. I like the way they close!

See it on Amazon

Squid Game Keychains

These keychains are pretty nice so they’d make a great party favor for older kids. You can get the set or order individually!

See it on Amazon

Birthday Background

If you have an empty wall this background is a big “wow” factor when it comes to birthday party decorating. Turn it into a photo op or use it as a backdrop for your party table.

See it on Amazon

I enjoyed the show, so this Squid Game birthday party was a lot of fun. Hopefully you (and your kids) can make something just as special at your house!

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