30+ Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

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Do you have a man in your life that’s hard to shop for? It seems like stocking stuffers are one of the trickiest areas to buy for when it comes to men. But the truth is there are so many unique and creative stocker stuffer ideas for men out there – here’s some of our favourites just in time for Christmas shopping this year.

I tried to give a selection of stocking stuffer ideas that will appeal to most men. While everyone has their own unique tastes (and you definitely should be considering them while shopping!), most of these gift ideas are practical or fun gifts for all types of men including boyfriends, husbands, dads, and adult sons.

The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Manly Men

Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soap

Luxury bath and body items are one of my go to stocking stuffer ideas for men, especially when you give him something he wouldn’t buy for himself. I like natural items like these bar soaps.

6 in 1 Multitool Pen

Novelty gifts like this are fun stocking stuffer ideas for men. This might just wind up being his all time favourite pen!

Black Leather Bracelet

What makes this black leather bracelet unique is that you can have it personalized. Write something thoughtful or go with an inside joke so he can smile and think of you every time he wears it.

Cozy Merino Wool Socks

Everyone deserves cozy toes, especially during the winter months. Made from super soft merino wool, he’ll love how comfortable these socks are for lounging. They’re also warm enough to wear out hiking or playing in the snow!

Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray Set

These would be super handy for keeping tools and supplies organized while doing DIY projects or assembling furniture.

Men’s Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are great because it doesn’t matter how many he has there’s always room for more. They also make great, inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Metal Wallet Card

This is a super cool stocking stuffer idea for your husband! You pick the colour, then get it personalized with something special like the place where you first met or your first date.

Digital Tire Pressure Gage

Winter is usually the time of year where tires suffer more wear and tear. Give him a new tire pressure gage that can be kept in the car just in case.

Wrap-It Heavy Duty Storage Straps

Nothing makes a man happier than an organized garage. These heavy duty straps are perfect for securing large cords; he’ll be thanking you when it comes time for holiday extension cord clean up.

Leather Bookmark

Choose your favourite colour and phrase when you order one of these hand stamped leather bookmarks for the man in your life. Super classy and unique stocking stuffer idea that will definitely be loved by a male reading-enthusiast.

Instant Underpants

We all know a man who worries something will happen to his underwear at the least opportune time. Even if the fears are totally unfounded. This gift would either be a welcome addition to the car’s emergency kit or a funny gag gift idea.

Beard Conditioner

This might be a gift for you too if you’re shopping for your husband or boyfriend. A conditioned bear feels nicer and looks better too.

Whiskey Cubes Set

Whiskey cubes are a great alternative to ice for cocktails and drinks on the rocks. You chill them and they keep your drink cool without watering it down. If he doesn’t have any, or just needs a replacement set, this makes a great stocking stuffer idea for guys.

Whipped Beard and Body Soap

This luxurious whipped beard and body soap, which comes in a perfect stocking stuffer sized container, smells like vanilla and tobacco.

Santa Claws for Meat

These are funny but practical too. If your man enjoys pulled meats, a set of these shredding claws make it so much easier. Fun for Christmas, but useful all year long!

Universal Socket

This isn’t a substitute for a good quality socket set, but a universal socket like this one is super handy when you don’t have quite the right size or you’re dealing with a stripped nut.

Rubber Band Gun

This is a fun stocking stuffer gift idea for men that will make him feel like a kid again. It comes with a wooden rubber band gun, plus a few targets so he can practice his shooting. The coolest part is that you can choose the targets from a bunch of fun novelty options!

Manly Sunglasses

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think you can ever have too many sunglasses. If he doesn’t have expensive taste these also make inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Beanie Hat

A perfect gift idea as we go into the cold winter months! Give him a plain beanie, or go all out and find one that fits his style or reflects his favourite brand. They squish up nice in most stockings for an easy filler idea.

His Favourite Snacks

Most guys love some kind of snack. If you know what that is, use it to fill his stocking up with delicious foods that he’ll enjoy. This is a great gift for men who have everything or as a budget friendly idea.

Car French Fry Holders

OK these are genius. They fit into the car’s cup holder and perfectly fit a packet of fast food french fries. Pair it with a McDonald’s gift card for the best men’s stocking stuffer gift idea ever.

Mini Desktop Boxing Set

I love all these cute desktop sets that you can get but this boxing one is especially great. If his job is stressful he’ll definitely appreciate taking this gift back to work after the holidays.

Manly Leather Driving Gloves Stocking Stuffer

Another cold weather accessory, good quality driving gloves make winter driving a lot more comfortable. If he doesn’t normally treat himself with self care items like this, these gloves will definitely be appreciated. If you live in a really cold climate make sure they’re lined.

Novelty Mad Libs

I love making adults feel like kids again on Christmas morning. That means putting some fun “childish” gifts in as stocking stuffers – like this Star Wars themed mad libs book.

Nose and Ear Hair Remover

Some guys opt for those electric trimmers but if your boyfriend or husband would rather an analog approach (or needs a strong hint) to trimming unwanted hair this is actually a great product.

Tactical Pen

This pen is pretty intense. It comes in a tactical style case and quickly transforms into a bunch of different tools like a flashlight, glass breaker, and of course… A regular pen. It’s made from heavy duty aluminum so it’s built to last a lot longer than similar novelty pens like this.

Bath Bombs

Who says baths (and bath bombs) can’t be for men? This set has some great “manly” bath bombs in it with relaxing “masculine” scents like sandalwood and jasmine. Whatever gets him to relax, right?

Back Scratcher

Novelty? Yes. Practical? Also yes. Seriously, having one of these on hand is a total life changer. This is actually a set of 4, which means he’ll be able to leave them all over the house and always have one around.

Dude Wipes

These are always a great stocking stuffer idea since you can never have to many self care items. These are flushable wipes designed to make wiping in the bathroom easier, but are also handy as hand and face wipes too.

Custom Handmade Belt

Personalized gifts are always a hit for the holidays. This nice leather belt would make a great stocking stuffer; get it personalized with a loving inscription to show your husband or boyfriend how much you care.

Food Dice

If he’s never sure what he wants to eat he’s going to love these food dice. Will he be brave enough to late the fates decide his next meal?

Rustic Man Washcloth

This washcloth cleans and exfoliates a lot better than a regular washcloth. It can be used on both the face and body; perfect for a guy who doesn’t always take care of his skin.

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