Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls

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Holidays are coming up quick, my favourite part of Christmas morning is the stockings! I have 2 little girls at home, and every year I try to fill their stockings with 50% needs and 50% wants. This list of stocking stuffer ideas for girls lends itself more to the want side (because you would know best what you girls need) but there are a lot of fun ideas in here!

My girls are very girls, this list is pretty frilly! Not everything will be suited for all ages either, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for great ideas for stocking stuffers for girls!

Fun and Unique Ideas For Stocking Stuffers That Girls Will Love

unior Vintage Old Fashioned Candy Gumball Machine Bank Toy

Mini Gumball machine

My girls love gum, this machine actually functions, and it’s also a cute piece of decor! And it doesn’t have to be refilled with gumballs either, jelly bellies, smarties, m&ms, the possibilities are endless. 

kid friendly make up set

Kid Friendly Make-up

This make-up set is so cute, comes with all types of make-up, brushes, and a cute carrying case. Bonus points for having the word ‘washable’ in the listing. 

seven glossy lip gloss set

Lip Gloss

The lip gloss set comes with 7 glosses, one for every day of the week!

one hundred differnt coloured hair ties

Hair ties

Little girls often have lots of hair! This set comes with a 100 (my girls lose them all the time), in lots of colours and they are the ouchless, markless type. You can also slip another knot in them to fit a finer ponytail if necessary. 

four food style popits


Pop-its are the new fidget toy! Designed to resemble bubble wrap, they can be popped over and over again. These are super cute shapes, the popsicle one has the alphabet embossed in it, so even a little bit educational! 

seven non toxic nail polish set

Non-Toxic Nail polish

Rainbow nail polish set, 7 colours total, you could change their polish everyday (we hope you don’t have to though lol). This set is also non-toxic, which really matters when it comes to kids who often put their fingers in their mouths. 

dress up play jewelry necklace and bracelets

Play Jewellery

Dress-up jewellery is such a hit at our house. This set comes with multiple bracelet and necklace combos, in a pretty little gift box. I prefer to buy the elastic strung ones, so if they are broken I can collect the beads and just restring them myself. 

pink and purple wet brush

Wet Brush

Hands down the best brush out there. Great for wet and dry hair, easily gets through tangles, the bristles are strong enough for tangles but flexible and fine enough to do it with little pain. This is a 2 pack, one for home and one for an extracurricular activity bag/grandma’s house/the second bathroom… I promise they’ll find a place to put it. 

luna muna small book

Small Books

Luna Muna is such a great story about a girl who loves space. She discovers when she wears her sparkly space helmet she can float just like the astronauts! I love picking books with strong female leads. A great way to reiterate that girls can grow up to be whatever they want to. 

Want more book ideas for girls’ stocking stuffers? Check out these Christmas themed chapter books for kids.

unicorn colouring book

Colouring or Activity Books

Colouring and activity books are always a great quiet time activity for kids. Rainbows and unicorns are very in!



Markers make great stocking stuffers for girls of all ages! These Piochoo markers are dual tip, and come in a clear carrying case. 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls moon and star colourful nightlight


These plug-in night lights are colour changing and have sensors so they are only on when necessary. Cute colours and shapes, any girl would love. 

six knee high unicorn colourful socks


Six pairs of unicorn knee high socks, super cute patterns, great for over leggings or under skirts. Socks are fun stocking stuffer ideas for girls that they actually need too.

sleeping queen card game

Sleeping Queens Card Game

Sleeping queens is a card game for kids, it was actually written by a 6 year old girl who couldn’t sleep. Comes in a tin, great for packing, it’s a game that helps develop memory, strategy, and elementary arithmetic skills – a favourite of ours. 

pink rechargeable pocket flashlight

Pocket Flashlight

I cannot explain why kids love flashlights, but they do. For inside forts, making shadow puppets, for hide and seek, for playing in rooms with the lights off. This one is rechargeable, saving you from endlessly replacing the batteries.

rainbow dance ribbons

Dance Ribbons

Lightweight and silky ribbons on a stick, kids love to dance and twirl around with these. 

light up star shaped magic wand

Magic Wand

Magic wand, has light up LEDs and the batteries are replaceable. Anything that lights up will probably be well-loved stocking stuffer ideas for the girls in your house.

unicorn electric toothbrush


Unicorn electric toothbrush! Comes with extra heads, a rinsing cup, a little stand that can also be mounted to the wall. Its battery operated so no need to worry about an outlet, and it also has a 2 min timer to encourage the proper brushing time. 

large bottle of bubbles


I know bubbles seem like a summer gift but give your kids bubbles to blow in the bath and buy yourself at least an hour! 

various shape and characters stickers


These are vinyl stickers, they are waterproof, can be removed and re stuck and don’t leave any residue when your kids inevitably stick them to wood furniture. There are no duplicates in this entire set of 300 either!

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