Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms

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When the holidays come around it always seems like mom gets left out. While mom’s busy making Christmas magical for everyone else, why not do something nice for her? If you need some inspiration, try these stocking stuffer ideas for moms so she has some extra gifts to unwrap Christmas morning.

Moms rarely make a fuss around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like having gifts under the Christmas tree. Especially if she’s the only one who doesn’t have a stocking full of goodies!

See how many days until Christmas here.

Ideas for Stocking Stuffers Moms will Love

Here’s some great stocking stuffer ideas for moms that you can use to inspire your shopping.

comfortable cloud slippesr mom stocking stuffer idea

Cloud Slippers

These cloud slides were all the rage over the summer, I have a pair for inside and for outside. They would make great shower shoes for the gym too. They are so thick and cushy, definitely appropriately named, I’m certain these feel very close to walking on clouds!

massager stone gift ideas for moms

Gua Sha Massager Stone

I am not super big into skincare, I don’t have a day or night time routine but this magical little rock, rubbing it over your face and neck is so darn relaxing! It helps with fluid drainage and I really think my double chin is slightly less pronounced since using the Gua Sha stone. Youtube is a great resource for videos of how to use it.

Silicone face cleanser gift idea for mom

Silicone Face Cleanser

I keep this little gadget in the shower, the tiny bristles and the gentle vibration are amazing for exfoliating and really getting rid of any dead skin. Great for exposing a natural glow!

Facial brush spa system gift for mom

Facial Brush

This is a little more heavy duty, more like weekly use. Comes with a few different heads and in its own little case. It’s rechargeable and waterproof as well. 

ice roller cosmetic tool for stocking stuffer gift ideas

Ice Roller

This ice roller is great for depuffing a fluffy face from a late night, or disrupted sleep. Lots of the reviews mention using it for tension headaches and sinus pain too!

Silk pillowcase Christmas gift idea for mom

Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcase is great for your hair and your skin, the silk is slippery, so it doesn’t tug on your hair or your skin like cotton does. Cotton is also absorbent so it can lead to dry skin as well. I’ve been sleeping on one for years. I have them for my daughters as well, way better than brushing out excessive tangles every morning.

Skinny silk scrunchies strong hair ties

Skinny Silk Scrunchies

Similar to the pillowcase, these scrunchies are great for keeping healthy and strong, whereas rubber ones can get stuck and cause breakage. They are also less likely to leave a bump!

Dry shampoo 3 pack stocking stuffer

Dry Shampoo

When mom’s are too busy washing everyone else’s hair to wash their own. This is the original holy grail of dry shampoo, great for absorbing grease and prolonging the days between a regular wash.

glass nail file gift idea for mom

Glass Nail File

This glass file is so pretty, it comes with a little case. Glass files are extra gentle and lead to very smooth nails. And you can clean them and reuse them over and over again rather than having to replace them.

Gel nail art kit cosmetic gift idea

Gel Nail Kit

Love this at home gel nail kit. Realistically, no mom has the amount of time required to sit still and let traditional nail polish dry, this cures so quickly, almost instantly, with the UV light! Resists chipping way better as well. This stuff lasts FOREVER on my toes, and I have huge feet and am still able to fit them under the light. lol

Natural honey facemask stocking stuffer idea


These face masks have a cult-like following, the honey one has amazing reviews! If you know the lady in your life’s snake type you can order what suits her best, but the honey one is very nice.

bath bombs for dry skin spa gift idea

Bath Bombs

This set of bathbombs comes with 12 variations – set your mom up for an inhouse spa like bath, one for every month of the year. They smell great and are moisturizing as well. 

Amazon Firestick lite for streaming amazon prime shows

Firestick (lite)

I got myself one of these for our bedroom during prime days, and I cannot begin to explain the happiness I feel being able to watch my show from my bed. Haha. It’s the little things, I tell ya.

Comfortable indoor/outdoor water resistant slippers


Slippers for the winter, or for the mom who is always cold and can’t handle the cloud slides. I was halfway to a wedding once before I realised I hadn’t changed out of a similar pair to these – promise they will get lots of wear. 

terrycloth robe as a stocking stuffer gift idea


A good terry cloth robe is hard to come by, everything seems to be made of fleece these days. Which is cozy for cuddling into but useless when it comes to absorbing water post shower. A quality one is more of a splurge item which we know moms aren’t great about doing for themselves, so hook your mom up!

Bamboo pajama set comfortable nightware

Pajama Set

I feel like proper pajamas are a right of passage into real adulthood, no more concert tees and boxers. These are Bamboo Viscose to regulate the body temperature at night, the piping is super cute too.

Electric tooth brush philips sonicare 4100

Electric Toothbrush

Oral health is also something I feel like moms suddenly become more aware of as they get older. Maybe it’s because they have more than just the set in their mouth to worry about, but a good electric toothbrush is far superior to manual one in fact, this one removes up to 5x more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush. 

Mascara false eyelash effect


Mascara is the only type of makeup I wear consistently since becoming a mom, its quick and easy and I think it makes the biggest impact with regards to faking awake. Ha. This particular mascara went viral during the pandemic and I can vouch that it lives up to the hype! Especially for its price point.

Ferrero rocher chocolate for christmas stocking stuffer idea


Nothing says holidays like Ferrero Rocher. Chocolate never disappoints. 

Milk frother coffee themed gift for making lattes

Milk Frother

Having a frother at home is a game changer, really takes a cup of home brew to the next level. Most moms take coffee pretty seriously, one of these and a flavoured syrup and she’s practically a barista!

Comfortable soothing spa socks with lavendar infusion

Spa Socks

These vitamin e infused socks come in a ton of different patterns, and they are so good for the feet. My heels aren’t as bad as some moms but it comes with the territory of chasing after little ones all day and sometimes night.

black charcoal soap for body and face stocking stuffer gift idea

Black Charcoal Soap

Last but not least, this magical charcoal soap. I bought this soap on account of reading a bunch of reviews and man, it’s just the greatest. It’s good for acne prone skin, those little white bumps you can sometimes have on the backs of your arms, prevents ingrown hairs, it’s good for blackheads, even recommended for teen skin. I bought a bar, cut it into pieces. I keep two thirds in the shower and the other third near the sink just for washing my face at night, and I swear people have complimented my skin more since using it than ever before.

black yeti brand Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Travel Mug

Whether it’s for her daily commute or just to keep the coffee warm while tending to the kids at home, moms always find uses for travel mugs. Psst, they’re also great for keeping mixed drinks cold in the summertime too.

five piece colorful Foundation Blending Beauty Sponge

Make Up Sponges

If mom likes to wear make up than updates to her existing stash is always welcome. If you’re not sure what to buy, make up sponges like these are always appreciated.

The Golden Girls Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game book

The Golden Girls Mad Libs

I think that fun gifts are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for moms. Little activates that mom can do, like this Golden Girls Mad Libs, are a great way to make her Christmas morning even more merry and bright.

black Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

Waterproof Fitness Watch

Fitness watches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, there’s a few popular brands that seem to dominate the landscape. I chose this one because it’s both stylish and loaded with features she’ll actually use.

six pack of essential oils

Essential Oil Set

If she already has a diffuser than this is a no brainer stocking stuffer idea for moms. Just make sure you get whatever brand she already uses! Even for those who don’t diffuse, essential oils can be added to homemade cleaners and other homemade products too.

ring light for laptop or phone

Ring Light

These are super handy to have around the house, especially with so many more people needing to be well lit for online videos. Moms can use it for video calls, making Tiktok and Youtube videos, or photography.

pink fuzzy socks that say if you can read this bring me a glass of wine

Comfy or Novelty Socks

My mom asks for socks every single year for Christmas. I swear it’s the only time she ever gets new ones! Whether your mom’s like mine and you want to get her some good quality, everyday socks or you found the perfect novelty pair that mom will love, socks are almost always a hit in stockings.

tara brand good quailty chocolates

Good Quality Chocolates

Snacks are a must when it comes to stocking stuffer ideas! Instead of buying cheap treats, though, add in mom’s favourite snacks or some good quality confectionary that you know she’ll love.

day to day dog calendar

Daily Calendar

Depending on the size of your stocking daily calendars are usually small enough to fit into stockings. With a gift like this, mom will be thinking of you every day all year long.

Bliss Lemon and Sage Hand Cream

Hand Cream

Winter is usually a time of dry weather, which also means dry hands. Especially if mom has to wash them frequently, uses hand sanitizer regularly, or suffers from eczema. Some nice hand cream can go a long way, and it make a great stocking stuffer too.

white Cozy Wool Knit Thick Gloves Novelty Mittens

Warm Winter Gloves

You’ve gotta have your mittens for winter! They make amazing stocking stuffers because it’s nice to have an extra pair, and they’re practical too. Opt for something soft, good quality, and stylish.

purple Password Book with tabs

Clever Fox Password Book

I’m not kidding when I say that I might get this for my own mom for Christmas. It’s a tabbed notebook that organizes passwords. If you don’t want to put the actual pass, you can add a hint instead.

five piece Artificial Succulent Plants in White Ceramic Pots

Mini Succulents

These are all the rage right now and the perfect size to make great stocking stuffers. They’re usually solid (the bedding doesn’t come out) so you don’t need to worry about making a mess.

mom truths party game

Mom Truths Party Game

This is a party card game in a similar style to Cards Against Humanity. The cards are raw and uncensored so mom can plan a hilarious get together with her friends.

fourpack Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers

Back Scratcher

Mom is always scratching everyone’s back (figuratively) so why not scratch hers (literally)? Back scratchers are a nice to have, practical stocking stuffer idea.

white Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones

Wireless Headphones

Very useful for a morning run, workplace audiobook, or drowning out whining toddlers.

assorted colorful Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Colourful Pens

If your house is like mine then it’s probably true that you can never find a pen when you need one. Get mom a set of her own – preferably great quality and fun colours.

Aries Zodiac Necklace and Bracelet


Jewelry is one of those classic stocking stuffer ideas for moms – but you can definitely give it a more modern twist. Instead of getting thoughtless jewelry make sure it’s something she’ll actually wear and love.

blue and black Energizer Book Light for Night Reading

Clip on Book Light

Don’t let darkness stop her from reading her book! A clip on book light is super hand if mom likes to read traditional books or on an eReader that doesn’t have a backlight.

three piece Scarf Wrap Shawl Cotton Hemp


Since Christmas falls at the start of winter what better time than to give mom a scarf? You can get so many types so choose one you think she’ll like. The most common are fashion scarves, fleece, and wool.

six piece Hair Scrunchies Satin Slik Rabbit Bunny Ear Bow

Hair Accessories

Having new stuff for your hair is nice, but it’s not always a priority for moms to get themselves accessories. Help her out by getting something you think she’ll like or a collection of trendy styles like this pack.

Dionysus Classic Design Tarot Cards Deck with Guidebook

Tarot Set

Although this might seem a bit niche I’m continually amazed at how many women are interested in Tarot cards. If this seems like something the mom you’re shopping for might like, a beginner set like this one comes with instructions to get started.

A couple of these items, an orange, and a lottery ticket (hopefully a winner) and your stocking shopping is done! Happy Holidays!

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