20+ Hilarious Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

by | Oct 31, 2022

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Whether you’re looking for funny gag gift ideas or want to be the star of your dirty Santa party, these gift ideas hilariously push the limits of appropriate gift giving. There’s plenty of ideas here for both men and women so you can find the perfect naughty present for the holidays.

What is a Dirty Santa Party or Gift Exchange?

A dirty Santa party is a lot like a white elephant gift exchange. The goal isn’t to get someone a practical gift or even something they like; instead you want to get something funny, dirty, and otherwise inappropriate. It’s a great way to break the ice with a large group or get some laughs around the holidays.

What I really like about gag gift parties like a dirty Santa gift exchange is that it takes the pressure off holiday shopping. If you work with folks who have a good sense of humour they’re great for office parties. Who cares what Deborah likes; she’s getting a cock cookbook!

They’re also fun to do with extended family! Instead of shopping for everyone, draw names and do a dirty Santa gift exchange. You won’t end up with a pile of gifts you won’t use (just one) and it’s a lot cheaper than buying for everyone.

Here’s the thing about gag gifts: How many times do we exchange gifts with people who we don’t know well and they get us something we’ll never use? If it’s going to be useless anyway, why not make gifting fun!

20+ Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for Friends, Family, and Coworkers

Big Package Sweater

Do you have a big package for someone this holiday season? Let them know with this wonderful and not at all inappropriate sweater. Not only is a great dirty Santa gift idea, you could also wear it to the event or to an ugly sweater party too.

Santa’s Sack of Wax Melts

You know those decorative candle warmers? So many people have them, so why not treat your dirty Santa gift recipient to an array of holiday scents like “I put out for Santa” and “reindeer poop”. Festive!

People of Walmart Coloring Book

You might have heard of these coloring books before, but now you can get a Dirty Santa edition! And oh boy, is Santa being naughty while picking up all those holiday gifts. Pair with crayons for a complete gift.

Pants Down Santa Ornament

Uh-oh, did you catch Santa with his pants down? On the surface this ornament seems innocent enough, but pulling the wooden pants down reveals more wood underneath.

Reindeer Mankini

What is a mankini, you ask? Well it’s like a bikini, but for men. It covers the important bits and leaves nothing else to the imagination. Perfect gag gift for a guy in your life. Even better if he’s planning a winter getaway.

Festive Touque Hat

This fun hat lights ups for all those nighttime festive outings and the faux knit pattern is *chef’s kiss*.

Gingerbread Pole Dancer Ornament

It’s heating up on the Christmas tree this year! This fun ornament is a perfect naughty gift idea. Most importantly, it also says a bunch of hilarious phrases when you squeeze the soft toy.

Heat Activated Mug

These mugs are so fun! It starts off black and then reveals the hidden message once you add hot liquid. Give this as a Dirty Santa gift and they won’t know the true mug until they’re making their morning coffee.

Coochie Tissue Holder

Just in time for cold and flu season! This handmade tissue holder is a perfect way to keep tissues handy around the house.

Grandpa Balls Bath Fizzers

On the upside they’ll still have some nice bath fizzes that they can use to take relaxing baths during the busy holiday season.

Pull My Finger Santa

This cute holiday plush toy has a slightly dirtier side: if you pull its finger, it plays some very interesting messages. I’m not going to spoil this one for you… Try it for yourself.

dirty santa tshirt gift idea

Christmas Gift List T-Shirt

What’s on your Christmas list this year? This shirt has it all! And so many unique ways to wrap it up too.

Party Card Game

These adult card games for parties are always hits at parties, but there are plenty of dirty options that make perfect gag gifts. This one comes with a bunch of cards that encourage the players to pantomime various tasks like salad tossing, monkey spanking, choking chickens… Wait, what did you think it was about?

50 Cocks That Won’t Disappoint Cookbook

This is one of my favourite options for dirty Santa gifts because it’s the perfect balance of funny and practical. With 50 chicken recipes, they’ll definitely be impressed with cock this year.

Dicks in Nature

What’s more lovely than the majestic beauty only nature can provide? The new year is right around the corner, give the gift of a wall calendar that they can enjoy all year long.

Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are perfect for storing all that loose change you collect. Every time you drop your loot in this one it gives you a big congratulatory toot! Don’t forget to include a coin inside; it’s bad luck to gift an empty piggy bank.


Great for those cooks on your dirty Santa gift list this year! There’s all kinds of hilarious aprons out there just like this one.

Snow Globe Sweater Tassels

For when you want to be sexy but the cool weather is keeping you from enjoying it to the full potential. Tiny Santa hats to the rescue!

Nothing For You Tree Ornament

This is a funny gift idea for a dirty Santa gift exchange or as a gag gift for your bestie. Vintage Santa ornaments are usually cute… But not this one.

Dirty Santa Wrapping Paper

This would be great as a dirty Santa gift idea that keeps on giving. Or grab some and use it for your gift wrapping this holiday season to really set your present apart at the gift exchange.

Banana Measuring Stick

Guys are always bragging about (and self consciously comparing) the size of their bananas. On the surface this gift seems pretty silly; but it’s even better than it looks. The measurements are off and the actual size of the ruler is 9 inches even though it reads 12.

Inappropriate Fruit Magnets

Is that a banana on your fridge or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it’s actually a banana. Get your mind out of the gutter, these are just pictures of fruit!

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