Christmas Nesting Dolls That Are Perfect for the Holidays

by | Oct 27, 2022

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My grandfather was Ukrainian and my stepmom is from Belarus, so needless to say I have a special place in my heart for nesting dolls. But did you know there are so many unique designs and styles out there beyond the traditional Matryoshka style? Here’s some adorable (and honestly, stunning) Christmas nesting dolls that would be perfect as holiday gifts for decorations.

Some of these nesting dolls follow a more traditional style, while others take advantage of modern themes to create more trendy options. There are also some unique doll shapes in the mix; perfect if you want a unique Christmas decoration or gift idea.

What is a Matryoshka Doll?

Most people know Matryoshka dolls as stacking dolls, and they’re sometimes incorrectly called Babushka dolls. Matryoshka means “little matron”; that’s why the traditional style of stacking dolls includes a bunch of colourfully clad young women (usually peasants in traditional dresses) in various sizes. Babushka, on the other hand, means grandmother or old woman in Russian; it’s not an authentic term used to describe the dolls.

I’ve also seen stacking dolls referred to as Pysanky, which is the word used to describe Ukrainian-style Easter egg decorating. This, of course, is also a misnomer.

Although Matryoshka stacking dolls originated in Russia, they’re often seen throughout Eastern Europe thanks to the Soviet Union. Many of the nesting dolls included here are either made in Ukraine or painted by artisans around the world to create modern stacking dolls.

Cute and Unique Nesting Dolls For Christmas

Traditional Santa Nesting Dolls

I love how cute these nesting dolls are! They’re painted in a more traditional style and would be super cute when added to your holiday decorations. Look how cute that littlest Santa is!

Assorted Nutcrackers

This is another Matryoshka set that’s too cute not to share. Each one is painted like a nutcracker. But they’re not all the same; each nutcracker is a different colour and they’re all doing different actions too.

Cat Christmas Tree

This one is just too much, I can’t. I know so many people who would be delighted to receive this unique stacking doll set for Christmas. Look at the details on the tree!

Seasonal Characters

Super cute for the holidays! This set is painted like a variety of seasonal characters including a snowman, Santa, and Christmas tree. I love how they’re all unique shapes!

Nightmare Before Christmas Stacking Dolls

How about something that you could put out before Halloween and leave up throughout the holidays? This custom set is perfect for Disney or Tim Burton fans!

Cozy Cabin Animal Set

This is a great set of stacking dolls for winter decorating, not just Christmas. The white, blue, and silver colours would be perfect for matching non-traditional decorating too.

Vintage Christmas Trees

This isn’t exactly a nesting doll set but they’re so unique I had to share. These wooden vintage Christmas trees open up like nesting dolls and are each uniquely painted.

Christmas Scenes on Matryoshka Dolls

This is another great traditional painting style! Super cute scenes on this set of 5 dolls that have serious vintage vibes. Especially the deer!

Owls Nesting Dolls

OK these are a bit more fall but I still think they’d be cute amongst your winter or Christmas decor. Plus it’s a set of 7 instead of the usual 5!

Simple Christmas Characters

These Christmas nesting dolls would make a super cute gift for kids or part of fun and colourful holiday decorating. No two are the same and they’re actually made of plastic, not wood, so you don’t have to worry about cracking.

Snowman Family

Look how cute this snowman family of stacking dolls is! Each is hand painted to look a little bit different. Authentically made in Poland!

Traditional Matryoshka Nativity Set

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the stunning art on these Matryoshka dolls. Keeping with the traditional maiden style, each doll has nativity scenes painted on the girl’s dress.

Nutcracker Story Set

These aren’t nutcrackers but rather characters from the Nutcracker, the traditional holiday story and ballet. It includes Clara (and her toy nutcracker), the Nutcracker who comes to life, grandfather clock, the Mouse King, and a carol singer.

Wooden Santa Set

I love the pointed hats on these Santas! Each one is a different colour and doing a different holiday action for a super cute, festive collection.

Christmas Tree Set

This set is super unique when it comes to Christmas nesting dolls. The biggest one is a Christmas tree, but you get to choose what other dolls are found inside. They’re all painted so beautifully it’s hard to choose!

Santa Ukrainian Nesting Dolls

This is another set that leans on more traditional art. Each Santa is a little bit different and together make a lovely holiday collection.

Pointed Hat Nutcrackers

Even though the art is the same on each of these nutcrackers their design is so unique I just had to share.

Nativity Nesting Dolls

This set of 5 nesting dolls are inspired by the Christian Christmas story. It includes a wise man, Joseph, Mary, an angel, and baby Jesus.

Pointed Hat Nutcrackers

Another odd set, I just love how there’s so many different shapes in this collection. It’s vintage from the 70s, so maybe it’s a combination of a bunch of sets put together? Either way super cute for the holidays!

Penguin Family

This is another stacking doll set that would be cute out all winter, not just for Christmas. It would also be a fun gift idea for kids either as a toy or decoration. Love this cute penguin family set, especially how each one is doing a slightly different activity to make the dolls unique.

Woodlands Nesting Dolls

This set is also cute any time of the year, but I think it would be adorable as part of a winter woodlands decor theme. You could also use them in a nursery for a cute decoration idea!

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas themed nesting dolls as much as I do! Which one is your favourite? I think mine has to be the cat Christmas tree, it’s just way too cute not to love. But the nutcrackers are also cute too!

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