The Best Disposable Plates for Easter Dinner

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If you’re hosting a big event, or even a small one where you want to spend more time enjoying the company and less time cleaning, then it’s nice to take a few shortcuts. One of the easiest ways to do that is with disposable dishes – so I’ve put together the best disposable plates that you can use for Easter dinner.

For me, Easter decorating is all about spring colours, eggs, bunnies, and anything that reminds me of the garden. That’s the theme I went for when choosing these options – something that still says spring and Easter, while still making for easy clean up.

How to Choose: Paper vs Plastic Disposable Plates

Most of the disposable plates I chose are made of plastic, but there are a couple of paper options. Paper plates tend to be weaker than plastic, and often don’t hold up to firm utensils cutting or scraping on them.

Another good thing about most of these plastic plates is they can be washed and reused. Not all plastic will hold up to multiple uses, though – thinner dishes, even plastic ones, are going to break too easily.

On the upside, paper plates are usually more expensive than plastic ones. They also usually have more options when it comes to cute patterns and designs.

Scalloped Disposable Plates

forty eight piece scalloped style plate set

48 Place Setting of Large and Small Scalloped Plates

I think scalloped plates are absolutely perfect for Easter dinner, even fi they are disposable ones. I really like this set because it comes with enough for 48 people, which, depending on how big your family is should be more than enough. That way at least you’ll have plenty of extras in case you need them.

Another great feature is that there are multiple color options so you can choose one that fits best with your spring décor.

Pretty scalloped edge design that’s perfect for spring and Easter dinnerPlates are on the thinner side so you don’t want to be carrying around heavy items with them
Multiple color options availableIf the food is hot you’ll need to double up (good thing there’s lots!)
Can be reused or recycledThe larger set includes cups but the cups aren’t very nice

Best for a Budget

white and silver 150 piece set

White and Silver 150pc Set for 25 People

This set has everything you need to serve a crowd of 25 people. It includes dinner plates, side plates, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins. Pretty enough for your Easter table, but all with a budget-friendly price tag.

Comes with everything you need all in one packageYou need to avoid hot foods when using these plates
Simple and elegantSilverware is nice enough, but could be sturdier
Made of plastic and could be washed and reusedNot very fancy

Pink and Gold Disposable Plates for Easter Dinner

sixty piece pink with gold plate setting set

60 pc Scalloped Pink and Gold Set

These plastic disposable plates are on the pricer side, but they’re worth it. With a pink scalloped edge, white center, and gold band they’re pretty and elegant enough for a formal dinner, yet still fun and spring-like for Easter.

You buy the large and small plates separately so you can decide whether you need both or not.

These plates would also be great for a baby shower or Mother’s Day brunch!

Pretty and high quality, you’ll hardly be able to tell they’re disposableThe foil will eventually come off after frequent use
Can be washed and reused for future eventsNot microwave safe
Study plates that support themselves better than some other disposable options out thereLike all disposable plates, they’re still not as firm as a regular plate so you’ll need some kind of support when serving heavy foods.

Bunny Plates for Easter Dinner

Easter plates with Gold Rabbit

Mint and Gold Easter Bunny Plastic Plate Set

If you’re looking for something super cute to decorate your Easter table these plates are perfect. The set comes with the dinner and salad plates, but unfortunately not the coordinated utensils you see in the picture.

Either way, if you’re looking for Easter-themed plates that can serve a crowd without breaking the bank these do the trick.

Cute Easter themed platesNo color options for the bunny plates
Good quality, sturdy plates that can be used for a variety of foodsPlates can crack if you’re carrying food on them, make sure to use two hands
Disposable or recyclable, but can be washed and reused tooCoordinating utensils in the pictures are not included or alliable
disposable happy Easter with bunny plates

Happy Easter Paper Plates

These rectangular plates are super cute for your Easter dinner. Personally, I’d use them as an accent plate alongside a larger one. Or use them as plates for appetizers or desserts.

They’d also be a great option for an Easter themed party.

The plates say “Happy Easter” and include a cute white bunny surrounded by flowers.

Super cute plates that have an Easter bunny on themNot sturdy enough to support the weight of a loaded plate while moving around
Unique plate shape adds something unique to your Easter dinner place settingsCan’t be reused
Holds a lot of foodSince they’re made of paper sharp utensils could tear them
floral scalopped white and gold easter bunny disposable plates

Floral Easter Bunny Plates With Scalloped Edges

These were just too cute not to include. They’re not really big enough to serve a big Easter dinner on them, but they’d be great for appetizers or dessert.

But what I really think they’d be great for is the kids’ table!

Super cute plates that are great for small quantities or kidsToo small to be practical for an adult’s meal
Sturdy, yet still lightweightNot reusable
Coordinate well with a variety of place settingsNo larger place setting option in this print
pinkbunny easter plates

Pink Bunny Easter Egg Plates

This 60 piece set (30 of each size) has a simple design on it. Perfect for a cute Easter dinner place setting or any Easter-themed event you might be putting on around that time of the year.

They’re made of hard plastic so you can throw them out after dinner or reuse them next year.

Cute and simple design that will go with most event stylesNo colour options for this design besides pink
Made of harder plastic than some of the other disposable plates on this listThere are other styles from this seller that come with other serving items (utensils, napkins, etc) but that’s not available for this pattern
Set comes with both dinner plates and side/dessert platesCan’t be microwaved

Octagonal Disposable Plates for Easter

Pink Plastic Dinnerware Set with gold

25 Guest Pink and Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set

I like that this set come with everything. You don’t just get the dinner and salad plates, but also a coordinating set of forks, knives, and spoons for each place setting.

The hexagonal shape is perfect for a modern place setting. It’s a pretty set for Easter, but still fits in well with more modern styles.

Comes with enough plates and utensils for 25 guestsSince they’re made of plastic the plates are prone to cracking if handled a lot
Durable enough to be washed and reusedNot a lot of colour/design options
Unique design compared to using traditional round or scalloped edge deposable plates; perfect for a modern lookPlates sometimes arrive broken, which can be a pain if you need to order a replacement before your event

In Summary

If you’re looking for something that you can wash and reuse each year then the thicker plastic plates are a better option. However, that kind of defeats the purpose of using disposable plates for Easter dinner. Personally, if I wasn’t serving a big crowd and wanted had room in my budget, I’d still go with thicker dishes and just toss them after our meal.

The great thing about disposable dishes for big meals like Easter is that you can spend less time cleaning and more visiting with family and friends after you’re done eating.

When it comes to most of these disposable dish sets the biggest downside is going to be the guilt everyone feels for throwing them away!

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