The Best Dresses for a Garden Party

by | Jan 4, 2023

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Have you been invited to a garden party this spring or summer? It’s a tricky occasion to get dressed for, especially if you’re going to be outside throughout the afternoon and evening. Here’s some of the best dresses for a garden party that look great and are comfortable to wear outdoors, too.

What you choose is going to depend on a few things. Your personal style, of course, but also what type of event you’re going to. Is it a formal or casual affair? What will you be doing at the garden party? How is the weather; do you expect to be warm or cool?

Tip for Choosing a Garden Party Dress

  • Consider the length: Depending on the venue, you may not want to be dragging a long dress on the ground.
  • Choose the right shoes: Garden parties are primarily outdoors, so you want something that’s comfortable to stand on grass and won’t sink in, especially if the ground could be soft. For women, wedges or flats are usually a safe bet.
  • Add a shall: If the party will go into the evening, it’s a good idea to bring a shall or light jacket if you’re usually cold once the sun goes down.
  • Pair with the right bag: Remember, you’re going to be outside so don’t bring your most expensive bag if you think you may put it down throughout the evening.
  • Don’t forget the sunglasses: If you’re going to an afternoon garden party make sure your outfit includes a pair of sunglasses to match. (And while we’re on the subject, make sure you wear sunscreen too!)

Need more ideas? These Easter dresses for women would also be strong contenders for a garden party this season.

Women’s Dresses That Would be Perfect for a Garden Party

v-neck warp dresses for a garden party

V Neck Wrap Dress

This pretty v-neck dress is perfect for spring or summer garden parties! It comes in a variety of prints and colors to fit any style and is super flattering on.

summer halter maxi dress

Halter Maxi Dress

If you want a longer dress, the halter maxi is a great option. Pretty enough for a garden party, it’s casual enough to be comfortable but can easily be dressed up for a more formal event.

women's ruffle sundress

Women’s Ruffle Sundress

This is a cute short dress that can be worn as a square neck or off shoulder. There’s a few different pattern options to choose from, but I especially love the pink floral.

vintage style floral midi dress for women

Vintage Floral Midi Dress

This is another pretty dress option for a spring or summer garden party. I love the vintage inspired pattern and cut; super cute!

short v-neck wrap dress

Short V-Neck Wrap Dress

This wrap dress would be ideal for a casual garden party during the warmer summer months, especially during the afternoon.

button up maxi dress for spring or summer events

Button Up Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is super unique! It has spaghetti straps instead of sleeves and a cute button up front on the chest. What I really like,k though, is the embellishment on the front just above the split; it takes the dress from plain to WOW.

plus size boho dresses for a garden party

Plus Size Boho Floral Dress

This is a chic garden party dress option for women looking for a dedicated plus size option. Super comfortable to wear all evening long!

cute gingham dress

Gingham Dress

Super cute gingham pattern on this puff sleeve dress! I’d pick this dress for spring or summer casual garden parties.

Floral Lace Maxi Dress

The lace on this dress is absolutely gorgeous! It comes in so many colors and would be perfect for a casual or formal garden party depending on how you accessorize it.

cute short a-line knot front dress

Short A-Line Knot Front Dress

Super cute mini dress for a hot summer day! This knot front dress shows a bit of skin, but still looks pretty and classy for a dressy outdoor event.

vintage cotton dress

Elegant Vintage Cotton Dress

I’m just going to come out and say it: Not only is the dress gorgeous, it also has POCKETS! Oh, and there’s 45 different options, so you definitely can find a pattern/color combination that you like in this dress.

formal garden party evening dresses with shall

Floral Evening Dress With Shall

This is a more formal dress for an evening garden party or even an outdoor wedding. It comes with a matching shall, which is perfect for when the sun goes down and things start to cool off.

V-Neck Bodycon Sleeveless Dress

These dresses are great for an outdoor cocktail or garden party. If you prefer a more natural print or solid colors, there’s plenty of design options for you here.

women's column gown for formal garden parties and outdoor events

Women’s Column Gown

This is another formal garden party dress option, especially if you’re going to an important event like a wedding, fundraiser, or work function.

boho style dress for women

Floral Print Boho Style Dress

I really like how flowy this dress is! It’s another one with a range of color and print options, perfect if you like the cut but not the color. I really like belted dresses; they’re flattering and comfy.

off shoulde ruffle dress with floral print

Off Shoulder Ruffle Floral Dress

This dress is so pretty and can easily be dressed up for a formal event as long as it’s not too formal of an affair. The off shoulder look is balanced perfectly with the 3/4 sleeves, and I love the dimension the ruffles and belt give to the dress too. There’s some other color and print options, but this one is my favorite.

calvin klein designer sleeveless dress for a garden party

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Dress

This dress is a nice option if you want a designer brand without maxing out your outfit shopping budget. There’s a few different color options that would be great for a summer garden party or outdoor event.

high low dress

Sleeveless High-Low Maxi Dress

This pretty dress can be worn during the day or evening and is a great, inexpensive option for a formal event. I love the style of high-low dresses, the instantly look classy especially when worn with the right shoes.

mermaid style dress

Mermaid Style Dress

I’m surprised at how budget-friendly this gorgeous mermaid style garden party dresses are! From the straps down to the ruffled hem, if you like this cut of dress this a solid contender for formal events this summer.

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