Trick or Treating Alternatives That Are Still Fun

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Don’t want to do the traditional trick or treating for Halloween? That doesn’t mean that kids can’t still have fun celebrating the season! These trick or treating alternatives great activities for little kids who aren’t ready to go out or kids of any age that can’t go door to door but still want to have fun.

There’s plenty more reasons why you might not want to go out trick or treating with your kids. The weather could be bad, or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable getting candy from strangers. Some people don’t live in trick or treating friendly neighbourhoods, either.

Either way, there’s still fun ways to celebrate Halloween and let your kids have a few treats, too. These trick or treating alternatives might even be more fun than traditional Halloween.

Reasons to Skip Halloween Trick or Treating and use Alternatives

  • Allergies
  • Poor weather
  • Not wanting your kids out late on a school night
  • No control over what kind of treats they get/too many treats
  • Fear of going door to door with your kids
  • Too scary for sensitive kids
  • Special needs
  • Large family that you don’t feel comfortable taking out
  • Kids are too old for trick-or-treating but still want to have fun
  • Personal reasons

Fun Alternatives to Traditional Trick or Treating

A Friends and Family Only Trick or Treat

Kids trick or treating together
Little kids trick or treating

This one can be set up just in your closed neighbourhood, or even your own backyard. Have everyone get together on Halloween (or another day that works better for you) and hand out candy to your pre chosen group only.

You could also have everyone meet in a parking lot and have the kids ‘trick or treat’ from car to car. (This would also work as a social distancing trick or treating option!)

Backyard Candy Scavenger Hunt

little girl filling a basket in the backyard for halloween

Pick up a package of your family’s favourite treats and hide them all around the back yard. Then send the kids out with their Halloween buckets in a quest to find all the candy! They’ll have fun running around collecting goodies, all from the safety of your own backyard.

If the weather is bad, you can also do an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide the candy around and let the kids loose! For older kids, give them a series of clues they have to solve to find their treats.

Try this pumpkin scavenger hunt idea too!

Driving to Relatives’ Homes

Family sitting in a car that's decorated for Halloween

This only works if you have a few willing relatives in your area that you can visit. Often, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc don’t get to see the kids in their Halloween costumes, so this is a nice way to get them involved.

Since you’ll be visiting less homes, plan to have a few treats at each one. You can put them together and drop off ahead of time, or relatives might prefer to pick something up. Either way, there’s no fear as to where the goodies have come from.

This is a great idea for little kids who are too young for trick or treating, but you still want to create memories with.

A Super Fun Halloween Movie Night

Two kids hiding under a blanket watching horror movies as a trick or treating alternatives

Instead of trick or treating, treat your kids to an at home Halloween themed movie night. The catch? You supply way too much candy for them to munch during the show. They can even watch in costume!

Kids, especially older kids, will love that they didn’t have to work for their candy. Bonus points if it’s something scary!

Make Halloween Cookies or Cake

Two children in halloween costumes baking together instead of trick or treating

Halloween is all about the treats, right? Why not celebrate by making your own special spooky holiday desserts. You can make Halloween sugar cookies and have the kids decorate them, make some spooky Halloween monster cookies, or make a cake that somehow incorporates candy in it.

Get creative and have fun!

Put the Candy in a Piñata

Halloween themed pinata being hit by a child in a costume

This one was suggested by my 7 year old, so you know it’s a good one. Instead of having the kids trick or treat for their candy, stuff a pinata full of it. Better yet, try and find a Halloween themed piñata.

Have the kids take turns hitting it until the candy comes out. Then let them fill their buckets!

Save Your ‘Before’ Halloween Activities For the Day of

Halloween traditions like carving pumpkins usually take place before the big day so you can set them on your step for the neighbourhood to see. If you’re skipping trick or treating, though, you might want to save some of these activities the kids look forward to for Halloween night.

That way they won’t feel like they’re missing out. Instead, you’ll be doing something fun. Just make sure they still get some candy, since we all know that’s what kids really love about Halloween.

A Fun Halloween Party

Kids in Halloween costumes attending a Halloween party as an example of trick or treating alternatives

This is great for families who want to get together and celebrate or older kids who want to partake in the festivities of Halloween, but have outgrown trick or treating. Play Halloween themed games, listen (and dance to) spooky music, and decorate the whole house for Halloween.

The kids will feel like they’re getting something really special and won’t feel like they’re missing out on the Halloween staples like treats, decorations, and staying up late.

More Tips for Trick or Treating Alternatives

  • When possible, let the kids be in costume all day on Halloween. Even if you’re not going out.
  • Make sure your kids at least get some candy, especially the kids they look forward to.
  • Don’t be afraid to use this opportunity to get them something special, rather than a bunch of small treats they may not even like.
  • Turn off your lights if you’re not handing out candy so trick or treaters don’t knock.

Hopefully with these trick or treating alternatives you have a fun, safe Halloween this year.

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