Valentine Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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Does your child have a Valentine’s Day celebration at daycare and you want to send a little something for all their friends? Or maybe you just want to get the toddlers in your life a valentine and need gift ideas? Either way I’ve got you covered.

As a parent of 5 kids, I’ve been around the block when it comes to finding appropriate toddler toys for holidays like Valentine’s Day. It’s a tricky age; especially when they’re old enough to want small toys other themed items, but still can’t have small objects.

I always loved giving gifts to my kids when they were toddlers. There’s something so fun about a small toy, movie, activity, or treat. Plus any excuse to give my kids gift is OK by me!

That being said, I based this list off things that I would find appropriate for my toddlers. You should always decide what works best based on your child’s personality.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day That Toddlers Will Love

These are gift ideas that are perfect to give to a toddler on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s your own child, a niece or nephew, or your grandchild these little love day themed gifts are going to delight the little people in your life.

I heart you valentine's day t-shirt

Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

Valentine’s Day t-shirts always make cute gifts for toddlers, especially if you give it to them in the morning so they can wear it all day. I like this fun design, but you can pick one you know your kid will love.

happy valentine's day mouse book

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse

This a toddler board book version of Laura Numeroff’s “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” classic. If your toddler likes “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” they’ll love this gift.

llama llama I love you book

Llama Llama I Love You Book

These cloud slides were all the rage over the summer, I have a pair for inside and for outside. They would make great shower shoes for the gym too. They are so thick and cushy, definitely appropriately named, I’m certain these feel very close to walking on clouds!

felt puzzles for toddlers

Toddler Love Felt Puzzles

Felt puzzles are super cute and fun for younger toddlers to build motor skills. These ones are all Valentine’s day themed!

Custom name Plush Unicorn

Customized Plush Unicorn

Most toddlers absolutely love having anything with their name on it. Order these for your unicorn loving kids or grandkids and you’ll be a hero come Valentine’s Day!

Paw patrol coloring book

Toddler Coloring Book

If you want easy, inexpensive gift ideas for toddlers you can’t go wrong with a cute Valentine themed coloring book.

Mama's Little Valentine Sweater

Mama’s Little Valentine Sweater

This sweater is too cute not to share! I love the muted pink color as an alternative to bright hues.

Wooden tic-tac-toe game for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Game

This is best for older toddlers because the pieces are a bit small, but this super cute Valentine’s Day tic tac toe set is a fun way to teach small kids this classic game.

Heart print toddler hair bows

Heart Hair Bows

If your toddler wears hair bows you have to get some Valentine’s day themed ones for the occasion! I love the heart patterns on these one.

Heart shaped sunglasses

Toddler Sized Heart Sunglasses

Your toddler will be looking stylish on Valentine’s Day with these fun sunglasses. Plus they’re just cute on their own so you won’t mind your child wearing them after February 14th too.

heart pjs for toddlers

Heart Pjs

Toddlers love getting new pyjamas and these cute heart ones are a perfect way to give them a new pair for Valentine’s day.

Pink touque

Pink Heart Touque

Where we live it’s still very cold in February so hats are a must. Instead of going with Valentine gifts ideas for toddlers that can only be worn one day, use the heart theme to find practical ideas like this custom made touque.

I am so loved pink toddler sweatshirt

I Am So Loved Sweatshirt

This pink sweatshirt is super cute for a toddler to wear on Valentine’s day but also neutral enough that it works for the rest of the season too. Much better than a one-day-only outfit!

heart shaped chunky crayons

Rainbow Heart Shaped Crayons

Toddlers love to color but younger ones may struggle with small crayons. Solve that problem by giving your little one these heart crayons for Valentine’s Day: they’re easy to grip and in cute shapes.

Valentine's day heart lacing for toddlers

Heart Lacing Toy

Lacing activities are great for buying hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in toddlers. Stick to the theme with this adorable heart shaped activity for Valentine’s Day.

wooden puzzles for toddlers

Wooden Puzzles

This four pack of wooden puzzles is a perfect way to work on your toddler’s fine motor skills with a cute love day theme. If you have multiple kids to shop for these would also be cute split up Valentine’s Day gift baskets.

plush toy roses

Plush Roses

Everyone loves getting flowers on Valentine’s Day! For toddlers who can’t handle the real thing, grab some cute plush roses. They’ll love arranging them and setting them up long after Valentine’s Day is past.

toddler valentine's day squishmallow

Stuffed Toys

Any Valentine’s Day themed toddler friendly stuffed toy will work as a gift idea, but if you’re not sure where to start Squishmallows are really popular with kids of all ages.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Toddler Class or Daycare

If you’re giving these ideas out at Valentine gifts for your toddler’s class or daycare, make sure they’re sent home with kids and parents. That way everyone can decide what’s safe and appropriate for their little one.

Rubber Ducks

I don’t know about your kids, but my toddlers were always obsessed with rubber duckies. These mini ones are Valentine’s Day themed with hearts all over, perfect for your toddler’s classmates to enjoy in the bath.

toddler safe bubbles


Toddler-safe bubbles with non-toxic solution and no spill lids are a super fun activity to give to your toddler at home or their daycare class at school.

crazy straws

Crazy Straws

Toddlers love straws, especially silly ones. I love that these come ready to give out for Valentine’s Day; no extra work required. Perfect for busy families!

play-doh for toddlers


Non-toxic and made for kids ages 2+, play-doh is a sure hit in any toddler classroom. Plus there’s so many cute DIY Valentine ideas you can add them to!

heart plastic cups for kids

Heart Plastic Cups

These plastic cups are inexpensive and perfect for giving out to a large toddler classroom or to serve drinks at a kids’ party with.

glow stick valentines

Glow Sticks

As long as toddlers are supervised with glow sticks they should be fine for most kids to play with. I know they’re always a big hit with my kids at every age!

slap bracelet valentine kit

Slap Bracelets

I love that slap bracelets are making a come back because they’re just so much fun. Toddlers will love playing with these accessories. The best part? This kit comes with classroom cards too.

toddler sized glasses

See Through Glasses

These fun plastic glasses are heart shaped for a fun, cute accessory little kids will love on Valentine’s Day. The cards are adorable too!

sports ball stress ball valentines

Sports Balls

These sports themed stress balls come ready to give out to friends on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never met a toddler that doesn’t love squishy stress ball style toys so I know these would be a huge hit.

I dig you shovels for Valentine's day

I Dig You Shovels

It can be tricky to find little Valentine’s Day gifts that are both inexpensive, cute, and safe for toddlers. This set, that comes with everything you need to hand out to the class, is a perfect solution!

Hopefully these ideas for have helped you find the perfect Valentine gift for the toddlers in your life. I didn’t include it, but you can also add your toddler’s favourite candy or chocolate to the list for a Valentine’s Day treat!

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