Cocomelon Birthday Party Planning Ideas

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Can your little one not get enough of Cocomelon? I’m not sure what they did, but this show sure has almost every baby, toddler, and sometimes even older kids I know hooked. So, to keep the Cocomelon addiction going, here’s some fun party ideas that are perfect for toddlers.

My kids are all older, but even that hasn’t stopped me from having to see Cocomelon for myself. A few weeks ago we had all the cousins together, ages 6-14 mind you, and they requested it on Netflix! Sigh.

Cocomelon Party Ideas For Toddlers

Unfortunately for my big kids who want to feel little sometimes, these Cocomelon party ideas are geared towards younger kids. Mostly older babies and toddlers, although you could use them for different ages too.

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Cocomelon Party Decorations

Nothing says party to a young child like decorations. No matter how bit or small your event is going to be, having some themed items up is going to delight your little one to no end. The best part is there’s a lot of options out there, so you can create a Cocomelon themed party without breaking the bank or too much effort.

cocomelon foil balloon pack

Cocomelon Balloons

This balloon bouquet has a little bit of everything! You can fill them with air, or rent a helium tank to make them float. Toddlers love balloons!

See it on Amazon

Large Backdrop

Backdrops are a quick and easy way to deck out a themed party room. You can use it as decoration or for a photo backdrop.

See it on Amazon

complete birthday party kit for toddlers

Cocomelon Party Supply Pack

This pack comes with almost everything you need to throw a super cute Cocomelon themed party. Great if you just want to be one and done.

See it on Amazon

cocomelon hanging decorations

Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations are another super easy way to decorate for a party, especially when you’re dealing with young kids. They’re out of the way so no one can touch them but still look super cute and festive.

See it on Amazon

one year old cocomelon themed centerpiece

ONE Cocomelon Themed Centerpiece

I think this centerpiece is absolutely adorable! It matches without being too character driven, which is perfect for incorportating it into any Cocomelon themed decorating style. This is for a first birthday but I did see other options out there too.

See it on Amazon

cocomelon character table decorations

Table Decorations

Besides the centerpiece table decorations are also great to have. Especially if you have a big venue or want to add something extra to the food table.

See it on Amazon

cocomelon birthday party pack with cake topper

Cocomelon Birthday Party Pack

The balloons and banner in this pack are adorable. If you want more character focused decorations that don’t look too cheesy, this is a great set. Plus there’s a cake topper!

See it on Amazon

handmade watermelon banner

Watermelon Banner

I love this handmade banner! Anything watermelon themed is a perfect accent for Cocomelon themed parties. Or choose this type of decor if you want the theme without too much focus on the characters.

See it on Etsy

cocomelon themed door decorations

Themed Door Decorations

I love adding door decorations to all my kids’ parties because it makes it a lot easier to find our home. These cocomelon themed ones will get little ones excited before they even walk through the door!

See it on Amazon

cocomelon characters table cloth

Rectangle Table Cloth With Cocomelon Characters

Some of the kits have tableclothes but if you want them on their own these are a great option. They’re pretty simple and inexpensive, but make clean up an absolute breeze. Especially when you’re feeding toddlers!

See it on Amazon

Happy Birthday cocomelon banner

Happy Birthday Banner

Kids love seeing happy birthday messages on their birthday. Banners like this are easy to hang up and have a big impact.

See it on Amazon

Rainbow balloon arch

Rainbow Balloon Arch

I think balloon arches are super cool, but I just love how this has all the sizes you need to make your own. Plus you can pick your own colours!

See it on Amazon

watermelon themed balloons

Melon Themed Balloons

These balloons are a great addition to your decorating if you want something without Cocomelon characters on them.

See it on Amazon

Paper Cocomelon characters on stakes set up in a yard

Cocomelon Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great way to show everyone in town your little one is celebrating!

See it on Etsy

Cocomelon Birthday Shirts

Toddler birthday shirts are so cute and I’ve never met one who doesn’t like wearing them. Heck, even my twins were over the moon wearing a set on their 7th birthday we just celebrated. Here’s some of my favourite picks that I think are super cute, plus a few bonuses for the parents too.

T-shirt with Cocomelon face on it long with a number 2 and the name Juliette, it's embroidered

Custom Embroidered Shirt

I love embroidery so I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable handmade shirt. You can get it customized with your child’s age and name.

See it on Etsy

Liam Birthday Boy t-shirt with a Cocomelon character on it, the number 2 in a watermelon print, and a rainbow in the background. The shirt is blue.

Boys Cocomelon Themed T-Shirt

If your little one is a JJ fan this is the perfect birthday t-shirt! It says birthday boy, but you can get “birthday girl” plus different color and age options too.

See it on Etsy

customizable coco melon shirt with age and rainbow tutu.

Custom Shirt With Tulle Skirt

So cute for a birthday! It can be customized too. Super cute outfit for any little fan.

See it on Etsy

Mom holding a child, they're both wearing matching Cocomelon shirts

Mom or Dad and Child Matching Shirts

These shirts are super cute if you want something that’s matching for you and your child.

See it on Etsy

Collection of Cocomelon shirts for the family that have characters from the show and relationship to the birthday child like "mommy" "daddy" etc

Cocomelon Family T-Shirts

Theres a version for almost everyone in the family (mommy, daddy, brother, sister, even aunts and uncles!) so everyone can be matching at the Cocomelon party.

See it on Etsy

Cocomelon Party Food

If there’s one thing I know toddlers love, it’s snacks. Here’s some awesome food ideas for your Cocomelon party. There’s some cute ways to dress up plain snacks, food ideas you can serve, and of course some cake toppers to put the “cherry on top”.

Table Cocomelon Party Pack

I love packs like this that come with everything you need to serve food at a party. Of course, it’s Cocomelon themed so that’s fun!

See it on Amazon

A bunch of snacks on a table with homemade Cocomelon packaging, there's chip bags and drinks

Custom Themed Snack Bags

This is a great way to dress up your food table while serving your toddler’s favorite snacks. They come ready to go including the food.

See it on Etsy


Cocomelon Themed Cupcake Toppers

Cake toppers are an easy and inexpensive way to get themed goodies for your child. Skip the expensive cake and add these to homemade or grocery store cupcakes.

See it on Amazon

Watermelon cake pops with a cocomelon face

Cake Pops

What kid doesn’t love cake pops? Less messy than cake, these treats are perfect for toddlers. Just watch them with the sticks.

See it on Etsy

Watermelon Style Pack

This watermelon themed Cocomelon pack comes with everything you need to serve food or snacks at your child’s party.

See it on Amazon

Custom chip bags that have been printed out, they have the birthday child's photo and cocomelon characters

Printable Chip Bag

If you need something easy this printable chip bag is a cute option. It can be customized with your child’s picture and you print it at home.

See it on Etsy

Cocomelon themed sugar cookies with icing

Cocomelon Inspired Cookies

If you’re not much of a baker and don’t have anywhere nearby to order from, why not grab some cookies online? These ones are super cute and toddlers will love seeing their favorite characters on cookies.

See it on Etsy

Toddler Friendly Party Favors

No party is complete with the favors! They’re especially great at parties for young kids because it’s pretty tough for toddler guests to understand why the birthday child gets gifts and they don’t. I also know how tricky it is to find toddler friendly party favors; especially since most of the standard favor bag fillers are small toys or candy.

cocomelon themed party favor gift bags

Gift Bag Style Favor Bags

Gift bag style favor bags area great for toddlers because they’re easy to carry. You can fit decent sized gifts in here too, which is great for little ones who can’t have small toys or candy.

See it on Amazon

cocomelon inspired party favor boxes

Cocomelon Inspired Party Favor Boxes

If you’d prefer boxes for your party favors this pack would be great. One advantage to enclosed party favors is not having to worry about anything falling out.

See it on Amazon

cocomelon symbol birthday party favor bags

Cute Cocomelon Birthday Favor Bags

OK, last one for favor bags! The classic melon symbol bag is super cute.

See it on Amazon

customizable cocomelon party favors

Complete Party Favor Pack

If you’re a busy parent there’s something to be said about choosing the easy option. This set is cute and customized and you wind up with a bunch of toddler-friendly gifts.

See it on Etsy

watermelon themed crazy straws

Watermelon Themed Crazy Straws

Not so great for younger toddlers, but I know my kids went absolutely nuts for crazy straws when they were little.

See it on Amazon

watermelon balls

Mini Watermelon Balls

One of my favorite party favor ideas for babies and toddlers: small balls. Make sure they’re small enough to grasp but not too small for a choking hazard. These ones are watermelon themed!

See it on Amazon

fubbles bubbles for toddlers

Fubbles Bubbles for Toddlers

If you haven’t heard of them, Fubbles are bubbles designed for toddlers that are non-toxic and harder to spill.

See it on Amazon

Hair bows with cocomelon characters

Cocomelon Themed Hair Bows

So cute if you want an adorable Cocomelon themed hair accessory for your party favors!

See it on Etsy

cocomelon characters tempry tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

You’ll need to help kids with this one, but most are absolutely ticked by temporary tattoos so I just had to include these Cocomelon themed ones.

See it on Amazon

Hopefully you got some inspiration from these Cocomelon party ideas! Remember, toddlers are easy. Just a few things is enough to make it feel like a party for your little one, so don’t fret too much. Have fun!

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