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by | Jul 11, 2022

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Have you heard about an anything but clothes party? Whether you’ve been invited to any anything but clothes party and you’re not sure what to do, you just need some inspiration for what to wear, or you’re looking for new creative party ideas we’ve got you covered.

Hopefully you have some fun with these unique alternatives to clothes that you can totally rock!

I tried my best to choose options that would still work to cover you up – you probably don’t want your clothes alternative to fall off while you’re in the middle of partying. Well maybe you do, I’m not judging the parties you go to.

What is An Anything But Clothes Party?

Basically it’s a party theme where you show up wearing anything but clothes – meaning you have to find a clothing alternative. The goal is often to be funny, silly, or creative. Sometimes there’s even prizes for the best outfit!

It’s similar to an anything but a cup party, which does the same thing but with what you drink out of rather than what you wear.

Easy Ideas For an Anything But Clothes Themed Party

Here’s some great ideas that you can wear next time you’re invited to an anything but a clothes party:

Garbage Bag

Woman holding a garbage bag

You’re not trash, but you can dress up like some for an anything but clothes party. This is a fun last minute costume idea for this party theme – and it usually can cover almost anyone pretty well. If you’re taller or want extra room go for the big drum liners.

Brown Bag or Lawn Trimmings Bag

Paper bag as an example of what to wear to an anything but clothes party

This is a great opportunity to recycle some large brown bags from past shopping trips. Or grab one of those oversized yard trimming bags from your garage for an easy alternative to clothes for a party.


Rugs for sale in a store in various sizes as ideas for rugs that you could wear to an anything but clothes party

Grab your living room rug and wrap it around you for an easy idea. If that’s too big (or not a good choice), try and find one that’s soft backed and lightweight.

Beach towels

Woman holding a towel behind her

Any towels will do, but beach towels are usually big enough to cover you up. If you’re worried about your towel falling, try securing it with safety pins once you’ve wrapped it around your body.

Small Tents

Tent outside at night - to illustrate that tents can be used as clothing for an anything but clothes party

Either kids’ play tents or just little tents would make funny outfits for an anything but clothes party. You may need to cut a hole, though, so buy a cheap one you don’t mind ruining.

Inflatable Toys

Inflatable toys that would make great alternatives to clothes floating in a pool

The doughnut would be especially easy to wear instead of clothes! Or get creative with other inflatables by attaching them to your body with body-safe glue.


Multi-Colored Balloons on a string

Can’t go wrong with a balloon costume! You could blow up a bunch of small ones and attach them to your body for a fun (and easy) idea. Just make sure you avoid sharp objects!

I also found this cool video to make a balloon dress.

Empty Boxes

Empty cardboard boxes

You can use recycled boxes for this one if you want. Maybe your not a clothes party outfit can be a robot suit made from beer or pizza boxes? Party bot activate!

Caution Tape

Caution tape

Caution tape is another easy idea for an anything but clothes party. Just wrap it around yourself as much or little as you want – instant clothes!

Fig Leaf

Big leaf example that you could use as coverage for an anything but clothes party

Go au naturel with your alternative clothing. If a fig leaf was good enough for early humans, it’s good enough to wear to a party. If you can’t get a fig leaf any big leaf will do the trick. Just make sure it’s not too dry or else it may break!

Bed Sheets or Pillowcase

Bed with sheets and pillows

Look no further than your bed for alternatives to clothes that you can wear out comfortably. Bed sheets are easy to turn into togas. Or make an outfit out of an old pillowcase by cutting out some holes.


Man wearing a pride flag

Any flag will do – but this is a fun idea during Pride month or when you’re cheering on your favourite sports team.

Burlap Sacks

Stack of burlap sacks to illustrate they'd make good options for an anything but a clothes party

Like poor people in the olden days! While flour and potatoes don’t really come in burlap sacks anymore, you can still usually find them around farms. Ask around and you can probably score some for free.

Shower Curtain

Naked woman covered by a shower curtain

It would be easy to turn a shower curtain into something you can wear. Wrap it around yourself similar to the bedsheet or towel. Or use tape to DIY yourself a very moisture resistant outfit.

Other Ideas for An Anything But a Clothes Party

  • Collapsable camping shower
  • Soft or collapsable laundry hamper/bag
  • Apron
  • Plastic hazmat suit
  • Suit of armor
  • Coconuts and other large fruit or veggies (large pumpkin would work)
  • Homemade “clothes” made from non clothes materials like paper
  • Sticky notes
  • Body paint
  • Strips of cheesecloth (you can be a mummy!)
  • Wrap yourself in bubble wrap

What Should I Wear Under My Clothing Alternative?

This is a common concern I hear when it comes to anything but clothes parties – what do I wear under my makeshift clothing? You want to be comfortable of course! And you might also feel exposed if you wear some of these costumes.

You can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Your friends and guests will understand!

If you’re not comfortable showing skin

Choose an outfit that has a lot of coverage. Then opt for a base layer in either a nude or black, depending on what style you’re going for.

For a covered “nude” look

Opt for a base layer of nude coloured pantyhose or other full coverage undergarments. Bodysuits are also great!

If you’re not worried about being exposed

You can always just wear regular underwear under your outfit too – especially if you’re comfortable with the group that you’re partying with.

How to Secure Anything But Clothes Items to Your Body

There’s a few ways you can do this. The first is simply to choose an outfit that secures itself. Bags, boxes, and similar items can easily be customized to fit securely so they don’t fall off. Things that tie on are easy to secure too – just make sure they’re tied properly.

Second, tape is your friend. But don’t just use any tape! Unless you want to wax off your body hair, and maybe a few extra layers of skin, avoid duct tape, tuct tape, and similar heavy-duty adhesives. Instead, opt for tapes that are designed for the body. There are body adhesives used for costumes out there – or in a pinch medical tape should be OK too.

Third, consider attaching your clothing alternative costume to a base layer or your undergarments. An example would be the fig leaf idea – you could easily affix it to your underwear so it stays in place and you stay covered all evening. Just make sure you attach it in a way that doesn’t irritate your skin underneath.

Finally, there is such a thing as body glue. It’s a skin safe adhesive that will hold your anything but clothing picks onto your body securely. But at the end of the night it’s easy to remove without hurting your skin.

Final Things to Consider When Choosing Options for No Clothes Parties

Before you run out and try some of these ideas for an anything but clothes party there’s a few pieces of wisdom I want to leave you with.

  1. Make sure you can go to the bathroom. Seriously, this is something people forget all the time when planning anything from Halloween costumes to wedding dresses. Make. Sure. You. Can. Pee. Especially if you’ll be drinking!
  2. Be aware of your own needs. Don’t wear a costume that’s super revealing if you get cold easily and normally dress warm. Likewise, don’t swelter in a garbage bag during a summer heatwave.
  3. Have fun. This isn’t the kind of party where you can take yourself too seriously. It’s going to be silly, and there might be some wardrobe malfunctions. If you relax and enjoy it, though, it can be a real blast.
  4. Be safe with your outfit. Make sure you’re not doing anything risky like putting a bag over your head or super glueing balloons to your body. Be smart and stay safe.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for an anything but clothes party! I’m sure there’s way more ideas out there that I haven’t even thought of. If you have a suggestion, leave me a comment – I’d love to hear it.

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