20 Unique Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings

by | Dec 30, 2020

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If you didn’t already have plans to take photos of your rings on your wedding day, definitely add that to your must have list for wedding photography. Need some inspiration? These unique ways to photograph your wedding rings are steal-worthy. Or at least enough to spark your own creativity.

I know that I personally like to see wedding photos that break tradition. Sure, the picture of the couple’s rings on the ring pillow is nice, but it’s been done so many times. As weddings move into the 21st century, wedding photography is following suit.

Our Favourite Ways to Photograph Wedding Rings

So, if you want to add a little something extra to your ring photo, consider one of these unique wedding ring photography ideas. There’s something here to match every wedding style!

On a Railing With the Bouquet

Wedding ring photography example with wedding rings on a wooden railing with the bouquet behind them

I love that this photo idea has a little bit of traditional in there but adds a modern touch. It would be a nice idea if you had an outdoor wedding, especially if you could feature part of the venue in your photograph. I could totally see this balcony because a great place in general to take wedding photos!

The inspiration: Use your wedding venue creatively to take pictures.

On the Bride’s Shoes

Wedding ring photo idea with the rings on the bride's shoes

How cute! If the bride has super cute shoes this might just be a great way to show them off. After all, a lot of brides spend a lot of time picking out the perfect footwear only to have their dress covering it up all night long.

The inspiration: Show off those pieces that would otherwise stay hidden.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings on Your Hands

Take a picture of the rings holding hands

This is such as sweet idea. Of course, it’s not terrible unique, but it’s kind of a nice addition if you had planned to just take pictures of the rings off your hands. You’ll also get a chance to show off those expensive wedding day nails… Bonus!

The inspiration: Take pictures of the wedding rings while you’re wearing them.

On the Ring Pillow (in a Unique Way)

Rustic wedding ring pillow

This might be the traditional way of doing things, but you don’t need to be traditional in how you make it happen. I love that they used a modern ring pillow and custom box for this wedding. Plus the outdoor photo and bride’s bouquet are nice touches.

The inspiration: Break tradition with your ring pillow and everything else will look more modern.

On Leaves

Wedding rings pictured on leaves

If you’re having a fall wedding this is a must do! Grab a few fallen leaves and cup them in your hands. Then add the rings on top. I love the natural beauty that you get from this shot. It’s so simple, but stands out.

The inspiration: Use seasonal elements to make your photos stand out.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings With Your Pets

Example for how to take a picture of your wedding rings with your pets - there is a cat with the ring pillow next to it

Now this cat happens to also be the couple’s ring bearer, but you can still borrow the idea. After all, for most couples pets are their first babies! Get them in the wedding photos too by having them pose with your wedding rings.

The inspiration: Bring your furbabies into the wedding pictures!

In Grass or on a Book

Wedding rings being photographed on a book

There’s two ways you can use this picture to inspire you. The first is through the earthy elements they’ve brought in with the grass/moss inside the heart. The second is taking the picture with a book. Of course, the combination they have going here is truly unique!

The inspiration: A unique DIY project can turn into a perfect ring photo op.

On a Bow Tie

Example of a unique Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings where the rings are sitting on a bow tie

There’s two ways you could do this: either use the groom’s bow tie, or the bow tie of the ringer bearer. Either way it makes a perfect setting to photograph your wedding rings on.

The inspiration: Instead of the ring bearer pillow, use other elements to display the rings.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings on Pine Cones

Example for how to take a picture of your wedding rings on pinecones

This is a fun idea if you’re having an outdoor wedding, regardless of the season. Pine cones are usually easy to find anywhere you have a lot of trees. If your wedding is more ‘woodsy’ then you can easily bring that theme in with a photo shoot like this one.

The inspiration: Little things can have a big impact!

On a Guitar

Wedding ring picture on a guitar

This one’s for the musicians out there! Bring some of that into your wedding photos by photographing your wedding rings on the frets of a guitar. You could use your favourite, or one that has some symbolism in your relationship.

The inspiration: Bring your hobbies and interests into your wedding day.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings on Some Wood

Wedding ring picture outdoors

What I love about this unique wedding ring picture is that it really uses the natural beauty of nature as a setting. This would be a great shot if you’re having a winter wedding and doing some outdoor pictures, but wood and nature can be brought into any wedding.

The inspiration: Wood adds a natural, rustic element to any photo.

Turkish Style

Turkish wedding ring photo

Get some inspiration from other cultures (or maybe even your own?) if you’re looking for unique ways to photograph wedding rings. This one has the wedding rings carefully balanced on a candelabra. How cool!

The inspiration: Bring your cultural traditions into your wedding ring photos.

In Your Hands

Wedding rings in the groom's hands

I love that the groom is holding the wedding rings in this picture, waiting to get married. Traditionally it is the group (and his party) that are responsible for keeping the rings safe, so it’s a perfect time to snap a photo of them before the ceremony starts.

The inspiration: A simple picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to wedding photography.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings in a Nest

Wedding rings in a bird's nest

The decor in this wedding is stunning! If you’re throwing a non-traditional ceremony or even just have a unique decorating style, that can easily be incorporated into your wedding ring photos. I love the combination of earth tones in the colouring of this picture.

The inspiration: Don’t be afraid to do something unique!

With Your Other Accessories

Wedding rings on a chair with purse and watch picture idea

I love this, especially for the bride. Take a picture of the wedding ring alongside your engagement ring and other wedding day accessories. It’s a nice way to remember all the little things that happened on your special day. This one was taken on a chair. It’s super simple!

The inspiration: Capture the little things you might easily forget.

“On” Your Wedding Date

Wedding ring photo idea of the rings sitting on a calendar

This is such a cute idea! Put the wedding rings on a calendar, positioning them on your wedding date specifically. What I love about this idea is that it’s not only really easy to replicate, you can also print whatever calendar design fits with your wedding decor.

The inspiration: Turn your wedding ring picture into a keepsake.

On a Glass Pedestal

Wedding ring photo idea on a glass pedestal

Your wedding rings deserve special treatment! Putting them up on clear glass is a great way to display the rings when you don’t want anything to distract from them. I love that this has a more feminine look, great for taking photos of your bridal set.

The inspiration: Put the rings on display with simple accessories and a feminine look.

Photograph Your Wedding Rings With Earth Tones

Wedding rings in a box with earthy green moss

Earth tones are really big right now and it’s easy to see why. This beautiful wedding ring photograph incorporates them in a super unique way! Grab a vintage box and find the perfect colour moss to fill it with if you want to copy this look.

The inspiration: Earth tones can be incorporated in unique ways, especially when you mix nature in.

On Branches

Wedding ring photography idea on branches - Example of Unique Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings

This is a truly unique way to photograph your wedding rings! You could do it for outdoor or indoor weddings, depending on your wedding decor. I love the way the background is heavily blurred so all you see are the rings.

The inspiration: Hanging the rings is a unique way to take pictures.

In a Keepsake Box

wedding rings instead a wooden box - Unique Ways to Photograph Your Wedding Rings

This photo idea is a great way to show off the ring box that you’re planning to use on your wedding day. Not only does it keep them safe, it looks super stylish when photographed. Add in some elements, like greenery, to give it some colour.

The inspiration: Use a unique ring box if you want to incorporate it into your wedding ring photography.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to try some new ways to photograph your wedding rings on your wedding day! Share this post with your photographer or someone who’s getting married soon.

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