The Best Wedding Planning Workbooks

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I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with workbooks. To be honest, it started in early childhood with those educational ones. Since then I’m overjoyed when I can find something to fill out. That includes wedding planning workbooks!

The Best Wedding Planning Workbooks

If you’re like me, you’re probably already considering one. Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a great gift idea for an engaged couple? Either way, you’ve come to the right place when it comes to commercial wedding planning workbooks.

The perfect engagement gift idea

Something I love about a planning workbook, especially one for a wedding, is that after you’re through with the event you can hang onto the book as a keepsake. You might not always be enjoying the stress of wedding planning but 10 years down the road it will make a fun anniversary activity to look back on those memories.

Wedding planning workbooks are hands down one of my favourite gift ideas for brides to be or couples. If you’re looking for the perfect engagement gift this is it!

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The Essential Wedding Planner

The Best Wedding Planning Workbooks The essential wedding planner book

I like that this book has everything you need all in one, including a timeline and recommended resources. You also get a PDF download of the files so you can print them out to make your rough drafts on. One thing I don’t see, though, is a seating chart.

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer: Checklists, Worksheets, and Essential Tools to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget can be a bit of a challenge. Having a book that’s specifically tailored to those needs (eg. no extravagant recommendations) can really help things come together without breaking the bank.

The Modern Wedding Planner

Modern Wedding Planner Book and Organizer for Brides with Gift Box

I love how this workbook counts down starting from 12 months in advance. It also has places to record special memories, like your engagement, wedding story, and pictures! A memory book and planner all in one. This would make a lovely gift idea for a bride to be or engaged couple. One downside, though, is if you’re closer to your wedding some of the timed lists may not be as useful!

Oh, Sh*t Just Got Real!

Funny Wedding Planner And Organizer

This one’s for that couple with a great sense of humour. Time to panic! No, you’ve got this. Presented comedically, this wedding planner is full of super useful information, charts, and checklists. I love that a seating chart is included, as well as all the expense tracking.

Wedding Planner Workbook

Wedding Planner Book: Classic Floral, Wedding Log, Wedding Planning Notebook Large Print

Without much information, it’s hard to say how detailed this wedding planning book is. But, at the low price tag, it might be worth checking out if you’re looking for something simple while planning a wedding on a budget.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner

The Ultimate Wedding Planner - Organize The Wedding of Your Dreams. Hardcover, 80 Pages

I don’t know if I’d call this one the ultimate wedding planner, but it’s still full of colourful pages to fill out. I like the simple, easy to fill in design of it too. Plus it comes with stickers! Great if you’re looking for a basic planner and not something that will hold your hand.

The Complete Wedding Planner Book and Organizer by DayWorks

The Complete Wedding Planner Book and Organizer by DayWorks

This pretty wedding planner has a lot going for it in terms of style and durability. Personally, I’m a fan of hard cover, coiled ringed planners for any occasion (my daily one is sitting on my desk right now.) The tabs are a nice addition to help you find what you’re looking for easily.

I’m not sure how it compares content-wise to the other wedding planners on this list because there isn’t much information listed, but it definitely makes up for that in style.

Accessories for wedding planning workbooks

Once you’ve picked out the perfect wedding planning workbook, treat yourself to a few accessories to go with it. Great quality pens, coloured markers, and stickers are all fun additions as you fill in your new workbook.

Coloured Pens

eighteen Journal Planner Pens Colored Pens Fine Point Markers

You really can’t go wrong adding some coloured pens to the gift bag or basket if you’re gifting someone a wedding planning workbook. Or add to cart and get these for yourself to make planning more organized and fun!

Wedding Planning Stickers

daily planners Female Empowerment Planner Stickers

There’s a lot of planner stickers out there but I thought these were super cute for planning a wedding. There’s lots of fun little pictures that are likely to come up during your planning, which means they’ll actually get used.

Now that you’re all equipped with the tools it’s time to plan that wedding! Or at least fill out the easy stuff in your new wedding planning workbook while you catch up on Netflix…

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