25 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

by | Aug 29, 2023

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I never used to be someone who likes the fall but now it’s probably my favourite season. There’s just something so renewing when it comes to the crisp fall weather. But the season also comes with some must-do chores; here some ways to get your home ready for fall.

Personally, I made this list because I’m always forgetting something. Then winter comes around (and here winter is serious business with snow and bitter cold) and I’m scrambling to get one of these chores done.

Not all of these apply to everyone so – just do the ones that make sense for you and your home. If you rent you might be able to skip a lot of the outdoor stuff. Yay for you!

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Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Fall (Inside)

Stylish fall home decor for autumn holidays

Seal Cracks and Gaps Around Windows/Doors

Young man wearing overalls sealing cracks between door and trim using waterproof silicone caulk on the balcony.

If you can do repairs this is the best time, but even smaller temporary solutions would be helpful. Don’t heat the outside, as your parents probably told you at some point.

Service Your Heating System

hvac filter replacement home central air system. servicemen changing filter in furnace. Change filter in rotary heat exchanger recuperator.

Schedule a professional inspection or furnace cleaning, or make sure everything is in working order yourself. Don’t forget to change filters!

You might also want to check out a fall maintenance checklist to make sure you don’t miss any important chores like this one.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Hardwood floor and ceilings in living room

This is one you might not know about, but it works! Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise to push warm air down into the room. It will help prevent the warm air from rising too much which means lower heating bills.

Inspect and Clean Your Fireplace

Shot of a fireplace in a stylish modern house

Assuming you have one and use it, of course. Hire a chimney sweep to remove soot and check for any issues. If you use a wood stove, inspect and clean that too/instead.

Test Smoke Detectors (And Any Other Detectors You Have)

domestic smoke alarm or smoke detector at ceiling

You’re supposed to replace the batteries on these devices twice a year and most choose the spring and fall for that. Don’t forget to test them all too! Depending on where you live this could be smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, rayon dectectors, etc.

Give Your Entryway a Fall Upgrade

Welcome mat that says come in and get cozy

Change out the summer stuff (shoes, hats, etc) for your fall accessories. While you do, add some small touches to make the area feel more “fall” for you and everyone who comes by. You can do some potted plants on the doorstep with fall blooms, grab a fall welcome mat, or add a nice seasonal wreath to your door.

Swap Out Bedding and Wash Duvets

Open book on yellow duvet in small cozy bedroom interior with ginger accents

Now’s the time to replace your lighter duvets and comforters with heavier winter stuff. You may not be putting the flannel sheets on just yet, but you’ll likely want something a bit warmer as the weather cools.

Some folks only wash their comforter a few times a year, so include that in your fall cleaning too.

Audit Your Pantry

woman in the kitchen pantry with products. Storage wooden stand with kitchenware, products necessary to cook.

This is another great seasonal chore to add to your fall cleaning list. First, go through and toss anything that’s expired or gone bad. Then audit what you’ll actually eat and plan to use up, give away, or donate anything that isn’t getting eating.

Once you’re done, stock up on fall pantry items like baking supplies or canned soup.

Clean the Dryer Vent and Lint Tray

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine

This is an important one since dryers are responsible for a lot of house fires. First, clean the lint tray thoroughly – including any lint trapped inside the machine. Then make sure that your dryer is attached to the vent properly and there’s no lint building up behind the machine. Then make sure the vent itself is working properly and not clogged.

Finally, check the outside part of the vent to ensure it’s clear of debris.

Bring Out Fall Clothing

Fall fashion selection

It’s sweater weather, people! Get the fall wardrobe out including finding all that winter gear that you’ll need soon enough. While you’re at it, store the summer stuff that you won’t be using anymore.

Add Warm and Cozy Accents

Decorating for fall - cozy living room

Speaking of, a great way to get your home ready for fall is to add some fall-themed accents around. That can be updated throw pillows and decorative items, yes, but my favourite way to do this is by adding throws around the house.

I usually store my throws over the summer so bringing them back in the fall is a welcomed change.

Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Soy candles burn in glass jars. Tree leaves. Comfort at home. Candle in a brown jar. Scent and light. Scented handmade candle. Aroma therapy. Autumn mood. Cozy home decor in fall. Festive decoration.

This is one of my favourite parts of fall if I’m being honest. Get those fall candles burning, it’s finally time! You can also opt for fall scented soaps, air fresheners, room sprays, and other scented accents to make every room smell amazing.

Cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin spice are all great options.

Bring in Natural Elements

Autumn Or Fall Table Decoration At Home With Pumpkins Candle And Leaves

To help make your home feel more “fall” use nature as your inspiration (or material source). You can do this with pinecones, natural branches, and traditional fall accents like pumpkins and gourds. It really makes your home feel inviting!

Do Your Fall Cleaning

A little girl and her mother are cleaning the kitchen. a woman and a child wipe the oven in the kitchen. house cleaning. helping mom.

Most of us do a big clean in the spring and the fall, but fall is definitely my favourite of the two. I like to get everything in order before the cold weather (and seasonal depression) sets in – that way things are organized and clean during the busy school year and sports seasons.

Decorate For Fall

Living room and dining area decorated for fall

Besides just generally making your house feel more cozy and fall like you can also bring out your fall decorations. If you’re super into Halloween you can start adding those too, although most folks prefer to hold off until October for spooky season to fully invade their home.

Start Planning for Indoor Activities

If you have kids (or you want to spend time with your spouse) fall will usually mean more time inside together. Embrace it by planning some indoor activities – collect board games, puzzles, and other fun stuff you can do on cold or rainy days.

Set Up a Reading Nook

Cozy reading nook

This might be something a bit personal, but I really like the idea of having a cozy place to read during the winter. Not just for myself, but for the kids too. It makes it more inviting to read; and let’s face it, we all could do a little more reading in our day to day lives.

Stock up on fun drinks (teas, hot chocolate, etc) to make your fall and winter reading more enjoyable while you’re at it.

Outdoor Chores and Repairs

A happy little girls with grandmother and mother cleaning up garden from leaves in autumn

Besides the obvious (like raking) these chores should also get down to get your home ready for fall. Trust me, you don’t want to doing these in the winter or getting an unwelcome surprise this spring!

Clean the Gutters

Roof and Gutters Power Cleaning Using Pressure Washer. Caucasian Worker.

Get up there and remove any debris that might be obstructing water. If you’re going into a chilly rainy season it’s important, but even more if your roof is about to get covered in snow. Melting with nowhere to drain next spring could mean flooding – which you definitely don’t want.

At the same time also inspect downspouts and gutters for leaks and cracks.

Inspect the Roof

The roof is covered with bituminous shingles of brown color. Quality Roofing

Look for any damaged shingles or leaks that need repair – trust me, it’s worth it. Again, freezing and thawing could mean surprises come spring!

Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture

Beige garden furniture with striped pillows on a wooden terrace with pink flowers and poufs

Give everything a cleaning before you put it into storage to help it last longer. If you can’t store items, at least try and protect them from the elements by using covers, putting them under the deck or pergola, or storing cushions.

Winterize Your Garden

Pruning plants in the winter

Trim back plants, clear out dead foliage, and cover delicate plants that need extra protection. If you bulbs that need to be planted in the fall, now’s the time. Some plants also like to be pruned in the fall, too.

Plant Fall Flowers

Orange fall flowers

Add vibrant mums or pansies to your garden for a pop of colour or create some fall planters to fit the season.

Put Away Summer Toys

A young boy playing with his toys hiding in a storage bin

If you have kids make sure to get those toys picked up before it gets too chilly or the snow falls. Make sure you clean them as you go, too, since it helps them last longer. Plus you’ll appreciate everything being in great shape when you pull it out again next spring!

If you have fall/winter toys that are in storage this would also be a good time to dig them out.

Test Outdoor Lights

Outdoor light fixures

As days get shorter it’s more important than ever to have properly working lights, especially outside. You don’t want to be changing these in the cold or discover one is out at a bad time – making now a great opportunity to make sure everything is in working order. If it’s not, get those replaced.

Stock Up on Firewood

Firewood in the back of a truck

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove make sure you have enough firewood. I know from personal experience firewood vendors often run out of certain wood varieties once the weather gets cold so now’s a great time to get an order in if you normally buy your wood. Plus it will have time to season this way!

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