30 Days of Kindness For Your Husband

by | Jun 14, 2020

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In my opinion, your marriage is something that you should always be working on. Even if it’s already pretty strong, if you ignore it that can quickly turn into complacency. For those that want to put a little more work into their marriage, though, then 30 days of kindness for your husband is a great place to start.

Personally, I think that too many couples suffer from being cruel to each other. My first marriage was like that; full of harsh words and hate. When you’re married to someone like that it can be especially difficult to return cruelty with kindness.

30 Days of Kindness For Your Husband

If you’re in a difficult situation, this might not be the right thing for you. But for those who want to work on their marriage and make things better, I strongly suggest you give kindness a try.

What does kindness mean?

You’re probably thinking, “of course I’m kind to my husband! I take care of the house, his children, and wash the dirty socks he leaves everywhere.” And you’re right! That is being kind.

But kindness also means saying kind words and not scolding or nagging. It means not complaining about your husband to friends and neighbours. And yes, kindness means serving your husband and doing small things to make his life better.

How 30 days of kindness for your husband can help your marriage

In a normal relationship, kindness almost always benefits everyone. You’ll feel warmer towards your husband by the end of the 30 days, and he’ll definitely appreciate the extra attention you get from him.

Since it’s only a month why not give it a try and see what happens!

30 Days of Kindness For Your Husband

  1. Tell your husband how much your appreciate him – and mean it! Whether it’s complimenting how hard he works, how well he takes care of the family, or something else you love about him, make sure he knows how you feel.
  2. Pack his lunch with a special note. If you already do this regularly, adds something extra. If you don’t need to pack a lunch, make him a special treat, bring him a drink while he relaxes, etc.
  3. Send him a loving quote, meme, inspirational picture, etc that reminds you of him. Let him know that you’re thinking of him all the time!
  4. Surprise clean something that he’ll appreciate. That might be his car, his desk, his workbench, or another space that often collects clutter. If your man isn’t the type to like his things reorganized just clean what you can.
  5. Buy or make a small gift. It might be something as small as a chocolate bar, but get it for him just because you love him.
  6. Send him a love letter. It can be by email or you can leave a handwritten note somewhere for him to find.
  7. Bring him breakfast or coffee in bed. You could even make his favourite breakfast food!
  8. Have a surprise date night. This could be watching a movie at home or going out!
  9. Try to brighten up his day. That might mean sharing a funny joke or video.
  10. Make a point to say “I love you” more. Whether it’s when you part ways in the morning, on the phone, at the end of the day, or just because it means a lot to hear it.
  11. Wear an outfit your husband loves. This is especially great if you guys don’t get out much or you often wear sweatpants while staying at home.
  12. Ask if there’s anything you can do to make his life better. Most guys don’t answer this, but you never know!
  13. Cook your husband’s favourite food for dinner. Make it special!
  14. Make your space nicer. Cut some flowers from the garden, make it smell nice with essential oils, or tidy up a clutter filled corner. He’ll appreciate it even if he doesn’t say anything!
  15. Make him a playlist that reminds you of him and share it with him.
  16. Tuck a love note in his wallet for him to find later. You could even tuck a bunch of notes around.
  17. Give your spouse a massage. This is super nice after a long day.
  18. Insist he spends time doing a hobby. I love this one because a lot of times our husband put off doing things they enjoy for the family and don’t want to take time for themselves. Look after the kids or house while he spends some time having fun.
  19. Kiss your husband passionately.
  20. Make a list of reasons why you love him. Give him the list (or at least a part of it.)
  21. Play a game together. It could be a board game, video game, or something else.
  22. Go to the movies or rent something he’s been dying to see.
  23. Ask about his day and truly listen. Don’t listen to reply, or better yet, try to keep replying to a minimum.
  24. Compliment him sincerely.
  25. Take interest in something he’s interested in, even just a little. Then strike up a conversation on the topic.
  26. Iron a few of his favourite shirts. It doesn’t matter if you guys don’t usually iron; there’s nothing like getting into crisp clothes!
  27. Make him a nice drink in the morning or after work. It can be a coffee, cocktail, hot cocoa, or anything you guys enjoy!
  28. Send him an article that made you think of him, or that you’d like him to read. This could also be something fun like a Buzzfeed quiz or serious like the 5 Love Languages quiz.
  29. Speak highly of him to someone else. It could be a friend, family member, anyone. Better yet, brag about him on social media.
  30. Have some intimate time together alone. You’ll probably be dying for more alone time by now!

Try showing your spouse kindness every day

It’s hard to believe we have to remind ourselves to be kind, but with busy lives it can be easy to get wrapped up and forget. Set a reminder in your phone or put it in your day planner so you don’t forget. You’d be surprised how quickly your relationship will improve with daily kindness.

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