In Defense of Disney Adults

by | Apr 26, 2021

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For some people, Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. So why do so many people hate on Disney fans? I’m coming here to stan in defense of Disney Adults. Because yes, I am one too.

A Disney adult is someone who likes Disney either as an adult or into adulthood. They’re the ones who buy the merch, watch the movies, and visit the parks even if they don’t have kids to bring along.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Adults Who are Fans of Disney, Here’s Why:

People like to criticize adult Disney fans. They think they’re immature and should “grow up” or find it bothersome that they opt to visit the parks without kids. I think this is unfair – that’s why I’m here in defense of Disney adults.

Why do Adults Like Disney?

Being an adult is hard. It’s really hard. Responsibilities, pressure, anxiety, working to survive – it never stops. Even when you have a day off it can be hard to relax. For most of us there aren’t a lot of opportunities or places where we can truly let that worry go.

For most people, childhood was the last time we felt at peace. Back when there was no responsibilities, Saturday morning cartoons, and you could eat Trix cereal without getting fat(er). If you were a typical middle class family this was probably your experience.

What Disney does for people is it takes them back to that childhood feeling. Yes, you’re still the one paying for the trip – but you at least get to recapture some of being a carefree kid.

Disney watches on adults

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Some people choose to vacation on a beach. That’s their ultimate getaway. Or a week on a cruise ship. Or camping. Everyone has their own thing that lets them get into that carefree, relaxation state.

For some people that place is the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

I mean with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to go there?

At Disney parks you get to step away from reality into a fantasy land. I mean, they also call one of their park areas that. But the whole thing is really like another world. Throughout the parks you’re unable to see the outside world. This is really cool in California when you’re right in the middle of Anaheim.

While you’re there you see your favourite characters come to life, get to enjoy fun and tasty food, and of course ride those rides. I don’t know about you, but theme park rides for me wash away all my worries while I’m on them.

Now I get it – theme parks can be dreadful for some people. That’s OK! Just because it’s not something that appeals to you that doesn’t make it wrong for other people.

Disney adult women kissing Buzz Lightyear

But Disney is for the Kids!

Taking my kids to Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been some of the best experiences of my life. There really is something magical about those parks. Experience the magic through the eyes of children helps you relieve that feeling over again for yourself.

But I also love Disney all on my own. In fact, my partner and I have a Disney trip planned for October, 2022. It was cancelled due to Covid but we’ve finally rescheduled! But anyway, there’s plenty for adults to do there too.

I’m not talking about those Disney adults that hate kids, though. Seriously. Walt made the park for families so if you don’t like strollers in the way go somewhere else. Those Disney adults suck.

I’m Not Defending the Racists

If you’re one of those Disney adults who thinks that the parks shouldn’t change and things are too PC, this is NOT about you. Disney was both a racist and an anti semite – I love him for the most part, but he was wrong. Our education has improved and with that comes less ignorance. We need to use that to change the parks for future generations.

Updates to rides like Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise make the park better for all of us.

Basically what I’m saying is if you’re mad at those Disney adults – keep being mad. They deserve it.

Disney Adults Aren’t Weird

This is something that really gets to me when people talk about adults who love Disney. Everyone has “weird” things they like to do or collect. Look at people who are really into sports. They watch all the games, collect the memorabilia, sometimes spend thousands of dollars on tickets.

A lot of Disney merch is targeted at and made for adults. I have set of measuring cups, a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle iron, and some really cute decorative plates. Not to mention clothes! I don’t see any different between choosing a set of measuring cups with Mickey Mouse on them and one with any other cute pattern.

Some people have just decided that some things are OK to have and some aren’t.

(By the way, this goes for any niche group. Stop making fun of anime fans and gamers too, guys.)

Women at Disneyland Paris

Final Thoughts in Defence of Disney Adults

Let people like things. If someone enjoys something and they’re not hurting anyone, why be bothered? Who cares if adults want to go to Disney parks? Who cares if they subscribe to Disney Plus and watch cartoons from the 90s?

Putting rules on adulthood is what our parents did. It’s about time we stopped judging each other and let everyone live the lives that makes them happy.

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