Taking Twins to Disneyland

by | Oct 2, 2020

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Just like any other part of life with multiples, taking twins to Disneyland is a huge undertaking and a different experience than taking one child or multiple children of different ages. There’s something unique about having two children at exactly the same developmental levels that makes it challenging.

Taking twins to Disneyland

So how do you make your Disneyland vacation magical with your twins? What advice can twins parents use on their next Disney trip to make things go smoothly? Here’s everything I learned during our recent trip with 4 (they turned for during the trip) year old twins.

Packing for the park

twin boys drinking from duel water fountain

You’ll have to bring twice as much of everything you normally would with one young child. That means double the extra snacks, clothes, blankets, etc. If you were travelling with two kids of different ages you’d still have to bring a lot but generally it’s less than twins because you typically have a child that’s a bit older that needs less. (Trust me, I travelled with a 7, 5, and 2 year old at Walt Disney World and my twins still needed more.)

Something else to take into consideration when packing is that their needs are going to need to be met at about the same time. Make sure you have snacks that require minimal waiting to server and pack their own special water bottles!

twin boys in matching lobster shirts standing on gate

Waiting in line

Keeping one small child busy in line is hard enough, it’s even worse when you have a pair of them who have the exact same developmental needs and naturally want to play (fight) with each other. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and bring activities for both kids to do and make sure you have enough of everything for everyone.

The twin stroller

If your twins are still in a stroller it’s important to know that certain double strollers may not meet Disneyland’s size regulations. We took the Contours Options LT with us and that was find, but if you  have a wide double stroller you might want to measure it. Double strollers are available for rent at the gate as well. 

Twin problems we ran into

  • When we couldn’t bring our stroller it was sometimes challenging to manage two toddlers.
  • Bathroom trips were a challenge when we took them alone because they’re too young to use the bathroom on their own and fought about who went first every time. (Hand washing was also a pain when sinks were too short.)
  • One twin is taller than the other which meant the smaller twin had to sit out of a 42″ ride. We had fun shopping but the smaller twin prefers rides (he went on Space Mountain when his brother refused!) and was upset. If one parent has to stay with one or both twins you can take advantage of Rider Switch though.
  • Double strollers suck to maneuver at Disneyland. We ended up parking it quite a few times and mostly used it to travel across the park to other areas and to hold our stuff.
  • Giving attention to the twins was hard because they often want mommy but I couldn’t always do everything. This was especially a problem waiting in line and on the plane because it was hard to keep the two of them busy.

If your twins are older you’re probably not going to run into the same problems as we did. I can’t imagine travelling with twins ages 5+ is much different than having two kids at different ages because they won’t have the same issues. Still, it’s hard to divide your attention between multiple children no matter the ages.

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