Should you get Photopass at Disneyland?

by | Oct 1, 2020

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If you’re thinking about purchasing Photopass for your Disneyland vacation here’s everything you need to know about saving those magical memories. We purchased MaxPass, which included Photopass, during our most recent Disneyland vacation and definitely took advantage of the perks.

Should you get Photopass at Disneyland?

Whether or not your get Photopass is going to depend on your budget, whether you want to take advantage of MaxPass, what type of camera you already have, and how much you want ride photos.

What is it?

Photopass is an optional paid extra that allows you to take advantage of the professional Photopass Photographers and download unlimited ride photos. 

How Photopass works at Disneyland

Throughout the park there are Photopass photographers that can take your family’s photo.  After they snap a pic (or a few) they’ll give you a card that can be reused and scanned at later photo spots or you can scan the app. 

For the ride photos you just have to enter the code from your ride photo into the app or your account. 

Where can I find professional photographers at Disneyland?

There are a few places you usually can find a photopass photographer. At the Disneyland parks there are certain locations that are designated photo spots. One of those is at the Mickey and Walt Disney statue so you can get a great family photo with the castle (which was under construction when we went) in the background. Another spot is in front of the main gates. 

Sometimes photographers hang around ineresting spots like the sword in the stone in Fantasyland or the Incredibles logo near the Incredicoaster. 

You’ll also find Disney’s photographers at most character meetings, especially the ones at Mickey and Minnie’s houses. 

It’s not guaranteed that they’ll be somewhere when you’re there but you area allowed to flag them down to take a photo if they’re not busy. 

Incredibles symbol with little boy giving thumbs up below it

Photo a Photopass photographer snapped at Disney’s California Adventure while we were waiting for the “big kids” to ride the Incredicoaster.

Do I have to buy Photopass to get the pictures?

Yes and no. If you want to buy the pictures captured by professional photographers or ride photos then you’ll have to pay for Photopass or Maxpass. 

Photopass photographers will also take pictures with your own camera. Generally, since they’re professional photographers, they won’t have any issues operating most cameras including DSLRs. So if you’re thinking of buying Photopass just to make sure you get pictures together you can take advantage of this option.

family of five all smiling while trying to pull sword in the stone.

How to buy Disneyland Photopass

You have two options here. If you choose to buy MaxPass, which is the Disneyland Fastpass system, you automatically get access to Photopass for no extra cost. 

The other option is to buy Photopass for each day. What’s great about this method is that if you’re not using MaxPass you can put all the Photopass photos on one account and only pay once. (Although I kept them on one account anyway). This is great if you only want photos from a certain day. 

Our Photopass Experience

Like I said before, we had MaxPass for our most recent trip. We loved it! I happen to have a nice camera but it sure was annoying sometimes lugging it around. For the sword in the stone picture (above) I was actually taking pictures of the kids trying to pull it out when a photographer came up to us and asked if we wanted a photo together.

I also want to point out that even though I have a nice camera, it wasn’t as nice as theirs. It was also nice not having the hassle of pulling it out for photos and handing it over to the photographer.

We also took advantage of the ride photos! You can buy them separately, but for us it was nice to get everything together. 

Whether or not you decide on getting Photopass is really going to depend on your budget and what kind of experience you want. In my opinion it’s worth it, especially if you get a lot of ride photos, don’t have a great camera, or want convenience. 

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