Newborn Baby Gift Basket Idea


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I absolutely love shopping for new babies. It’s such an important occasion to celebrate, and as someone with five kids myself I try and keep things thoughtful and practical, but still fun. This newborn baby gift basket idea is one that I put together myself for someone recently.

Since the person I was gifting to was temporarily living with family members, I didn’t want to give anything too cumbersome. It was also a situation where the baby was welcomed, but unexpected. As someone who had kids young myself, I know how nice it is to get a normal baby gift that included some extra things she may not have purchased.

What to Put in a Newborn Baby Gift Basket

For this newborn baby gift basket I mixed practical items and fun things for baby.

Newborn Baby Gift Basket Idea finished basket full of toys, a book, an outfit, and baby care items

The Basket I Used For This Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Instead of a box or regular basket, I opted for a diaper changing caddy as the base. That way she had something practical instead of a useless basket.

This gift was given to a baby boy, but I went with a pattern that I thought mom would like rather than something for the baby. After all, mom and baby were sharing a room. Plus this was something that would be used in the common areas (like for quick living room diaper changes) anyway.

I picked up my diaper caddy from Homesense, but here’s a few similar items I found that would be great choices:

Baby Friendly Diapers and Supplies

Since the base was a diaper caddy I wanted to stock it it up! I added a small package of size 1 diapers (newborn is outgrown too quickly to be a good newborn baby gift for most babies) which fit into the bottom nicely.

The diapers served as a handy base so that you could easily see what was on top, adding to the visual impact.

I also included a package of baby wipes and some good quality diaper rash cream. Things you can never have too much of with a newborn in the house!

I’ve always been a fan of Huggies diapers, but go with whatever brand you feel is best.

Outfit For a Newborn Baby

Cute outfits are one of the most fun things to shop for when it comes to new babies. I hear people complain that baby boy outfits aren’t as cute, but I disagree.

The one I chose was a hat, shirt, and pants combo. I think it was pretty cute.

If you’re planning to give this as a baby shower gift or shopping ahead and don’t know the baby’s gender, you can always go with neutrals when it comes to the outfit.

Bibs and Face Cloths

These little accessories always make great baby gifts. You really can’t have too many facecloths or bibs in the house! Especially if baby is bottle feeding. I like to buy cute/nicer ones for gifts so that parents have a few that can be used when you go out.

I really liked the bandana style bibs for my twins. They were soft and looked cute when worn over outfits -something that we did a lot because my boys were droolers. That’s what’s included in this gift basket.

Here’s some options:

Baby Toy for a Newborn

I love giving kids of all ages toys. I know there are people out there who never buy kids toys, but that’s just not me. So I just had to include something small even in this newborn baby gift basket.

There aren’t a lot of options for newborns but this rattle/teether that’s shaped like a coffee cup was way too cute to pass up.

Here’s some newborn baby toy ideas for your gift basket, the first one is the mug in my photo. The second is a Glo Worm, something that really helped my kids sleep from an early age. The last is a cute rattle/teether set :

A Baby Board Book

Along with toys, books are my other go to gift basket filler for kids of all ages. I knew that my gift recipient didn’t have much of a home library yet, so almost anything would work. I thought about going with something a bit more trendy but in the end stuck with a classic. Because every home library needs the classics.

I gave the Guess How Much I Love You board book in my gift basket. Want more book ideas? Check out these books for newborn babies.

My Finished Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Completed Newborn Baby Gift Basket with products inside

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this newborn baby gift basket idea. When I gifted it I wrapped the whole thing in clear cellophane wrapper so it looked cute and nothing fell out. You don’t need to wrap it if you don’t want to, though!


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