Painting Birthday Party ideas

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For my daughter’s 8th birthday we decided to do a painting birthday party last minute. It was a huge success! If I had a bit more time to plan we might have done a few things differently. Overall we had pretty good lucky putting something together with just stuff we found at the dollar store.

Painting Birthday Party

Eight kids attended plus my older three (including the birthday girl). It was a little bit chaotic when the paints came out! We did learn a few things too that would have made things go a bit smoother if I had thought about them beforehand. So here’s some tips (and pictures) to help give you ideas for your next painting birthday party!

Birthday party sign
Just brought the kids’ IKEA easel outside!

Painting party tips:

  • If you’re eating cake or doing something else at the same table after you’ve been painting, buy a second disposable table cloth. It would have saved me wiping down a big mess between painting and cake to just throw it out and replace with a fresh one
  • Put the paints into the trays beforehand. It took way too long to go around the room and add it to each kid’s palette individually. Then you can focus your attention giving extra paint or helping.
  • Have extra activities – we ran out of things to do! The kids did really well on the painting but they wanted to be entertained the whole time. It would have been better to have some other small crafts on hand. Especially for those who finished their art early.
  • Roll out paper everywhere. We used one of the paper rolls from IKEA and ran it down the hallway for kids to colour on.
  • Plan a way to label your cups. The stickers on the drink bottles weren’t planned, the kids came up with that. Oops!
Party sign for birthday party
Since we live out of town with no house numbers we decided to add chalk to the driveway to make it easier to find us.

Goodie Bags

For the goodie bags we had the kids decorate their own bag when they came in. Each one already had a package of markers in it for them to use, then they put them back after decorating to take home. After the pinata they were able to put all their treats in their bags and while they were eating cake I stuffed a treat voucher from McDonalds into each one.

Birthday goodie bags
After we opened gifts I moved this table close to the door and put all the goodie bags and drink bottles out so the kids could take them home. In the background you can also see our giant roll of paper floor colouring.

Painting Birthday Party Decor

Painting Birthday Party ideas
We hung plastic table cloths behind the main table and used a nicer polka dot one to tie it together. Since we have a small home everything had to be in one area.
Milk glasses
I found these cute milk glasses at the dollar store! The kids decorated them with stickers so they would know which was theirs and then got to bring them home. I also covered the drink bottles with coloured paper to match.
8th birthday party
For the gift table I made a simple thank you sign with a dollar store easel and some paints. The flowers and vase were from the dollar store, stuffed with white tissue paper, and the purple 8 is just a candle.
Painting Birthday Party decorations
More flowers held up by tissue paper – these ones we used as a centrepiece. The tops of the vases were just done with fancy dollar store tape and I think they turned out pretty good.
Happy birthday sign
This was just a $3 canvas that I painted pink, added some shiny blue dollar store tape (it’s peeling – oops), and stuck on some sticker gems. My painting skills are not great and I also do not recommend using dollar store brushes for fine projects.
Streamers on the ceiling
Streamers were hung centred around the light fixture. I think this look would work really well in a small enclosed room but even like this it really upped the wow factor.


Paint brush treat
These were supposed to be those Pinterest-inspired paintbrushes dipped in coloured white chocolate but I just didn’t have the time. Regardless, these store bought Rice Krispie Squares on a stick treats (I call them clean paintbrushes) were a big hit.
Popcorn snack
We made cones out of heavy cardstock and then filled them with popcorn – they actually did a great job of keeping spilling down to a minimum. We needed something extra in the vase so more popcorn lined the bottom.

Painting Birthday Party Activities

First they decorated their goodie bags. Next, each kid was given a set that included a wooden block for painting (my daughter chose this over canvas), a wooden letter of their first initial, a paint brush and sponge, a tray for their paint, a napkin, and their very own apron. A bunch of kids ended up voluntarily painting their own hands which was a good thing for the hand stamping art. We had them contribute to it around the same time.

Painting Birthday Party activity packet
The little packages we handed out to each kid before painting. Would have been cute already sitting at the table but we wanted to do other things first.
Painting birthday party keepsake idea
Hand printing art instructions were done on a mini easel and just written in coloured Sharpie. Another of our flowers (mentioned above) made it on this table and we just use a plastic plate for the paint.
Cool keepsake idea
I titled the art with multicoloured Sharpie beforehand and laid it out on the table for each kid to stamp their hand. It turned out really cute but I didn’t include a photo because each print also had their name written next to it. It will make a very nice keepsake!
Here’s the finished art projects drying and waiting to be taken home!

Other Stuff

The kids had a lot of fun. I even heard one little girl say that this was the best birthday party ever. I was really impressed with how well they all handled painting. There was almost no mess except the disposable table cloth.

Oops smooshed Costco cake
Normally I bake my own cakes for parties but we are just too busy right now with the twins and work that there just wasn’t enough time – so Costco to the rescue! Unfortunately I squished it shoving it under the seat in the van to bring it home. Oh well, the kids were excited all the same and they all requested pieces of the rainbow.
Painting Birthday Party Set up
Here’s what our dining area looked like all decorated up – we made things work in our small-ish home.

I can’t believe that little girl is turning 12 this year. It feels like we threw this party yesterday. I don’t live in this house anymore but I thought I’d share this anyway – just for fun.

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