Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

by | Feb 3, 2023

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When you have a baby on the way, you will be bombarded with gifts…for the baby. What about mom? I often opt to give mom gifts even at baby showers. It’s nice to show the maker of the baby some love too. Check out our list of great gift ideas for pregnant women below.  

Choosing Gifts Pregnant Women Will Love

Their bodies are changing, their hormones are raging, their clothes (and shoes) don’t fit the same, pregnant women are both blessed and stressed.  As they prepare for what I would consider the biggest (and best) shell shock of life, any of these gifts will help ease them into that new and exciting role.

pregnancy pillow for a pregnant woman

Momcozy Pregnancy Pillows

Sleeping while pregnant is tricky. I’m a side sleeper, so for 40 weeks I barricaded myself in all pillows on all sides just trying to get comfortable. This would’ve been great for me, and I bet there are plenty of husbands who try to claim them as theirs too.

drinking for two mocktail book for moms to enjoy while pregnant

Drinking for Two: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be

 A cute hardcover book full of great mocktail recipes for a mom to be. It’s great to feel like a part of the party even when you can’t partake in the alcohol. 

bio oil skincare oil for stretch marks

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

Bio oil is ahhhhhmazing. Can be used preventatively for stretch marks as well as after the fact, its very luxurious feeling, uber moisturising, put it anywhere kind of product. The Franks hot sauce of skin care! I promise the pregnant women in your life will love any Bio Oil gift ideas you choose. 

massage gun

Muscle Massage Gun

Ok I know this says it’s for athletes, but growing a human is a tough sport! Comes with many aches and pains, often sciatica, achy hips, back pain from carrying all that extra weight around – this deep tissue massage gun will help a  pregnant woman through her pregnancy and well beyond. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a great gift idea for a pregnant woman!

pregnancy keepsake journal

Expecting You — A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

A pregnancy journal is a great way to look back at all the changes and feelings that came with growing your own new best friend. Pregnancy attacks your memory, believe me, if you want to remember something, you should be writing it down. Ha.

funny pregnancy coloring book

Funny Pregnancy Coloring Book

Colouring is meditative, this book will have your mom too be calm while giggling at the funny sayings found inside. 

funny pregnancy book

To Pee or Not to Pee: The Hilariously Snarky Pregnancy Activity Book

A quirky little activity book sure to help pass the time while the pregnant woman in your life finds herself off her feet with not much else to do. Pregnancy comes with many doctor’s appointments and plenty of waiting rooms, help make her stay more entertaining with one of these.

diaper bag backpack for moms

Diaper Bag Backpack

This diaper bag is full of compartments, its wipeable, can be worn as a backpack or a crossbody, its the bees knees. It’s a bag your mama-to-be will be carrying around for 2-3 years, so style and function is the way to go. And honestly, my kids are older and I still pack ours with extra outfits, water bottles, snacks and sunscreen etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to take it on a mom’s getaway trip either – cute and handy!

lactation drink powder for new momslactation cookies for breastfeeding

Lactation Drink Powders and Cookies

Milk stimulation products are in high demand, being able to breastfeed is such a hot button for so many moms. In the end fed is best, but anything to give you a good head start or sliver of peace of mind is worth it. Besides, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are always a win. If she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy, pregnant women will appreciate gift ideas that will help her when baby arrives.

mini fridge as a gift idea for pregnant moms

Tiny Fridge

These fridges are all the rage for skincare and make-up, but for pregnant women, having drinks and snacks close by, is a plus! Also great for milk storage for those late night pump sessions.

Mama Necklace

Mama is a title many wait their lives for, and as such we wear it with pride, on jewellery, mugs, shirts, you can’t go wrong with a ‘mama’ item!

insulated warming mug

Insulated Mug with a Warmer

Those first few months of sleep deprivation are something fierce, keep her coffee warm and nearby. It’s a running joke how many times I reheat my coffee in the microwave before giving up for the day. (I need this actually, *adds to cart)

frida mom gift set for postpartum moms

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Anything Frida makes is pure gold, any of the items in this essential kit would be great gifts on their own but this kit is the rolls royce of mom gifts. A one stop shop for everything to make her postpartum experience a little more comfortable. 

Cool Moms Club Sweater

I’m telling you, never too many mama or mom items! I would love to be declared a cool mom by someone other than myself. 

pregnancy underwear pack

Women’s Maternity High Waist Underwear 

Pregnancy underwear! Having your underwear roll under your bump and ride up your butt is just the worst! Maybe it seems like a strange gift, but underwear is something no one really sees, so lots of women aren’t willing to spend much on it, so spend the money for her! Grab your pregnant mama a pack of these, they’ll be great for both pregnancy and postpartum. 

maternity nursing robe

Maternity Nursing Robe

A cute robe, to throw over a hospital gown, or for the months upcoming she’ll be at home – it’s something that will always fit. Easy access for nursing, cute enough for a first photo op without having to get dressed.

nursing and maternity pyjamas

Nursing Friendly Pyjamas

Nursing friendly jammies are a must, easy access in the wee hours of the morning is essential. This set comes in so many patterns, best to get her a few!

women's comfortable slippers


Slippers are great for the hospital and for at home, these cute fuzzy slides, or even shower shoes for the hospital would be great too. Whether your mama-to-be will be delivering in winter or summer, that’ll help you pick the right style. My feet swelled like 2 sizes near the end there, so pick real cute ones in case that’s all she can wear. 

sleep mask set

Sleep Mask

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” ….right. Easier said than done, but even easier with a sleep mask to block out the sunlight. 

wine drops

Wine drops

And last but not least, when that mama is free to wine-d down again, these drops are the best! They remove the tannins (the bad parts that lead to hangovers) from wine! After 40 weeks without wine, even a glass can lead to a headache, not with these. Seriously, read all the reviews!

Whether you chose one of these gift ideas from the list above, or something totally different, the pregnant women in your life will be happy to know you were thinking of her, and not just the new human in her belly. Happy shopping!

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