The Best Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

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You know that guy that’s super hard to shop for? Maybe he just goes out and buys something whenever he feels like he needs it, leaving no room for presents. Or maybe he just doesn’t want for much. Either way, here’s some gift ideas for men who have everything to help you give to these hard to buy for guys.

These gifts are perfect for any holiday, but especially Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. And for the record, there’s no such thing as a man who has everything – and these unique gift ideas prove it!

Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Cocktail Smoking Cube

This set is for creating smoked cocktails – something that is totally mind blowing if you don’t already have in your home bar! Not only do you get the smoking gun but it also includes a cube to help get the best flavour infusion into his drinks.

Assorted Nuts

If you don’t’ know what to get the men in your life that seem to have everything you can never go wrong with food. This premium set of nuts is a great option, especially if he’s not someone who goes for sweets.

Lantern Bluetooth Speaker

Yeah, if he has everything he probably already has a bluetooth speaker… But does he have one shaped like a lantern? Perfect for outdoor entertaining where you can seamlessly hide music into the backyard decor for better ambiance.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Instead of gifting an item why not give a man who has everything an activity to do instead? This kit comes with everything you need to make your very own hot sauce.

Cashmere Scarf

You really can’t beat the feeling of cashmere anywhere. If he’s not the type to treat himself, grab something luxurious like a cashmere scarf; this would be especially great as a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer idea.

Scented Candles

Candles fall into the category of consumable gifts, which means even if you’re buying for men who have everything they’ll eventually use up all their candles and need more. At least if they’re the type to burn them, anyway. Give the set together or break it up for gift baskets or stocking stuffers.

Novelty Mug

No one ever needs a novelty mug which makes it the perfect gift for a man who has everything. Get one that reflects his personality; the tackier the better.

Whiskey Decanter

Not everyone is big on alcohol and barware but if your man is there are plenty of ideas out there that he definitely doesn’t already own. This whiskey decanter is a great example… Talk about unique. Perfect for the mancave!

Personalized Leather Bag

Personalized items are great gift ideas for men who have everything. If you’re not sure what he’d like, opt for practical choices like a small leather bag. These can be used anywhere: travel, storing electronic cords, or just as a toiletry bag for bathroom essentials at home.

Beer Can Chicken Stand

This would also be funny as a white elephant gift too, but I think it’s a great fun, yet practical, gift idea. Pair it with a case of beer to complete the gift!

Art Prints

I’m making a few assumptions here but in my experience men who already have everything tend to be higher income earners. If that’s the case, and he enjoys the finer things in life, classy art like this cigar reference guide makes for great (and unique) gift ideas.

Word Wall Clock

This unique wall clock tells you the time not with numbers, but with words. It would look great anywhere in the home, but especially an office or study.


I love my Audible subscription and use it to read so many more books I ever could just on paper. There are so many books out there and no way he has everything! Print books are also great gifts too, of course.

Board Games or Card Games

Thanks to the popularity of Cards Against Humanity there are so many fun adult card games out there that you can play with friends. If he’s not into this style of game, there are also plenty of Euro style games out there to explore.

Novelty Clothing and Accessories

Buy whatever he likes: socks, t-shirts, bags, you get the idea. There are so many options for fun novelty clothing out there that it’s hard not to find something to suit any man – even one who seems to have everything.

Comfortable Slippers

Men like to be comfortable too! Slippers are a great gift idea for Christmas or fall/winter birthdays. These ones are super nice, handmade, and even have non slip pads on the bottom.

Nice Watch

Watches are great gifts for men because either he doesn’t have one and will really appreciate having a nice watch or he likes watches and will appreciate having another nice watch. If you can’t afford luxury go with something unique and fun like the vintage Casios.

Bath Products

Although I’m not a big fan of giving those grocery store gift packs as gifts when you don’t know what to buy, I do think there’s a place for luxury bath and body products as gifts for hard to shop for men.


Jewellery is pretty personal, but if you’re shopping for a man you know well (especially a boyfriend or husband) you’ll have a good chance of finding something unique that he’ll love. I thought this resin pendant was pretty cool; I know I’d like it!

Phone and Headphone Holder

I was kind of thinking this would be a lame gift until I thought about how much I’d appreciate something like this on my desk. Perfect for an office worker or gamer who has everything else.

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