The Best Garden Gifts for Mom

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Does your mom have a green thumb or really likes to garden? These garden gifts for mom are perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas. There’s so many options out there, including some great choices for moms who are hard to shop for or already seem to have everything when it comes to the garden.

Besides these garden gifts, or maybe alongside them, you can gift mom some live plants too. Hanging baskets and ready-made planters make great gift ideas.

Want to get mom a plant too? Check out the most beautiful flowers in the world for inspiration.

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts

I almost always give my mom gardening themed gifts for Mother’s Day. Since Mother’s Day falls in May it’s really common, almost traditional even, to give garden gifts! It’s the time of year in most climates where you can start planting or having flowers, or at least very soon.

Shopping for dad? Try these Gifts for a Gardening Loving Dad instead.

gardening tool kit gifts for mom

Gardening Tool Kit

This is a great option for a mom who’s just getting into gardening or needs an upgrade to newer tools. This kit has everything you need to get started gardening and even comes with a pretty bag to keep everything in.

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avocado tree growing kit

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

These are super unique garden gifts for a mom who lives somewhere warm! These kits can be used to grow your very own avocado tree; no more expensive trips to the grocery store.

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long sleeve gardening glove gifts for mom

Long Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are always handy gifts even for a woman who seems to have everything. I love these ones because the sleeves are extra long so you don’t have to worry about dirt getting into your gloves.

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gardening shears

Garden Shears

You can never have too many garden shears and it’s always nice to get a new, sharp pair. These would make a good stocking stuffer too!

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stylish sunglasses for women who love gardening


Sunglasses are always a hit for moms who like to spend a lot of time outside in the garden.

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Bamboo Garden Kneeler and Seat

This is an incredible gift idea. It can be used as a kneeler to make getting down on the ground and gardening more comfortable, but can also be used as a seat for those quick breaks between planting or weeding.

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women's gardening shoes that make great garden gifts for mom

Women’s Waterproof Garden Shoes

The garden will be abuzz! This bee house is designed to attract pollinators to the garden by giving them a place to live.

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Handmade Natural Bamboo Bee Hive

KIBAGA Mason Bee House

The garden will be abuzz! This bee house is designed to attract pollinators to the garden by giving them a place to live.

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olive women's hat that says plant lady

Plant Lady Hat

You need to protect your head from the sun when you’re out gardening. So what better than this very appropriate hat?

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Harden Herbs Sign

This sign should be hung indoors or away from the weather, but it’s a great way to bring the garden inside for mom to enjoy all year.

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Thanks for Helping Me Grow Pot

This is a really cute gift idea for a mom who likes indoor plants. You can give her to the pot, add in some seeds, or plant something small like a succulent inside.

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The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner book

Backyard Homestead Planner

This Mother’s Day gift takes the garden to the next level. It guides you through backyard homesteading so you can make the most of your backyard.

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Metal Yard Art

I like the modern look of this wall art. Great for the patio or backyard when you want to keep things looking more sophisticated.

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Mushroom Plant Stake

These mushroom plant stakes are adorable. Made out of stained glass, they’ll catch the light just right to make the garden super cute.

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Turtle Garden Figurines Outdoor Decor

Turtle Statue Planter

Statues are a backyard garden must-have. This one doubles as a pretty little planter!

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Willow Tree Angel of The Garden Figurine

Willow Tree Garden Angel

If she collects these willow tree angels make great gifts especially this garden themed one.

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Plays in the Dirt Garden Sign

What’s mom really doing out there in the garden? Playing in the dirt, probably.

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Metal Garden Stakes

These are nice little stakes to help label fresh herbs that are growing in the garden. You can personalize them to say anything you want, which is great if you grow some unique plants that don’t normally show up in garden stake packs.

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Tricycle Plant Stand holds three plants

Tricycle Plant Stand

This plant stand has adorable French countryside charm! Give it filled with flowers for an extra touch.

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Versatile Garden Harvest Basket for Gathering

Garden Harvest Basket

When you’re harvesting the garden it’s nice to have a sturdy basket to carry those fresh fruits and veggies.

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Hummingbird Stepping Stone

This handmade stepping stone adds a pretty touch any garden. Unique items like this make the best Mother’s Day garden gifts because you know it’s something mom doesn’t already have.

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Easily Distracted by Cats and Garden

Does this sound like your mom? Why not get her this funny magnet for Mother’s Day!

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silver Alpine Garden Stake Metal Wind Spinner

Metal Wind Spinner

Is it really a garden if you don’t have one of these metal wind spinners in it?

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Metal Garden Stakes black with white writing

Metal Garden Stakes

These stakes are big enough to put at the ends of your garden rows so that you’ll never struggle to remember what’s there. You can customize them to say anything you want.

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Metal Dragonfly Wall Decor

Metal Dragonfly Wall Hangings

Hang a few of these on the side of the house or fence to brighten up the garden area.

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sometimes i wet my plants yellow watering can

Sometimes I Wet My Plants Watering Can

This funny watering can is perfect for watering indoors or outdoor potted plants. Give mom a laugh on Mother’s Day!

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Personalized Family Garden

I love custom gift ideas for Mother’s Day, especially this personalized family garden. You can customize it to include every member of the family’s birthday month flower.

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Wind Chime

Wind chimes are a classic Mother’s Day garden gift idea because it’s hard to have too many.

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Plant Lady Apron

Is mom a plant lady? Help her keep her clothes clean while outside with an apron like this one!

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bronze Two Tier Barrel and Pump Fountain

Water Fountain

Water features add extra tranquility to the yard or garden. Give mom one for Mother’s Day, but don’t forget to set it up for her too!

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Brutally Honest Garden Stakes

Finally garden stakes that reflect my garden. Even if mom has a green thumb any mom with a sense of humour will love to receive these as a gift.

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Wishing Well

No rustic garden would be complete without a wishing well! They’re a classic garden staple, mostly because they’re super cute.

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Mother’s Day Card

If you’d rather gift a gift card or just want to add a card to your gift choose something pretty like this floral Mother’s Day card.

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