The Best Gardening Play Sets for Kids

by | Feb 15, 2023

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Role play toys are great for kids and their imagination. Gardening play sets might even turn your little into a excellent helper once spring comes. Outdoor play is the best kind of play for kids, and if you can’t be outside, bring it inside.

Flowers and Fun Ahead

Lots of the components of these play sets will work in real world situations outside too. They would make great additions to any sensory bin, rice and rocks work just as well as mud, even better indoors. Take a look and pick which one of these best gardening play sets your little would love to add to their collection.

little tikes 3-in-1 garden to table market

Little Tikes® 3-in-1 Garden to Table Market 

This farm to table set is adorable, doubles as a market – has the garden and store aspect all wrapped into one. The imagination potential with this set knows no bounds.

flower building toy

Flower Building Toy

My girls absolutely love this flower building set. You get to make the base rings, mix and match all the stems, leaves and florals how ever you want! The mix and match things, treat it as a garden, put their small dolls among the flowers and make each other bouquets for when they play family or hospital. It is a long standing favourite!

plush vegetable garden

Plush Vegetable Garden

I love plush toys for their washable factor. I also love toys that come with their own storage, this little wooden crate is cute and practical. The veggies fit into the ‘dirt’ grooves so they can be planted and pulled over and over again.

my first garden wagon and tools toy set

My First Garden Wagon and Tools Toy Set

This a great example of an indoor and outdoor toy, something I could keep inside in the winter and take outside for the summer. Its great for real garden work but my kids would use this inside with play-doh, outside with gravel and sand. And you know that wagon would be pulling babies in no time.

kids gardening tool set

Kids Gardening Tool Set

All the real world gardening tools to match mom and dads! Gloves, apron, the little watering can and even the perfect seedling starter pots.

new sprouts grow it! Toddler gardening set

New Sprouts Grow It! Toddler Gardening Set

This toddler play set comes with 3 pots with, a watering can, a shovel and a carrot, radish and flower that fit into each pot. Very cute, simple little garden play set!

grow-the-fun garden to kitchen

Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen

Garden to kitchen will help children bridge the gap, help them understand where their food actually comes from. Which is a really cool thing to learn!

little tikes 2-in-1 garden cart and wheelbarrow

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow

I love the awning on this little garden cart, its so cute! The sprayer is functional, you could plant real flowered in the cart indoors before spring and then transplant them outside later on. Imaginary or real garden lessons galore!

garden tool set with toddler wheel barrow

Gardening Tool Set for Kids, with Toddler Wheelbarrow

This garden play set is a bit of a splurge but its a few of the others already listed wrapped into one! The flower building toy, the gardeing tools with the wheel barrow and the apron and gloves too!

garden and critter sensory bin

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Garden and Critters

Sensory bins are so great, they keep kids attention so well. This one comes with sensory sand, foam flowers, shovels, rocks and wooden beads as the seeds, tongs and even insects! So many pieces, sure to keep your little ones busy for hours (or more like 20 minutes which is like an hour when you’re 3. ha)

vegetable pulling memory game

Vegetable Memory Game

This veggie memory game is so cute, brain stimulation and gardening education in one. The wood and felt also take the quality up a notch on this toy, I love wooden toys (I say this a lot if you happen to be new here lol) – they are durable, sustainable, they just have a certain richness to them.

building block bouquet sets

Building Block Bouquet

Building block flower sets! These are essentially floral lego. They come in a bunch of options – I think they are are so cool, would make a great gift to a plant killer too, so cute on a desk or in a cubicle. I would stay away from these if you’re gifting to a toddler, these are complex, tiny pieces, requiring deeper focus and the end results is delicate.

mushroompicking log puzzle

Mushroom Picking Log

This montessori mushroom puzzle is great for little hands, it teaches all about spatial awareness, each mushroom only fits into one spot. The colours are are fun and bright and again, its wood!

root vegetable puzzle

Root Vegetable Puzzle

This montessori puzzle is similar to the mushroom one, however its root vegetables – and there are two options, you can get the vegetables as one piece, or you can get the tops as a separate pieces that fit on to the vegetables with magnets too!

simple garden too set with a little pink belt

Pink Wooden Garden Tool Set

This simple sweet garden tool set is too cute. Everything you need in one little belt. I love the snail and lady bug seed markers too.

Whether you have a little helper in the garden or your just looking for something to keep the little one you have in mind busy inside, – there are gardening play sets in there for everyone!

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