Mermaid Gifts for Adults

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Who says that you have to stop enjoying things when you get older? These mermaid gifts for adults are a perfect blend of “age appropriate” gift ideas but still bring out that childhood wonder that mermaids hold.

They’re great gift ideas for mermaid lovers on their birthday, Christmas, or another holiday. Or pick one up “just because”!

Adult Approved Mermaid Themed Gift Ideas

All of these mermaid gifts for adults were chosen to delight adults of all ages, especially women and more feminine folks. Hopefully you can find something to give, or even that you want for yourself!

pink Ceramic Cup with Gold mermaid Tail Handle

Mermaid Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is so pretty and perfect for any mermaid in your life. If pink isn’t their colour it comes in blue too.

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Mermaid Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Stopper

On the rare occasion you have some leftover wine this mermaid themed wine stopper is ready to keep it fresh! It’s elegant, and works well on its own, gifted with a bottle of wine, or as part of a gift basket.

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blue Catalonia Mermaid Tail Sherpa Blanket

Mermaid Blanket

If you’ve ever stared jealously at kids with those mermaid tail blankets then you’ll be happy to know they do come in adult sizes too. These blankets look knit, but they’re sherpa lined to keep you extra cozy.

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mermaid bath bomb set

Bath Bomb Set

Perfect for those times when you’re hanging out in the tub playing mermaid enjoying a relaxing soak. There’s 5 different fun sea and mermaid themed shapes that smell great too.

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Key Holder

This vintage looking home key holder is both practical and stylish. Home decor pieces like this one are some of my favourite mermaid gift ideas for adults.

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Mermaid Magnetic Wine Charms and Glass Markers Set

Magnetic Wine Charms

Wine charms are great for parties or even when you’re enjoying a glass as a couple. These little mermaid wine charms are magnetic so they can stick onto any glass – no more awkward mix ups!

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Mermaid Day Dream Candle with Ring Inside

Mermaid Daydream Candle

What does a mermaid daydream smell like? Apparently it’s lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit. That combo is definitely dreamy, and invigorating too! Psst, there’s also a treasure inside!

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Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set

Make Up Brushes

I have a very similar set from Sephora and I absolutely love it. Super fun design, and nice colours too! This set actually comes with more brushes than the name-brand set, including the adorable mini foundation brush.

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shiny blue sea shell shaped fanny pack

Sea Shell Fanny Pack

There is so much going on here. It’s a fanny pack.. Shaped like a shell. And iridescent too! Mermaid tails don’t have pockets so grab one of these to hold all your stuff. For a gift idea, fill it with some other mermaid gifts for adults or some little goodies!

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Beautiful Mermaid Princess Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Salt and Pepper Shakers

It’d be pretty hard not to find something you enjoy available in salt and pepper shaker form. They seem to have everything! This mermaid set is actually super cute, though.

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pink Womens Wide Headband with mermaids

Wide Headband

For a more subtle (and practical) adult mermaid gift idea, why not grab one of these headbands? It’s cute, versatile, and has an adorable mermaid design on it too.

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blue wooden sign that says theres a million fish in the sea but im a mermaid

Mermaid Sign

This wooden block sign is perfect for the home or cabin. It says, “There are a million fish in the sea, but I am a mermaid.”

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pink little mermaid backpack and coin purse set

Little Mermaid Backpack

You can’t have a list of mermaid gift ideas for adults without including something from the Little Mermaid! Most of us who saw that movie as kids are now grown up, but that doesn’t mean the merch isn’t cute.

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thousand Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Great Mermaid Hippie Soul Beach Lover

Art Puzzle

This puzzle combines traditional Japanese art with mermaids for a stunning illustration to put together.

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Mermaid Tail for Swimming

Mermaid Tail for Swimming

Swimming and pretending to be a mermaid isn’t something you ever grow out of. This tail makes it even more fun, and it’s in adult sizes (and a bunch of colour options) so you can play no matter your age.

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Mermaids Adult Coloring Book

Adult Colouring Book

If you need a gift idea for someone who likes colouring a mermaids, this book has both. Pair it with a nice set of pencils or markers!

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mermaid Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated

Travel Mug

It’s a pretty simple travel mug; it keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool, plus is tampered to fit into your car’s cupholder. What makes it great, though, is the mermaid design on the outside and ombre colors. So pretty!

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Inflatable Mermaid Pool Float

Pool Floatie

My kid has one of these and us adults are always stealing it for ourselves. Floaties are a great way to relax on the water, and even better if they’re mermaid themed.

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Dish Towel Kind Of Salty About Not Being Mermaid Kitchen

Mermaid Dish Towel

I mean, is anyone really happy about being born a human nowadays? For the mermaid lover, though, this tea towel says, “Still salty about not being a born a mermaid.” #relatable

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Womens Fashion Jewelry mermaid pendant

Mermaid Pendant Necklace

This necklace is quite pretty, but still budget friendly too. The gem inside is actually a peal – how fitting for a mermaid.

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Mermaid Shot Glass

Shot Glasses

Shots! Shots! Everybody loves them, and they’re even more fun out of mermaid themed shot glasses. What says “gift for adults” more than shot glasses (even mermaid ones) anyway?

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marmaid scale wrapping paper

Bonus: Wrapping Paper

You have to wrap all those mermaid gifts up somehow after all!

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Hopefully you enjoyed these mermaid gifts for adults. If you found it helpful, leave a comment letting us know!

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