Drink Themed Summer Teacher Gifts + Printable Gift Tags

by | Jun 28, 2022

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It’s the end of the school year tomorrow here and I wanted to get the teachers something special for all their hard work. Our budget couldn’t allow a gift that truly thanked our school’s staff for the work they put in, but we at least wanted to give something special. With the help of the kids, I put together these cute drink themed teacher gifts to kick off summer.

Like many parents, I’d love to give my kids’ teacher a nice bottle of wine… Or maybe a bottle of vodka. You know, something that represents what it’s like looking after my children all year. My middle child never causes any problems and her teacher adores her. But my twins. Well, they are definitely making up for it!

We’ve been so fortunate to have amazing teachers who are truly passionate (and compassionate) about what they do. A few highlights of the twins’ antics (they’re 7, by the way) this year have included almost having the bus turned around, activating a fire extinguisher, and fist fighting with each other.

Needless to say, I appreciate our school staff.

How to Make Cocktail Summer Teacher Gifts

First, gather up your supplies. Make sure you plan ahead and get enough of everything so you’re not running back and forth to the store. After I had my gifts made up I decide to add a koozie, which you’ll see in the other pictures. Any extras like that are optional and super fun!

Almost everything you need to make these summer drink themed teacher gifts: cocktail mixer, acrylic glass, and a gift card to buy a beverage

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic outdoor summer themed glass (you can use any one you like, I got mine at Homesense)
    • Note: My glasses were 8oz and that was a great size. Make sure you test that everything fits in whatever cup you pick!
  • Specialty cocktail mixer (I used Owen’s)
  • Liquor store gift card
  • Medium tie up food bags
  • Printable gift tags (download them below)

Putting these little gift baskets was super easy. It actually only took a few minutes to put them together.

Print Out Gift Tags

DIY summer gift tags printed out

Use the document at the bottom of this post or create your own summer gift tag for your teacher.

Cut the Tags Out

Cut out gift tags

Follow the black circle guide line to cut out the round gift tags. It’s a bit extra effort, but I think round tags look super cute on these gifts!

Assemble Summer Themed Teacher Gifts

Assembled gift basket that hasn't been wrapped yet

Put all your goodies inside the cups. This is why it’s important to measure the size of cup to what you’re adding. It acts like the base for the mini teacher gift baskets.

Wrap the Gifts

Finished summer teacher gift idea that's wrapped in a bag

Once you’re happy with your teacher gifts wrap them up by slipping the cup into the bag and tying at the top.

The Gift Tag

Attached gift tag that says "have a great summer" with the child's name written on it

Don’t forget to have the kids write their names in before you put them on or else it’s a bit of a pain. This one was done by one of my twin boys for his teacher. I attached the tags on by punching a hole and then attaching it to the twist tie that came with the bags.

Who Can I Give These Gifts to Besides Teachers?

We actually did extras up for a bunch of the adults in the kids’ lives that help make school a success. That includes their bus driver (who is sadly retiring this year), the principal, and the lunch monitor.

I asked the kids who they’d like to give gifts to and was surprised to hear their answers. If you’re unsure, they’re the best people to ask first!

Some staff members to give end of year gifts to for summer:

  • Teachers
  • EAs and support staff
  • Principal and vice principal
  • Secretary/office employees
  • Music teacher, French teacher, etc
  • Teachers who lead clubs and sports your kids participate in
  • Specialty staff like reading recovery, speech, OT, guidance counsellor, etc
  • Lunch monitors, crossing guards, custodians, and other staff
  • Bus drivers

You don’t need to feel obligated to give to everyone that your kid comes in contact with – that can get expensive! A nice gesture is to bring coffee or a snack tray for school staff to share.

For my older kids, gifting is much more difficult especially with multiple teachers. We didn’t give to the high school staff (sorry teachers!), but we brought a dozen iced caps into the middle school for the office staff, my son’s teachers (there were 4 of them) and anyone else who wanted one.

Free Printable Summer Gift Tag example picture - it says have a great summer from -blank- and there is a tropical background. You cut the circles out to make round tags.

Free Printable Summer Gift Tag

Want to get these gift tags for yourself? I created a PDF version that you can download and print right at home. Use them for your teacher gifts or any summer themed gift ideas!

Warning: It’s a large file (17.9MB)

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