The Best Gifts for Country Men

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Men are historically the hardest people to buy for – low maintenance country men might be even worse. They are typically no fuss no muss type of guys when it comes to extras… unless it has to do with a hobby! These are the best gifts for country men I could come up with, some hobby related, some useful, all with a bit of country flare.

Rugged Manly Suggestions Ahead

Hunting, fishing, motor sports, dirt, dust, guns, beer, whiskey, camo and tractors – all things that come to men when I think of country men. You’ll find all of those sprinkled among this list of gifts for country guys!

ear and eye potection with case

Ear/Eye Protection with Case

Ear protection might seem like a strange gift but these are so useful. Something that a country guy might need every so often but might now buy. They can be used at a gun range, while cutting grass, at the drag races, at monster truck rallies, tractor pulls… all those ear damaging loud events that country people tend to gravitate too.

hunting backpack

Hunting Backpack

This is a great backpack, with lots of pockets, durable material, strong zippers – great for hunting but for also for any (fishing, family, romantic) weekend away.

survival kit

Survival Kit

This survival kit is stacked! A shovel, binoculars, first aid stuff, a tent, a lamp, fishing hooks, cord, scissors, wire – 142 pieces – there isn’t anything they didn’t think of. Grab one for your guy to keep in his truck, boat, quad, tree stand anywhere really and he’ll be ready for any situation that hits!

rambler boots

Rambler Boots

Love these boots, they’re like Blundstones but with a more square toe. Not overally cowboyish, very wearable, dressed up or down – a great universal boot!

casual flannel jacket

Casual Flannel Jacket

Standard flannel casual jacket, this is such a versatile style. My husband always has two on the go, one newer one in going out form and an older partially trashed one for doing yard/car/garage work in.

carhartt hoodie

Carhartt Hoodie

These hoodies are so durable and definitely worth more than their price. They fit really well and the logo is notable but subtle in a cool classic way.

novelty whiskey stones

Novelty Whiskey Stones

Regular whiskey stones are pretty cool, hold the cold so well, reusable unlike ice – but these are even cooler. The whiskey bullets come in a holder as well, great for holding them in the freezer to get cold in.

tactical lunch box or cooler

Tactical Lunch Box/Cooler

This cooler bag is large ANNND leakproof! But it’s still collapsible so once its empty it’s easy to pack back up. Lots of pockets, army green, definitely not your mama’s picnic bag.

man box gift box

“Man Box” Gift Box

All things manly included! Travel mug, knife, fire starter kit, a man candle… a bit of everything for when you can’t pick just one.

toilet timer

Toilet Timer

This is so funny. I am ordering one for all the men in my life. Not that they’ll honor it but still – men take forever in the bathroom, not just the country men, all men actually.

shotgun shell coaster set

Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

Style and function, these are so neat. Rave reviews, even cooler than the photos. Great for a man cave, or to add a little masculinity to any living room.

hot sauce making kit

Hot Sauce Making Kit

I love consumable gifts, things you can make/use/eat and when you’re done with leave no footprint in your space. I think this kit is super cool, an activity and a treat in one. Like mad scientist but with hot sauce – if you know a spice lover this is a great gift.

john deere snapback

John Deere Snapback

Classic style, classic country guy brand. No fail gift right here!

carhartt toiletry bag

Carhartt Toiletry Bag

Carharrt is such good quality stuff – this toiletry bag is sure to last years. One of the best gifts for country men, most men have crusty old bathroom bags that could stand to be replaced.

bbq tool set

BBQ Tool Set

3 things that makes this bbq tool set to superior to the rest, the carrying case, the meat shredding claws and the wooden handles. It’s a step above the rest, order it.

boot cut levis

Boot Cut Levis

Levis – the denim of every country man. These are bootcut (they’d go great with the Rambler boots above!) but there are a few styles and couple different washes available as well.

Custom Date on a License Plate

This license plate is so unique – could commemorate a dating or wedding anniversary, the birthdate of a baby, the day he shot his first buck…. they are made from a mix of a US plates, all colorful, a great conversation piece.

whiskey making kit

Whiskey Making Kit

Whiskey lovers unite! This is so cool, 12 different ingredients in little glass vials to make your own small batch whiskey at home. Mix and match until you find your favourite!

engraved pocket knife

Engraved Pocket Knife

So many uses for a pocket knife! You can engrave the wooden handle, the blade and even the leather case.

Enamel Fishing Mug

Enamel Fishing Mug

I love the durability of an enamel mug, the design is more subtle than having straight fish plastered all over it.

Do you think your country loving man would love any of these gifts? I am not a man, but there is a few in here I’d snag for myself!

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