The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s supposed to be a happy occasion. But if you have partner and you’re not sure what to buy him, it can also be stressful. Here’s the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him to give you some inspiration (and save the day.)

Most of these gift ideas are perfect for men of any age. There’s some classic gifts in there, plus unique finds that your boyfriend, husband, or masculine romantic partner will love.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

As a guy, I can 100% confirm that these are all great gifts for your man on Valentine’s Day! You can also check out Ideas For a Romantic Valentine’s Day if you need some activity inspiration.

Massage Gun Percussive Muscle Massager

Massage Gun

Massages are always romantic for Valentine’s Day but rather than getting one for him from a professional you could instead grab a massage gun like this one that he can use at home.

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Scratch Off Card Game with Exciting Date Ideas

Date Night Ideas

This set is really clever. There are 35 date night ideas. Each card lists some of the broad details (themes, time required, rough price) and you can scratch off the idea when you’re ready to go!

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My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug

Hot Girlfriend Mug

This is a great friendly (and funny) gift if you’re dating but want something light for Valentine’s Day.

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Personalized Color Any Favorite Song Lyrics Vinyl Record

Personalized Record Print

This print comes personalized for a romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea. You can also include the song lyrics of your choice to make it really special.

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beard wash and conditioner set

Beard Wash and Conditioner

Men sometimes need a little prodding when it comes to beauty products, but once he starts washing his bear properly he’s really going to notice the difference.

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Soft Bamboo Boxers for Men red color

Comfy Boxer Shorts

Bamboo is a nice material because it’s soft, lightweight, and breathable. Definitely get something you want to see him wearing, though – then it’s kind of a gift for you too.

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Light Up Electronic Plug-in Word Clock copper color

Word Display Clock

This clock is super unique and would look great at home or in the office. Instead of saying the time with numbers it illuminates the words instead.

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dark brown UGG Men's Ascot Slipper

UGG’s Men’s Slippers

If you haven’ worn UGGs you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. Although they’re often associated with women’s footwear, these men’s slippers are ultra comfortable and super luxurious. Trust me, he’ll thank you.

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Valentine day treat set with beef jerky

Valentine’s Day Treat Set

If your man isn’t much of a chocolate guy then something like this Valentine’s Day treat set might be a better choice. It has beef jerky and other ‘manly’ treats all wrapped up in a heart covered bag.

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Eddie Bauer Edgewood Plaid Flannel Sherpa Throw Blanket

Eddie Bauer Blanket

The Eddie Bauer store is one of my guilty pleasures despite the fact that I really don’t do all that much hiking or outdoorsy stuff at all, really. Anyway, throw blankets are the best and your man shouldn’t be missing out on that goodness – especially when you can get them in cool brand names.

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Stainless Steel Cuban Chain Necklace for Him

Promise Necklace

If he wears necklaces or chains this Cuban chain necklace is a romantic gift idea for a guy.

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Best Husband Ever Hoodie blue color

Best Husband Ever Hoodie

If you have the best husband ever he should be able to wear that title around proudly. Why not help him out with this hoodie?

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led work lights

LED Work Light

If the amount of times your husband or boyfriend has looked at something using his phone’s flashlight is more than zero, this is the gift for him. Trust me. It’s super bright and will save so much frustration.

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travel Scratch Off Map of The World

Scratch Off Map

You can get these for all kinds of things (like the world, a single country, national parks, etc.) and they’re a great way to keep track of things you do together as a couple.

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beer themed poker set Playing Cards in Bottle Shaped Tin Case

Beer Themed Poker Set

This beer themed poker set can bring game night to the next level. Great for entertaining or for you to play together!

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Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses And Bar Accessories

Whisky Set

I might be biased because I’m a whisky drinker myself, but a decanter is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for him. I like this set because it also has a few accessories and comes in a giftable box.

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brown Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

Carhartt Lunch Bag

Lunch kits are great for work or if he wants to keep a few things cold anytime. Fill it with his favourite snacks or some cans of beer!

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One Awesome Husband Funny black coffee mug

Awesome Husband Mug

Mugs are great budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. This one is cute.

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brown Tommy Hilfiger Mens Leather Wallet

Nice Wallet

I have never met a guy who regularly buys himself a new wallet. Mine happens to be from the dollar store and is Call of Duty themed. Anyway, what I’m saying is that a nice wallet makes a great gift for guys.

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meat and cheese gift basket

Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

What guy doesn’t love food? This basket takes all the stress out of Valentine’s Day gift giving and comes with a nice assortment of meat and cheese. Just add a bottle of wine and you’re good to go!

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Star Wars Rebellion board game

Board Game

Something you can play together or something that he’s been after, either way board games are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men!

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Men’s Skincare Set

Pamper your guy with a skincare set like this one. It has a daily wash, exfoliating scrub, and creams for both morning and night.

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Trophy Husband grey with black print tshirt

Trophy Husband Shirt

So he knows his place. Obviously.

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hooded Flannel Button Down Shirt Jacket

Shirt Jacket

Depending on where you live this is either the perfect jacket for a mild winter or something he can use in the coming weeks as it turns into spring. Either way, it’s a nice jacket!

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Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch and Wood Chips for Whiskey and Bourbon

Cocktail Smoker Kit

If he’s a home bartender or takes his cocktail making seriously, this can really take it up to the next level.

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Handheld Portable Cleaner vacuum

Car Vacuum

This is for the car guys. While I’m not one to recommend cleaning supplies as gifts, this little gadget is super handy.

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xbox white haming console

Gaming Console

Whether it’s an XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or even something retro – you can really blow a man’s mind by gifting him a gaming console for Valentine’s Day. If he already has one, maybe a new game would be cool instead?

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Fossil Men's brown leather watch

Fossil Men’s Watch

Of course, you can get him any kind of nice watch, but I chose this one because of its simple design. A good quality analogue watch can be dressed up or down, and usually goes with everything.

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Hopefully these ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for men have helped you figure out what to get your husband, boyfriend, or significant other!

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