50+ Unique Anything But a Cup Party Ideas

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Not everyone can think of ideas for what to bring to an anything but a cup party. That’s OK! Here’s some fun (and funny) options that you can buy online that should be safe to put your beverages in. At the very least they’ll do the job for the night!

We wanted to give you as many unique ideas as possible. Here’s over 50 things to get you started. Some are things you probably already have around the house! There are also a bunch of fun not a cup ideas that you can buy online that I promise will make you the life of the party.

What is an Anything But a Cup Party?

If you’re not already familiar with it, an anything but a cup party is a new party trend. The concept is simple: You come, you have fun, and you enjoy beverages – but they have to be held in anything but a cup.

It’s simple, imaginative, and really easy to put together. So if you’re looking for a fun party theme or a cool icebreaker idea, this is it. Anything but a cup parties are one of my favorite adult party themes!

This is where we put a disclaimer in that you should always enjoy food and drinks inside objects that were designed for them. Sometimes non-cups might have chemicals or paints that aren’t food safe. Avoid putting hot liquids inside your non-cups, and remember to wash your beverage container with soap and water before using it.

It kind of reminds me of those days at 7-11 where you can bring anything you want as a cup and people come up with creative ideas.

Of course, it’s only water, so maybe it’s a chance to pick something really silly instead?

Anything But a Cup Party FAQs

What are the best Anything But a Cup Party ideas?

Some of the most popular things to bring to an anything but a cup party include: a water gun, gravy boat, flower pot, coffee carafe, frisbee, sand pail, teapot, traffic cone, dog bowls, and a turkey baster.

What are some other names for an Anything But a Cup Party?

  • ABC Party – this is sometimes also “anything but clothes” but recently it’s being used to mean “anything but cups party.”
  • Not a Cup Party
  • No Cups Allowed Party
  • Bring Your Own Vessel Party

What do you bring for an Anything but a Water Bottle Day?

I’ve been seeing a lot more about the anything but water bottle trend lately so I thought I’d include it here too! Most of the time it’s a more family-friendly (AKA safe for work or school) way to have fun drinking out of different things without it being a party.

A lot of these items would work for an anything but a water bottle day at school or work, but not all of them. You’ll have to make the decision for what’s appropriate on your own! Personally, I think things that can hold water without spilling like a Supersoaker, spray bottle, and drink dispenser would be the best choice.

Of course, it’s only water, so maybe it’s a chance to pick something really silly instead?

Easy, Fun and Creative Ideas for an Anything But a Cup Party

Usually the point of an Anything But a Cup Party is to see how silly or ridiculous you can make your choice! Here’s some ideas that are super easy, fun, creative, and hilarious:

coconut cup making tool set

1. Make a Coconut Cup

If you want to turn a coconut into a cup these are the tools that make it so much easier. Just add a coconut from the store!

spray bottle made of plastic

2. Spray Bottle

The novelty of spraying your drink of choice will be fun to show off at first, but when you get frustrated you can easily take the lid off and drink normally too. It’s perfect!

3. Food Storage Container

At least you’ll know these are already food safe so there’s no worry about what kind of chemicals may be lurking. I like this rice holder because of the spout and measure that could also double as a smaller cup.

4. Flask

A flask might be too easy, but if you want something simple it’s a good option. You can also find a novelty one like this banana flask that will definitely get a few laughs.

5. WineRack Bra

No need to worry about losing your drink while wearing this! Your drink of choice will be safely store on your chest and you can enjoy it all night long thanks to the little straw.

6. Frisbee

It might be shallow but frisbees definitely hold a lot of liquid. Just be careful not to tip!

7. Plastic Condiment Holder

You could make up a bunch of different mixed drinks and have them ready to go all night long – there’s even lids! Super convenient, and fun to pour into your mouth too.

8. French Press

Look how fancy you are at the Anything But a Cup Party! A French press is a great beverage holder and even has a handy spout to pour your beverage into your mouth.

9. T-Rex Planter

This not a cup loses points for being small, but wins them back for being awesome. Just keep refilling it and you’re good to go!

10. Cereal Bowl With a Straw

You’ll be the envy of all the kids (at heart) with this cup alternative. Since you’ll probably be walking around at the party (instead of sitting at a table) it’s super inconvenient to use which just makes it funnier.

11. Chemistry Set

Beakers, flasks, and cylinders are all great for holding liquids in the lab so it makes perfect sense that they’d keep your drink safe at a party too!

12. Gravy Boat

If you’ve ever dreamed of upending a gravy boat right into your mouth at Thanksgiving now’s your chance to make it happen.

13. Viking Drinking Horn

You will definitely be the coolest one there, I promise. It even has a string attached so you can attach this drinking horn to your belt (since it’s impossible to put down.) Enjoy your mead!

14. Super Soaker

Maybe opt for one that doesn’t have too much pressure so you don’t hurt yourself drinking. But otherwise this might be the coolest cup alternative for an Anything But a Cup Party of all time.

15. Hydration Backpack

Fill it with anything you want – water, a box of wine… You get the idea. Just keep in mind that it will likely hold the flavour so if you actually use one of these regularly you might want to grab a second one just for the party.

modern style whiskey decanter set

16. Decanter

This is another fun idea that’s already food safe and easy to drink out of, but definitely not meant to be used as a cup.

17. Beer Helmet

You can’t go wrong with one of these at any party, and it still isn’t a cup! The classic beer helmet will work, but I’m digging this gladiator style hat instead.

18. The Cutest Water Bottle You Can Find

While it might be dangerously close to a real cup, a cute kids’ water bottle gets a pass because it’s silly to be drinking “grown up” drinks from. Also this one comes with stickers so…

19. Glass Skull

This is actually a decanter, but it works great as a non-cup drink container too. Plus you know it’s alcohol safe!

rice cooker

20. Rice Cooker

How’s this for a last minute idea? Or maybe you just need a rice cooker and it’s a great excuse to buy one? Either way it’s a really silly, but oddly practical choice for an Anything But a Cup Party.

21. Baby Bottle

There’s no worry about spilling your drink if you’re drinking it out of a baby bottle! It’s unexpected enough to be fun, but still practical for drinking out of.

22. Tea Pot

You can use any teapot but it’s even more fun if you choose a unique option. Vintage tea pots are great if you want to find some weird non cup ideas.

23. Coffee Carafe

12 cups of joe in the morning, 12 cups of something else when the sun goes down. It’s not a cup, but it holds a whole evening’s worth of drinks (and then some.)

24. Coringware Microwave Mug

It even comes with a lid to keep your drink safe! Unfortunately, these are too tricky to drink from with the lid on, but since it’s a soup mug with a handle it’s super easy to drink from compared to some of the other options on this list.

25. Drink Dispenser

Skip the middle man and just drink right out of the drink dispenser! You can even mix up a favourite cocktail inside for a cup that will (probably) never run empty.

26. Thimble

I don’t know why but I think it would be really fun to keep filling up a tiny thimble and drinking out of it.

lava lamp making kit with a lava lamp that you can fill with whatever you want

27. Lava Lamp

If you get one of these lava lamp craft kits you can skip adding the liquid into it and instead put your drink inside. It even has a lid.

Assorted colourful glass vases

28. Unique Vase

A vase is a little obvious, but you can make it really unique by choosing a cool one as your anything but a cup drink holding choice. I really like these vintage inspired ones!

29. Cauldron Mug

OK, I know it’s technically a mug, but I think it looks enough like a non-cup to qualify for an anything but a cup party. Perfect for Harry Potter fans – maybe make some adult Butterbeer to go with it?

30. Bear Honey Bottle

If you have one laying around even better, but this will save you the effort of having to eat a bottle of honey. It’s cute and even comes with a straw.

31. Sunscreen Bottle

These are actually flasks, but they sure look a lot like the real thing!

32. Large Scoop

There’s a few scoops on this listing, but the biggest holds 64 ounces and has a flat bottom so you should be able to stand it up. A smaller scoop would also be funny if you kept filling it up every time you wanted a sip.

33. Sand Pail

You can use the shovel to scoop up sips or just drink right out of the pail. Either way, it’s a hilarious “not a cup” idea.

34. Candy Jar

You could easily fill this with a large batch mixed drink or your favourite punch/cocktail recipe. I also think it would be a fantastic “cup” for rummy bears (or other alcohol-soaked gummies).

35. Protein Powder Container

If you hit the gym you probably have a couple of these laying around (or can save one for an upcoming party.) You know it’s food safe, plus it holds a lot so you’ll never have to refill.

36. Blood Bags

These are designed for drinks so they’re a perfect choice for a not a cup party. Easy to drink out of, you can prep a bunch of different cocktails in them to keep you going all night long.

37. Oil Jar

The only downside here is that the drink might come out a little bit too slow.

4 litre drinking pouch

38. 4L Drink Pouch

This is a great inexpensive idea for going to a BYOB anything but a cup party. You can hold a whole night’s worth of drinks inside!

Vintage milk bottles

39. Vintage Milk Bottles

As long as you clean and sanitize them first they should be OK to drink out of!

fanny pack drinking flask idea for an anything but a cup party

40. Fanny Pack

OK fine, it’s actually made for holding drinks, but it’s still a really funny not a cup idea. Plus it’s hands free for easy partying!

41. Salad Bowl

Go big or go home, right? Plus you can use these later for serving and entertaining, so it’s not a total waste of money.

Weird and Unique Ideas for a Not a Cup Party

If you want to get really weird with your “not a cup party” drink containers try some of these unique ideas. They might gross people out, but that’s part of the fun!

42. Turkey Baster

Suck up your drink of choice with the turkey baster and then squeeze it right into your mouth. Yummy!

43. Oil Drip Pan

Even better if you drink something dark like cola (or a cola mixed drink) out of it. It’s even anti-splash!

44. Dog Bowl

This is another one that might gross them out, especially if your friends know you have a dog at home. The sides might be tricky to drink from but you’ll be a good boy (or girl or nonbinary person) all night long.

45. Soap Dispenser

I’m finding the image of someone having to pump their drink into their mouth very funny. This is a pack of 2, which means you can have a second drink ready to go or bring one for a friend.

46. Fish Bowl

This would be hilarious (and challenging) to try and drink out of so maybe use a straw to make things easier.

plastic jerry can typically used for gasoline but in this case it is meant to be used as a cup alternative for an anything but a cup party

47. Jerry Can

The best choice on this list if you want to confuse, disgust, and alarm your friends. “Did you clean it out first?” “Isn’t that dangerous?” “That’s disgusting!” Of course, please only use a new one

48. Bed Pan

Ew, but also great for making everyone else at the party uneasy. It’s clean and new, so why not?

rodent water bottle that mounts to the wall

49. Rodent Water Bottle

If you’ve never had a rodent before just know there’s a mechanism inside that keeps the water (or other drink) from spilling out. You’ll have to push it ball up to drink out of this, which can be a pain. BUT just imagine this mounted to the wall at an anything but a cup party. Oh, and you can probably take it apart and remove the ball too.

50. Freezer Brick Flask

This is another flask idea but I think it’s so weird and unique that I just had to include it. It will give the appearance that you’re drinking the liquid inside those blue freezer packs – ew.

safety cone set 4 four as an alternative cup idea

51. Safety Cones

If you get the small ones made for kids they’re a bit easier to drink out of… Or get giant ones for a hilarious (not a) cup idea. Just make sure the top is closed, some are open at the tip.

Large conch shell

52. Conch Shell

Anything can be a cup if you’re brave enough.

plastic sword with sheath

53. Sword Sheath

A lot of plastic swords come with enclosed plastic sheaths that would make great up alternatives. Plus you get a bonus sword to slay your drinking foes with too.

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