No Cups Allowed Christmas Party Ideas

by | Nov 22, 2022

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The no cups allowed party is one of my favourite trends, so I thought why not make it into a Christmas party too? With the holidays upon us, what better time to turn those Christmas traditions upside down and try something new. This would be an epic theme for a house party, family gathering, friend holiday event, or even the office Christmas party!

Plan a party with alcohol, or make it a family-friendly affair and try a kids no cups allowed party instead. Really, the sky’s the limit… And so is the fun.

If you want regular no cups allowed party ideas that aren’t Christmas themed see my Anything But a Cup Party Ideas post instead. Or try an anything but clothes party instead.

Christmas Themed Ideas for a No Cups Allowed Party

full Santa cookie jar reading a list

Santa Cookie Jar

Ho ho ho, what does Santa have for you this year? Hint: it’s not cookies inside this cookie jar. Just remember that he is checking his list to see if you’re being naughty or nice at the Christmas no cups allowed party this year.

plastic fillable ornaments that are red, green, yellow, and white

Fillable Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tip if you plan on using these: make sure they’re water tight! Some of the cheaper ones could leak, which would be a holiday party disaster. I love these as non-cup ideas or for pre-made shots!

fillable holiday themed tins, light blue with snowflakes

Holiday Tins

You can use recycled cookie tins that would normally be used for sewing supplies, or grab a fun set like this one. Either way you get a great beverage container that can be used again to store holiday treats!

tea pot shaped like a Christmas tree with lights, ornaments, and a candy cane spout and red ribbon handle

Christmas Tree Teapot

Teapots are one of my go-to no cups allowed party ideas, and this Christmas tree themed one is absolutely perfect. The spout is easy to drink from so you don’t have to worry about spilling as much as some of the other options on this list.

crystal snowman cnadle holders

Snowman Candle Holders

You get exactly one sip from the looks of things, but the hilarity that comes from filling up a crystal snowman tealight over and over again will be well worth the effort.

antique enamel milk jug with winter scene and red truck hauling a Christmas tree

Antique Enamel Milk Jug

Maybe you want more of a rustic vibe at the Christmas no cups allowed party? This is actually a vase, but can also be a supersized drink holder if you’re brave enough.

novelty salt and pepper shakers from a CHristmas story, leg lamp and crate

Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers

Any Christmas salt and pepper shakes will do, but you can really get creative here with all the novelty options that are out there.

white flower pot with red writting that says Merry and bright

Flower Pot

Flower pots are another easy options for a no cups allowed party. Grab one that’s holiday themed and you’ll have a cup that needs no refilling all evening long.

red and white candy shot glasses

Candy Shot Glasses

OK this is a bit of a cop out, but they’re cool enough that I just had to include these candy cane shot glasses.

flask shaped like a red and white stocking

Stocking Flask

Speaking of buying things that are meant to drunk out of but are not cups, this stocking flask is another great idea. They’re using it to fill cups, but if you’re a real no cups allowed party gower you’ll drink right from the spigot.

two pack of glass clear canning jars with snowflake on them

Canning Jars

If you’re not really into this no cups allowed holiday party theme and just want to drink out of something that resembles a cup mason jars are a great choice. Grab some holiday themed ones to get into the festive spirit!

festive ice cube trays shaped like christmas trees and snowmen

Ice Cube Trays

You could fill these up with your drink of choice or, even better, make some fun shaped Jell-O shots and share them with the other guests.

two serving bowls, one blue with Santa and one red with a snowman

Christmas Serving Bowl

Go big or go home, right? These serving bowls are normally used for chips and other holiday party snacks, but will now house your very ambitious beverage aspirations.

glass brown bowl shaped like reindeer with antlers sticking up and a red nose

Reindeer Dip Bowl

This bowl is adorable – you may even want to use it after the party for your classier holiday gatherings. For now, though, it makes a fun no cups allowed idea. Love the antlers!

green christmas tree shaped serving platters

Serving Platter

There are a lot of options for holiday serving platters but finding one with ridges high enough to hold a drink is the tricky party. This is a great option since there are raised sizes, plus there are plenty of corners that would be easy to drink out of.

white casserole dish with green holly leaves and red berries

Casserole Dish

Is that your grandmother’s famous stuffing inside that casserole dish? No, it’s your drink for a no cups allowed party of course!

four-piece white bowl set with gnomes in festive sweaters

Cute Wintery Bowls

This is another great option for something that’s easy to drink out of, festive, reusable, and perfect for a group of friends to match!

stoneware made to look like milk carton that says Santa's milk

Milk for Santa

This this scenario you’re Santa and whatever drink you put inside this vintage stoneware milk carton is the the milk. Do with this what you will; I suggest a costume.

clear four piece fillable snow globes></a><img data-lazyloaded=


You obviously can’t use a ready-made snow globe as a cup, but these make your own snow globe kits are perfect for it! I wouldn’t advise putting anything inside, but there’s nothing stopping you from decorating the outside with festive stickers and fake snow!

red and gold ornament shaped soap dispenser

Soap Dispenser

You can’t beat the soap dispenser as a cup alternative! Painstakingly pump every well-deserved drop of your drink into your mouth with this hilarious, yet festive, no cup idea.

Hopefully some of these Christmas themed no cups allowed party ideas have inspired you to either a) throw a fun themed party or b) find a unique option to drink out of at an event you’re invited to. Happy holidays!

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