Funny Spring Cleaning Memes for Moms

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It’s nearly that time again – spring cleaning season. I don’t love spring cleaning personally, but it’s something that needs to be done. I also really like the whole “fresh” feeling you get. Anyway, here’s some spring cleaning memes to make this time of year a bit more fun.

My mom told me the other day she’s starting her spring cleaning. It’s only February! Personally, I like to do it when the spring sun is shinning and you can open the windows. Who knows, maybe she’ll come help me with mine when she’s done. Haha.

21 Memes That Capture the Spring Cleaning Spirit

I hate to admit that I made these memes myself. Some of them might not be completely original ideas (with so many memes out there there’s bound to be overlap!) but I did my best to give y’all some funny spring cleaning memes that you can share around.

1. One does not simply spring clean

I’m calling myself out a little bit here. What do you mean you’re not supposed to save every. single. cleaning. task. for spring cleaning?

2. Thinking smart

man pointing to forehead with smirk on face that says if you don't start spring cleaning then technically you're already done

Ever procrastinate something and then have the problem resolve itself? I think that applies to spring cleaning. Maybe.

3. Brace yourself

man standing outside in wind that says brace yourself spring cleaning season is coming

This meme is more directed at my family while I do my spring cleaning. Either you help, or you get out of the way.

4. Sneaking up on you…

cartoon person that says mom reaching for ball that says a clean house after spring cleaning, next comic shows pink cartoon character grabbing mom and says kids and husband messing it up

Is wanting everything to stay cleaned for more than one day too much to ask? The house would always be clean if no one else lived here. Alas…

5. Chat with a friend

women on phone cartoon that says my spring cleaning is going great, I started with the liquor cabinet and it's nearly all cleaned out

You have to start somewhere, right? It’s called decluttering, look it up.

6. Clean all the things!

cartoon character with fist in air and broom in the other that says clean all the things!

This is motivational meme for when you’re spring cleaning.

7. Decluttering those toys

Orpah Winfred yelling excitedly spring cleaning my kids toys - you go to goodwill, and you go to goodwill. everything goes to goodwill!

I don’t even feel bad anymore. If they loved the toys so much they wouldn’t be all over the house, right?

8. When the realization hits

comic showing sign that says spring cleaning is going well, time to relax. kids dumped toys out, character looks sad.

Every. Time. When do they get out of the making a mess stage, because it’s apparently not the ages my kids are.

9. So it begins

three men standing looking sad in the rain - moms during spring cleaning: so it begins.

Ready for battle and taking no prisoners.

10. Nobody cares

two men sitting together, one man turns to say "this guy finished all his spring cleaning early" turns back to other man " see, no one cares"

Send this to that one friend who brags about getting their spring cleaning done early while the rest of us are sitting here looking at memes instead of cleaning.

11. This is fine

cartoon dog sitting surrounded by fire - trying to spring clean with toddlers. next comic shows dog saying "this is fine"

Like brushing your teeth while eating oreos or shovelling during a blizzard.

12. Feeling wealthy

men standing around laughing with writing above that says how it feels when you hire someone to do your spring cleaning.

The true rich flex in the mom world.

13. Band-aid fix

large container leaking water =person that says mom, next comic shows putting tape over large leaking hole that says spring cleaning.

If cleaning wasn’t a healthy way to manage my anxiety and stress why does it make me feel better hmmmm??

14. Domino effect

cleaning and decluttering my entire house on large tall white , small block at the bottom that says stepping on one piece of lego

Please tell me I’m not alone with this.

15. Filling up the minivan

two characters discussing car that says slaps roof of mini van you can fit so many goldish crackers inside this bad boy

Life hack: I told my kids we couldn’t go to the beach until they cleaned out the van. It worked! Follow me for more tips.

16. What some husbands think they deserve

certificate with gold stars on it that says congratulations to my husband for completing one tiny chore you did it!

For your husband when he “helps you with your spring cleaning” (that somehow is your responsibility even though he lives there too).

17. Forgot to spring clean again

man looking shocked that says forgot to do my spring cleaning again this year - oh no! next comic shows man looking fine and says anyway

There’s always fall, right?

19. Marked safe

Facebook blue flag that says marked safe from mom's spring cleaning today

Another meme for my family. Please keep them in your thoughts while I do my spring cleaning.

20. High-five!

hand drowning into water "me drowning in spring cleaning, another hand appears that says husband - husband saying good job, hand drowning.

Glad he noticed at least.

21. That would be great

office man standing that says "I just cleaning the whole house so if you could find somewhere else to live that would be great"

Maybe just for a little while so I can enjoy a day or two of a clean house?

Hope you enjoyed these funny spring cleaning memes! Now that you’re done looking at memes, why not get started on actually cleaning? Here’s some of our best tips:

Or you can just put off the spring cleaning. Let’s be real – the mess isn’t going anywhere and there are so many better things to be doing than cleaning! Especially if there’s some nice weather that you could be enjoying right now.

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