Modern Laundry Baskets and Hampers

by | Feb 4, 2023

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These laundry baskets and hampers are perfect for putting a modern touch on your home decor. You can use them throughout your home; they’re perfect for bedrooms, the laundry room, bathrooms, or just to upgrade your laundry routine.

I tried to include a mix of practical and trendy ideas so you can find a solution to all your laundry problems. Some make great laundry baskets for sorting and putting away clean laundry, others make trendy laundry hampers that will look great in every room.

Our Favourite Modern and Trendy Laundry Baskets

These baskets aren’t just great for doing laundry, either. While they’re all suitable for sorting both clean and dirty clothes and textiles, you can also use these modern laundry baskets as storage solutions throughout your home.

black and gold modern laundry basket

Bellzacasa Black and Gold Laundry Bin

This modern laundry bin is a beautiful addition to any room. I think the black version with gold trim is the most trendy, but it also comes in white and grey.

tall jute woven basket

Tall Jute Woven Basket

You can’t go wrong with jute when it comes to modern decor. With sturdy handles, this basket is easy to move from the bedroom to the laundry room or grab a few and sort clothes easy.

Trendy woven laundry basket

Handwoven Laundry Basket

This beautiful basket will look as much like a decorative accent piece as a practical storage solution. It’s the perfect addition to your modern bedroom or laundry room. You can even custom pick the handle design!

Linen felt basket with pom poms

Large Linen Felt Basket

This is a cool laundry hamper design that will add a modern touch and some colorful texture to your space. Not only is a great for laundry, the sides are sturdy enough to hold other items too. Pick a felt color and handle combo that matches your vibe!

Modern square felt bin

High Square Felt Bin

How cool and modern are these felt bins? They open wide for easy access, but can be tied shut to hide dirty clothes or for carrying to the laundry room.

double laundry hamper with shelf

Double Laundry Hamper With Shelf

If you need some extra storage in your laundry room a laundry hamper solution like this one is a perfect answer. The combo of black, metal, and wood is super modern and the table on top adds practical storage space for a small bathroom or laundry area.

black storage basket

Black Storage Basket

This lower storage basket is perfect for sorting clean laundry or to use as a laundry hamper. The sides are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the basket slouching; something I really appreciate to keep things tidy.

modern laundry baskets in black and brown

Small Modern Laundry Baskets

Whether you go for the black or brown options these storage baskets will look amazing and modern anywhere you use them. The smaller basket is perfect for sorting and storage, and the bigger model is ideal as a laundry hamper or clean clothes basket.

large laundry basket with lid

Large Grey Laundry Basket With Lid

This is a great budget-friendly option if you want a modern hamper without spending a fortune. I like the way the insert is removable so you don’t have to lug the whole hamper to your washing machine.

dark and light divided clothes hamper

Dark and Light Cloth Divided Clothes Hamper

This divided laundry hamper is another great solution on a budget, especially if you need somewhere to sort laundry in your home. I love the high contrast design and modern font on “dark” and “light”.

Brown modern laundry hamper

Modern Brown Laundry Hamper

These baskets are super sturdy and look amazing in every room. I love how there are two size options; the smaller one would be great for kids!

Rope storage basket

Organic Cotton Rope Basket

This rope storage basket would make a good kids’ laundry hamper or organizing bin. It’s not just for kids, though; I think the design would be cute in a light and modern laundry room too.

mid-century modern laundry basket

Mid Century Modern Laundry Basket

Might not quite be the modern you’re looking for here but I love mid-century modern decor. This canvas basket is a cute storage option or laundry hamper and the trendy atomic print is super cute.

tall modern laundry hamper

Tall Laundry Hamper

I love the way the shape of this tall laundry hamper evokes a jar or vase. If you’re looking for taller hamper that has a more trendy design, this one might be the perfect fit.

modern style plastic laundry basket

Modern Plastic Laundry Basket

They may not be the prettiest, but for sorting, folding, and putting away laundry you can’t beat the lightweight plastic laundry basket. Skip the cheap white ones and upgrade your plastic baskets with these grey modern ones.

laundry hamper with removable bag

Laundry Hamper With Removable Bag

This is another practical hamper with a removable bag, but slightly different design from the other one. I’m a big fan of using gold in modern inspired decor!

modern laundry hamper on wheels

Modern Laundry Hamper on Wheels

Slimline hampers like this one are handy if you’re trying to create solutions with limited space. The fact that it’s on wheels is an extra bonus that will make your laundry routine a lot easier. Love the “laundry” on the side in a modern font!

plastic black laundry hamper

Black Plastic Laundry Hamper

Sometimes the best laundry hamper solution is going with plastic. I personally like having something that’s easy to clean for those messy items like cleaning rags and kitchen towels. But plastic can still look modern with solutions like this black slim hamper with a lid.

Linen laundry hamper

Linen Laundry Hamper

Linen is a timeless style that matches almost any decor. If you have a lot of modern elements in your home (like tile), some natural linen can soften things up.

modern foldable laundry hamper

Modern Foldable Laundry Hamper

This large modern laundry hamper folds up when you’re not using it to save space. Perfect for laundry day or travelling.

collapsible laundry basket

Collapsible Laundry Basket

Another collapsible laundry solution, this time in basket form. If you like to use plastic baskets for sorting and putting away laundry but don’t want them in the way when not in use this is a great option that keeps with the modern design of you home.

laundry basket with two compartments

Two Compartment Laundry Basket

I really like the modern look of this laundry hamper, especially the two storage compartments. When it’s time to do laundry all you have to do is pull the bag out of each side and carry it to the washing machine. Easy!

Hopefully these modern laundry baskets and hampers can upgrade your laundry routine and make your home feel more put together. While you’re at it, check out these wallpaper ideas for a laundry room to really upgrade the space.

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