Will Minimalism go out of Style?

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If you’re thinking about embracing minimalism, you might be wondering if minimalism will eventually go out of style? After all, clean white walls and nothing on your bookshelves has to be a passing trend. Right? Well I’m here to answer if minimalism will go out of style, and what might happen if it does.

Will Minimalism go out of Style?

The short answer is no. Minimalism is timeless, mostly because it’s a lot more than just a decorating trend. It’s all about living with less, simplifying life, and joining a movement that frees up your mind and space for the most important things. That aspect is never going to go out of style.

When it comes to owning less belongings, that trend is also probably going to stay. It might even pick up movement. As people become more jaded with consumerism, we might just see people moving towards anti consumer behaviour. The pendulum has swung too far one way that it might very well swing backwards soon.

Think about history: Average people throughout history rarely had many belongings. Just looking at the antique steamer trunks people would bring over to move should give you an idea; and the small size of olden day wardrobes is another reminder of a more simpler time.

People are over mass production

The overproduction and over consumption of today’s society is starting to get to people. We are tired of hearing messages to buy all the time, and we don’t want to see the planet destroyed. Most people are generally aware of their consumption, and do things to avoid having too much stuff.

Minimalism is just one movement started because of these feelings. Even people who aren’t full blown minimalists can at least understand why people want to lessen the burden of possessions.

Minimalism as a design trend

This is where things start to get a bit murky. Personally, I’m not always a fan of hardcore minimalist design. I like style, colour, and detail. Just like with any interior design philosophy, it’s truly personal as to what you enjoy.

The thing about design trends, though, is they never really go out of style. Sometimes they leave for awhile and come back, or they change slightly, but there’s always going to be people who prefer that décor. So if minimalism design is something you personally enjoy, then trends aren’t going to matter much anyway.

Less clutter

Hardcore minimalistic design might be something that can go out of style, but less clutter is probably here to stay. Some people like to display their collections, but even that’s being done in tasteful ways nowadays. Whether it’s clean lines or warm rounded edges, people are taking a ‘less is more’ approach to everything they do.

In short, minimalist design is influencing other decorating styles too.

So… Will Minimalism go out of style ?

Minimalism as a decorating trend will probably go out of style at some point. Even now it’s starting to lose its thunder, especially as people realize that ultra clean, empty spaces aren’t practical. Most every day minimalists still have stuff… After all, you have to live!

Instead of wondering if minimalism will go out of style, instead embrace the aspects of minimalistic trends that work for you. That way it’s not just jumping on the bandwagon; you’re creating an environment you love.

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