Self Care Tips For Moms Who Never Get a Break

by | Sep 12, 2020

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Awe the stay at home mom, the SAHM, laze around in yoga pants, watch daytime soaps eat bon bons, perfectly put together happy all the time kids. You know the typical image everyone pictures when they hear SAHM…. Someone who’d never need self care tips for moms…

Well let’s stop that one there and just bring reality to the table this is NOT what it’s like not even close! How about we imagine cold coffee, hair a disaster, lucky if we mange to find two matching socks to wear, tired, exhausted, kids running wild and usually naked, highly contemplating if it’s truly wrong to add a shot of tequila to our second cup of coffee mom to that image.

Now by no means is this what every day is like, BUT some are and some days simply finding a moment to breath can be the biggest challenge. Sure any “motherhood” article you read tells you to take time for Self-care, but what about the single mom who has no help, what about the family where dad travels for work, or the mom who simply feels too much mom guilt to “get away” from her kids.

Self Care Tips For Moms Who Never Get a Break

If this is the position you find yourself have no fear it is possible to take some me time even if the me time cant be away from your kids.

Start each day with an accomplishment

Make your bed as soon as you wake up and get out of it as “happiness is a state of mind you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad“. By starting your day with a simple accomplishment you will give yourself a feeling of success right from the moment you wake up.

Yes the baby might be screaming for his/her bottle or the toddler may have just peed their bed but taking these mere minutes to simply make your bed will give you a since of completing something. Even if that’s the only non child thing you manage to accomplish that day.

Take at least one day a week to get dressed up

Do your hair, put on your makeup, don’t wait for a reason or a day you have to go out just do it On the days you wake up from the worst night or maybe your feeling really off that’s the day to make yourself get dressed, put on those jeans leave the yoga pants in the drawer, take 5 mins to put on some simple make up, make yourself feel human by looking human again.

Spending all day in your pjs just makes you feel tired and grumpy all day, save these days for Sunday when you want to laze around, but if it’s a Tuesday and you have a list of things to tackle plus entertain the kids all day that’s the day you need to get yourself up, and ready to tackle those projects.

Treat yourself mom

Do you have a certain way you like your coffee? Do your enjoy a cookie in the afternoon. Maybe you find comfort in a bag of sour skittles what’s your thing ? In today’s society were faced with so much healthy living, all natural be good to your body stuff, and that’s super important. But if you have a small treat that makes you smile then take that treat and take that moment.

Don’t let the guilt of a simple enjoyment bring you down. Some days that 80 calorie flavored coffee creamer is the only thing that gets us to supper time. So don’t deprive yourself of your treat. Just remember don’t over indulge but treats in moderation are enjoyment we can grasp onto.

Take 5 minutes to yourself

Did you finally get the kids to bed at a decent time?? Did you finally manage to take a breath from your day but the house is a disaster and all you can think of is how you need to clean it up before you lay your head??

MOM take 5 – take 5 mins to zone yourself out. 5 mins wont change if that mess will go away before you go to bed but it certainly will energize you to get thru it all. Check out you tube there are tons of quick 5-8 min yoga, workout, Pilates or meditation videos you can sit an enjoy, take 5 minutes to read a bit of a book, or even listen to an audiobook. Yes it would be amazing to take off to the gym or go for coffee with a friend but if that’s not an option don’t discount the 5 minute rule to recharge.

Try to get 30 – 60 minutes of activity a day

Wheather is nice get out for a walk or a run, older kids can join in younger kids can go from a ride in a stroller. Just being outside in nature can completely mellow your mind. Walking somewhere there’s trees and nature will naturally calm your emotions and regulate your hormones.

BONUS the kids will enjoy the fresh air too. Nap time is also a great time to jump on that treadmill, or turn on that DVD, or you tube workout. Yes we feeling sluggish, exhausted and once nap time hits we just want to lay down and relax or catch up on laundry, dishes, make supper, etc, but taking these 30 mins to recharge our endorphins will only make those day to day tasks easier to tackle.

BOOK a day to yourself

Maybe you cant do it weekly or even monthly but pick a day and book a sitter ( if dads not available). Even if that day is 2 months away you know its coming you can dream about it, you can enjoy the countdown to it. But above all TAKE that day. Book a spa day, go on a supper date, coffee date, hit the mall for a day of retail therapy, go to the library, go to do whatever your passionate about.

Even something as simple as going grocery shopping by yourself can be self care. Grab a coffee and browse those isle without the screaming kids, without the crying baby just take a few hours to yourself to recharge. You may not get that option very often but you can make it happen occasionally and those occasional moments are sometimes well worth the anticipation and the wait. Think of it like a promise of a trip to the candy shop for good behavior.

Self care is more than just self care tips for moms

MOM it’s not always easy, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, BUT it’s always worth it. Taking those tiny moments to yourself can really help you recharge and make those bad days not so horrible. You cant pour from an empty pot so make sure to take the time to fill your pot. Take the moments even when you cant find hours, and always know that you are enough and your doing a great job. The beauty of a bad day is there’s always a fresh start the next morning.

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