10 Hacks For Moms to Save Time and Money

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Life is… Busy. There’s only so many hours in the day and we just can’t physically get everything done! As moms, we are stretched super thin. We have more ‘time saving’ products than anytime in history, but are busier than ever before. These hacks for moms to save time and money take advantage of some of those helpful tools so you can get more done.

10 Hacks For Moms to Save Time and Money

The reason I started looking into some time saving hacks is because right now I have all the kids at home. I’m also trying to keep my business going, grow blogs, and am just busy in general with 5 kids! It’s really tough to juggle everything.

Usually the solution for most people to save time is to spend money. Time is money, after all. But for many of us we are stretched thin but still don’t have room in our budgets to add on an extra expense to save time.

By doing some of these hacks you can not only save time, but actually save some money too. At the very least they’re not going to cost you any extra.

Use a grocery subscription

I personally use Amazon Subscribe and Save, but there’s a lot of stores that offer these types of services. The trick to making this save both time and money is to make sure the items you include are the same price or cheaper than where you were buying them before.

For me, the Amazon Prime subscription is paid for by the 5-20% savings I get on groceries that are the same price as other locations. Then they just automatically show up at my door and I don’t even need to think about it.

Stock up when things are on sale

Stocking up, in my opinion, can be good and bad. If you have kids, it’s usually a good idea to stock up on things you usually buy when they go on sale. This not only saves a few dollars, it also means you always have necessities in your house.

There’s certain things I never pay full price for like school snacks (pudding, etc.) and pasta sauce. By the time I’m running low on my stock they are usually on sale again!

Make homemade freezer meals

This take a little bit of prep time but saves a lot in the long run. Pick a day and make several meals that can be thrown in the freezer. You can make things like casseroles, lasagnas, and meat pies or put all your ingredients in a freezer bag to drop into the slow cooker or Instant Pot.

These save you money for two reasons. The first is that you can shop in bulk for your groceries and usually get a better price. Secondly, having convenience food on hand means you’ll be less likely to reach for take out on busy days.

Wear your clothes again

It might be tough to get your family on board for this one but it’s possible. Encourage everyone to re-wear clothes that haven’t been dirtied. Jeans especially can be worn again, and so can hoodies or sweaters that don’t usually come in contact with your body.

Have a designated place in everyone’s room for clothes to wear again so they don’t get actually mistaken for laundry.

Not only will you save on your electricity, water, and laundry soap bills but you’ll spend less time doing laundry too.

Pare back on activities

If your kids are involved in a million activities that can leave you running around every evening with an empty wallet. I personally believe that these activities are great for kids to try out different things. And they make them more well rounded, too. But we also live in an age of over scheduled families.

Instead, try and keep extracurricular activities to things the kids really love and you feel are worth it. Skip the ones that aren’t adding value to your live. You could also consider taking a season off so everyone gets a break.

Spend more time at home

How often do you run around all day doing errands? What about spending all day out with the kids doing planned activities? Ask yourself if it’s always necessary to do the things you’re doing. You might be surprised with the answer.

Personally, I’ve planned great outings with my kids only to have them hate the entire experience, misbehave, and generally be ungrateful. I could have saved my time and money and had more fun playing with them at home!

The other issue is often these outings turn into adding a cup of coffee here, a take out meal there, and extra gas costs on top of the time spent.

Get organized

I don’t know how many times I’ve sworn I have something but had to re buy it, only to find that thing months later. Getting organized not only makes you feel more in control of your life and your home, it also literally can save you money.

You’ll also save time searching for missing items if everything is in its place. This goes for the family, too.

Master some easy, frugal recipes

If you usually make big meals for your family this one’s for you. Pick a few days a week to make simple dinners that don’t cost a lot. You could even consider going meatless. Cheaper dinners save money, but they also usually take less time to prepare, too.

Look for ones that only use one dish so you spend less time cleaning up, too.

Buy less for the kids

I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick of stepping on toys. It seems like the kids don’t play with them sometimes; they just dump them out. It’s also hard to put away laundry when the closets are overflowing and you’re constantly rearranging. If this sounds familiar then the buying needs to stop.

There’s a lot of things kids don’t need in their lives that we think we need to buy.

Try these hacks for moms to save time and money

It can be hard to make things happen when you’re busy! See if you can try a couple of these hacks for moms to save time and money to help. Otherwise just keep taking care of yourself. You’ve got this!