Father's Day Gifts for a BBQ Dad

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We might all be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fire up the barbecue in the backyard! Get your BBQ Dad (isn’t every dad?), the kind of gift that will get his grill growling! In all seriousness, I’m writing this because, well… I am one myself. I want to do everything in my power to make sure proud, fellow BBQ dads out there don’t have to suffer through inadequate, inferior BBQ themed gifts and accessories ANY LONGER! Here’s to everyone’s favorite BBQ Dad this Father’s Day!

All The Best BBQ Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

If you know, you know. It’s hit or miss with a lot of the BBQ and grilling stuff you can find out there nowadays. Weather it’s a last-minute grocery store aisle accessory, or a cheap-and-cheesy gag, Father’s Day for amateur pit masters can be a real gamble. I’ll guide you through the best of the best in each category of barbecue, and grilling themed gifts to set you up for success this Father’s day!

Dad grilling on the BBQ Father's Day cookout ideas

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The Best BBQ Sauces to Buy Dad This Father’s Day

Pictured: Budweiser BBQ Grilling Set

Chances are, your dad, (or husband!) is a BBQ sauce enthusiast much like myself. The old Kraft and Heinz grocery store bottles are just getting a bit old. And nothing makes a dad feel old like the same old thing. Mix it up with some gourmet BBQ sauce that will knock his New Balance sneakers off!

The key to success here is finding something kind of off-beat, and new! Make dad feel adventurous this year and get him something to let him know you love his grilling! (Or, at least get a sauce to make it taste less burnt!) This scrumptious selection of sauces is a delicious and memorable Father’s Day gift dad will enjoy. Personally, there’s nothing I love more in the world of grilling, than a gourmet sauce I’ve yet to try!

Here’s a bunch of BBQ sauce sets for dad this Father’s Day to inspire you:

The Best BBQ Smoker to Buy Dad This Father’s Day

Pictured: Grill Gods Smoker Box for BBQ Wood Chips

Somewhere in dad’s dreams is a vertical, full-sized cabinet outdoor meat smoker with all of the bells and whistles. That might just be a little out of reach this Father’s Day. (But you can defiantly find the next best thing!) That is of course a BBQ smoker box!

Barbeque grill smokers are the best compromise between regular grilled meats, and those cooked in a full size smoker. These small metal contraptions fit into most consumer grade grills. And, they’ll provide a rich smokey flavor to anything you can grill with the help of pellets or wood chips. Here’s some wood chip BBQ smokers I’d easily recommend for how much flavor they can add to your grilled foods!

These are some BBQ grill smoker boxes I’d quickly recommend for any backyard barbecue dad!:

The Best BBQ Grill Tools to Buy Dad This Father’s Day

BBq Grill Tools Father's Day gift for dad

Pictured: Safe Brass BBQ Grill Cleaner

The only thing that’s worse than being out of propane (or charcoal), is not having the right tools for the job!

Dad can fire up the grill this summer knowing he has everything he needs to do the job properly. ‘Having the right tool for the job’, isn’t that what he likes to say? There’s a lot of grill tools out there but quite frankly, not all of them hit the mark. So, I’ve rounded up a few of the BBQ tools I’d be more than happy to call my own. These aren’t just any kitchen accessories, (but we’ve been over those, too!) These are some great examples of what makes for a set of BBQ tools dad will absolutely love to use!

From scrapers to spatulas, and everything in between! These are some examples of BBQ tools dad would adore:

Our Favorite BBQ Themed Gifts for Dad

Pictured: Camouflage BBQ Grill Apron for Dad

Dad has everything he needs in the BBQ universe? What do you even get for that dad who loves to grill, but is more well stocked than a commercial kitchen? Grill themed gifts, of course! Worry not, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the lion’s share of dad-centric BBQ and grilling paraphernalia you could possibly need. (or want?). This is where it’s at, ya’ll! Raise a spatula for the dads who are still trying to light the charcoal. These are for you, Craig.

Green Egg Charcoal BBQ outdoor grilling

What should you cook on Father’s day? 

It’s got to be BBQ, of course! Whether it’s some sirloin steak burgers, a few racks of ribs or those T-Bone steaks you bought in advance! No matter what it is, so something to make it special. My personal recommendation would be to surprise dad with just that special something. It should be something inspired by his love of the grill, that can enhance your meal this Father’s Day. A new tool, flavor or accessory would be enough to make dad feel like you were thinking of him. Want to really surprise him? Drag yourself out of bed early and whip up one, (two or three, really…) of these super easy breakfast wraps!

This is that one holiday where you should really let dad take the reins on dinner! If he really loves his BBQ handy work, give him some time to make the perfect meal. Because to him, grilling isn’t just cooking. It’s a hobby. Nay, it’s a lifestyle! Dad’s like us just need a cold drink, perhaps a cigar, and some time to ourselves. Because really, that’s what it’s all about! Father’s Day is a time to let dad unwind, so why not let him grill up the perfect meal for the people he loves most? 

How do You Celebrate Father’s Day? 

A good meal, and everybody he loves around the same table. Father’s Day is about showing your dad, or husband what kind of man he is to you. Being a dad means the same thing in every language, and every country. A good Father’s Day consists of a relaxing day spent together, not unlike any other holiday. Happiest with his family by his side, a dad loves nothing more than to have you there. Also, all the fixings of a BBQ cookout never hurt…

Dad and son grilling together on BBQ

How to Make Dad Feel Appreciated on Father’s Day 

The old beer and slippers may seem a bit cliche, but it certainly comes from the right place. Dad’s love to feel appreciated. In many respects, they’re the backbone of corny jokes, life lessons and otherwise useless trivia knowledge. But in all seriousness, a dad is happy when everyone else around him is loving life. 

It’s easy to get caught up thinking that this is a day of appreciating dad for providing, but that’s something he experiences everyday. Oftentimes, seeing his family each and everyday is what keeps him going. Father’s Day is the one day you should remind your dad of what kind of person he is to you. He can see whether or not his family is thriving, but he isn’t always reminded of how you see him. A dad’s role as an earner can sometimes overshadow the personality, and character that makes him unique. Tell Dad what kind of man he is to you.

Make This Father’s Day Special 

Here’s to you, fellow dad’s. For more than just the mowed lawn, we’re thankful for everything you do. To another year with Dad, or whoever it is that fills those shoes. Whether it’s him, her or they. ‘Dad’ is something they’ll take with them for life. With any luck you’ve found the ideal gift to kick things off right this Father’s Day!

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