30 Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Adult Daughters

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If your dad is anything like mine, then he’s probably difficult to shop for. Impossible, even! What do you get a dad who has everything? These gift ideas are perfect to give from adult daughters on Father’s Day.

I’m a big fan of gifts that someone can actually use – and that includes dad! Food, personalized gifts, and unique finds are always hits when you’re shopping for someone who’s hard to buy for.

My dad lives far away, so I can made a point to choose presents that can be shipped right dad for father’s day. Or you can order them to your home and wrap it up!

Here’s a few tips for adult daughters shopping for father’s’ day gift ideas:

  • Make sure you get anything personalized ordered ahead of time so you can make sure it arrives on time.
  • Keep dad in mind while shopping, it will mean more than just the money spent!
  • Don’t be afraid to add DIY touches to your gift. Dad probably longs for the days of homemade cards and gifts!
  • Think outside the box: Fathers’ Day gifts don’t have to be just BBQ accessories (although we have some ideas if you want them) or tools.

Our Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Adult Daughters

Cocktail smoker to give dad for Father's Day

Cocktail Smoker

If dad likes to make DIY cocktails at home a smoker is a must. It’s used to add smoky flavors to drinks; something you don’t know you need until you try it yourself.

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BBQ knife set with wooden handles

BBQ Knife Set

Nothing beats a great set of knives. I love the style of this set; they beautifully crafted, super stylish, and good quality too.

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Desk organizer made of wood with a vintage style lamp attached

Desk Organizer

Organizational items are one of my favorite gift ideas that adult daughters can buy for Father’s Day because dads tend to need the extra help keeping things tidy. Get something unique and trendy like this customized desk organizer – it even has a lamp!

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Brown leather gardening tote bag that would be perfect for dad

Leather Gardening Tote

Getting out in the garden never looked so good. Not only is this masculine gardening tote absolutely gorgeous, it’s sturdy and durable too.

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Modern metal fire pit shaped like a triangle and low to the ground

Metal Fire Pit

Metal fire pits add a super unique design element to a yard; perfect for those backyard bonfires! If it’s time for a patio upgrade, this is your chance to make dad say “wow”.

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Stylish wall scrabble game board that is hung in an entry way; this is a gift idea that was chosen because it's good for adult children to give dad on Father's Day

Wall Scrabble Game Board

I love this scrabble board because it’s a fun way to bring the family together. You can interact even when everyone’s busy or on different schedules! A lovely Father’s Day gift idea from adult kids who are still living at home.

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2 hand blown pint glasses with blue waves in the middle

Glass Pint Glasses With Blue

I love gifting unique finds for all holidays, including Father’s Day. These hand blown pint glasses fit the bill and then some; they’re beautifully made and truly one-of-a-kind.

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Grey t-shirt that says "I keep my dad jokes in a dad-a-base" as a funny gift idea for Father's Day

Dad Joke T-Shirt

My dad asks for t-shirts for Father’s Day almost every year, so I just had to include one!

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Leather wallets like the one in this picture make great Father's Day gift ideas from adult daughters

Leather Wallet

Most dads use their wallet until it’s absolutely falling apart so an upgrade is a really practical Father’s Day gift idea that he’ll actually use.

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Stylish record stand in black with metal legs, it's kind of mid century modern. The bottom is a shelf for record storage and the top has too rows to forward face vinyl for display.

Record Stand

If your dad has a vinyl collection that’s in need of some display upgrades, this record stand is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re feeling especially generous, pair it with some records that will make him think of you!

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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Customized drink coozies for dad, one is white and says "dad joke brewing", the other is black with a caricature of a bearded man that says "badass bearded dad". Both have a name at the bottom.

Customized Drink Coozie

Be a great daughter on Father’s Day with this unique gift idea – a customized drink coozie. Make sure to pair it with a pack of dad’s favourite beer or soda.

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Brown leather tool belt that's been personalized for a dad to give for Father's Day

Personalized Tool Belt

This tool belt puts a personalized spin on the classic tools and tool accessory gifts for Father’s Day. Dad can wear it proudly as he completes all those summer DIY projects he has lined up.

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Mini gift box that has a glass with "off duty go ask your mom" and a coaster that says "dad"

Go Ask Mom Gift Set

Let Father’s Day be dad’s well earned break. This small gift set says it all: Dad is off duty.

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Wooden beer caddy that can be personalized on the side

Personalized Beer Caddy

Can you imagine your dad carrying this personalized beer caddy filled with his favorite brew out into the backyard or onto the boat? Not only is it a unique Father’s Day gift idea, but dad will love that he has a special way to show off which beers are for him.

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Set of 4 coffee nerds brand coffee sample packs

Coffee Nerds Sample Pack

Coffee lovers always appreciate unique blends. This sampler set has 4 bags of Coffee Nerds coffee; perfect for getting a taste. Give them all to your dad, or add them to gift baskets for dad, grandpa, and other family members.

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Square whiskey tumbler made of oak that would be a unique gift idea for dad on Father's Day from an adult daughter

Personalized Oak Whiskey Tumbler

This custom tumbler plays homage to the barrels that whiskey are aged in. Not only is it super unique, you can personalize it with dad’s initials too.

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Man wearing a masculine looking apron

Custom Workshop Apron

Aprons are making a come back! Which is great, because they’re practical; especially when you’re out in the workshop or spending time in the kitchen.

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Canvas toiletry bags in red, white, blue, brown, and yellow

Canvas Dropp Kit With

Whether dad travels for fun or needs to for work, accessories make it easier. Especially nice ones like these beautiful canvas kits; plus you can add dad’s initials so he knows which one is his.

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Wooden cutting board that says "our dad king of the grill", this would be a good joint gift from adult siblings

Custom Cutting Board for Dad

Customized cutting boards are great practical gift ideas for Father’s Day! Make sure they’re good quality (like this one) so dad can use it for cooking or BBQing for years to come. It could be part of a joint gift from adult siblings too!

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Gift box that says "best dad", inside are the portable coffee brewing bags that would be a great gift idea for an outdoorsy dad

Portable Coffee Brewing Bags

These are super cool. They’re portable, biodegradable coffee brewing bags so a nature loving dad can make coffee even when there’s no power. Perfect for camping or the cabin!

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Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Green ammo box that says "five star dad" with the kids' names, it's being used as a gift box

Personalized Ammo Boxes

OK, so this isn’t a complete gift basket, but how unique are these personalized ammo crates to use as a the base for one? After Fathers’ Day they still look cool in dad’s space and he can use it to store whatever dad things his heart desires.

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Gift box that contains a plant, some seasoning, whiskey kit, and card.

Father’s Day Gift Box With a Plant

This cute gift box has a bunch of little gifts that will brighten dad’s day. What a cute idea to send a dad who lives far away!

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Black spa gift box with a variety of soaps and grooming supplies.

Spa Gift Basket for Men

Help dad get his relaxation on for Father’s Day (and all year) by gifting a nice spa gift basket like this one. Make sure it’s filled with products your dad will actually use, though.

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Parcel with a t-shirt, soap, and certificate that says world's best dad

World’s Best Dad Parcel

If you’re a daughter who lives far away from her dad then care packages are a perfect gift idea for Father’s Day. This one comes with a bunch of neat gifts including a certificate that your dad is the “world’s best dad”. Which, of course, he is.

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Self care gift basket for men that includes a towel and some natural soaps

Father’s Day Self Care Gift Basket

Self care is just as important for men as it is for women, so why not use Father’s Day as an excuse to encourage your dad to take better care of himself? This gift basket comes with a bunch of relaxation gifts to get him started.

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BBQ stuff, like this gift box with a variety of sauces and spices, are great Fathers' Day gift ideas from adult daughters

Perfect BBQ and Grill Set

Can’t have Father’s Day gift ideas without a grilling and BBQ gift set! This box has a selection of gourmet sauces and seasonings to enjoy all summer long.

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Wreck it Crate With Relaxation Gifts

These wreck it crates are really cool gift box ideas. When they arrive, dad has to pull the crate apart (wreck it) to reveal the curated relaxation gifts inside.

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Make your own whiskey kit with bottles, seasonings, and stones

Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

For the whiskey lover! You need a bottle of neutral alcohol for the base, but otherwise this kit comes with everything you need to flavor whiskey right at home.

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City s'mores kit for dad

City Bonfires Mini S’Mores Kit

This gift box is so cute, especially if your dad has a sweet tooth. It’s designed for city dwellers to enjoy a mini bonfire, complete with portable fire pit and everything you need to enjoy delicious s’mores right from your apartment or condo.

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Mental health gift box with a variety of goodies like a diffuser and books

Mental Health Gift Box

If your dad’s been having a tough time lately then use Father’s Day as an excuse to give him something that will make it at least a little bit better. This mental health focused gift box has a bunch of soothing stuff, including a diffuser and some helpful books.

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Hopefully these Father’s Day gift ideas from adult daughters have inspired you to pick something up for your own dad. I know that I’ll be grabbing something for my own dad from this list!

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