Super Fun Summer Gifts for Kids


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It’s the start of summer and that means keeping kids occupied. As a parent I always find myself trying to find creative ways to get the kids outside. If you’re like me and want to keep the kids off screens, consider picking up some of these super fun summer gifts for kids.

I love giving gifts like this on the last day of school and for summer birthday parties. It’s a fun way to kick off the season and add to your collection of outdoor toys. End of the year gifts are also a great way to reward hard work or good grades throughout the year.

Our Picks for Fun Summer Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

trampoline sprinkler toy

Trampoline Sprinkler Toy

If your kids are anything like mine they’re already putting the sprinkler under the trampoline. This one takes it to the next level by attaching to the net rather than just spraying up. That’s even more fun!

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example of water balloons as fun summer gift ideas for kids

Water Balloons

What kid doesn’t love a good old fashioned water balloon fight? What’s amazing about this set is not only does it give you a tonne of water balloons, it also takes all the hassle out of filling them up. Once you attach it to the hose it fills several at once and even ties them – magic!

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ladder toss game for the summer

Ladder Toss Game

Ladder ball has become more popular lately and for good reason. It’s a fun game with easy rules that can be enjoyed by all ages. If you plan to spend the summer camping or just want a fun backyard game definitely give this one a try.

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sidewalk chalk pack for kids

Outdoor Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is great for so many things. Kids can decorate the sidewalk, play a game of hopscotch, or set up boundaries for games. I always keep some on hand during warmer weather – especially fun varieties like this glittery pack.

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cool giant bubble wand toy

Giant Bubble Wand

Move over regular bubbles… It’s time for GIANT bubbles! This kit comes with everything you need including the giant bubble wand, bubble solution, and even instructions on how to master giant bubble making.

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at home spray pad sprinkler for a summer gift

Spray Pad Style Sprinkler

This is a great solution for young kids. The water collects in the splash pad which makes it twice as fun – you get rained on and get to jump in the puddles! Water toys make the best summer gifts for kids in my opinion.

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foam machine as an example of a fun summer gift idea for kids

Foam Machine

This just came out this year and I’ve been dying to get it for my kids. It’s a bit pricey, but think of the fun of filling your yard with foam! You’ll be able to use it again and again since the jugs of foam solution are sold seperately.

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baseball slip and slide game

Baseball Water Slide

Whether your kids love baseball, slip and slides, or both this game is the ultimate summer fun mash up. Instead of running around the bases kids have to slide across the baseball diamond to earn a home run.

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step rocket toy for children

Step Rocket Launcher Toy

This is a kid-safe option to traditional rockets. Made of foam, you launch them up by stamping on a rubber pad. It’s just air but kids will have a blast competing to see how far their rocket will fly.

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inflatable sprinkler toy for kids to play with during the summer

Inflatable Sprinkler

This inflatable arch gives new meaning to running through the sprinkler. Unlike traditional sprinklers kids are less likely to get hurt when playing with an inflatable option.

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scavenger hunt kit for kids

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt

This one takes all the prep work out of a scavenger hunt. Give the kids a few cards and set them loose to find matching objects. Instead of looking for something specific the cards are more general like “fuzzy” or “blue”.

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set of water guns

Water Guns

I like this set specifically because it comes with a lot of guns. Perfect for neighbourhood water gun fights! To make filling easier set our a large bucket of water then just submerge the water guns inside.

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toy lawn mower that blows bubbles

Bubble Mower

We have one of these and my younger kids love it. There’s something extra fun about playing with toys that are just like your parents’ tools – especially when they blow bubbles too.

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play camping set for kids

Play Camping Set

This super cute set comes with everything they need to go on a pretend camping trip. The tent is a little small but it’s not very pricey and comes with a lot of fun camping accessories.

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kid-sized golf set

Kids Golf Set

Get them practising their golf swing! Safely in the back yard, of course. What makes this even cooler than regular toy golf sets is the fact that the balls self feed for continuous swinging.

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swing that can be hung in a backyard tree

Tree Swing

Inspired by tire swings, these style of tree swings are fun for kids of all ages. As long as it’s affixed to a sturdy branch it can take up to 350lbs of weight – perfect for multiple kids to swing at once.

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slammo as an example of fun active summer gifts for older kids

Slammo Game

This game is all the rage – in fact, we were recently gifted a set ourselves. It kind of plays like volleyball, but without all that pesky equipment. It works for teams and can be played by kids, teens, and adults.

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snow cone maker

Snow Cone Maker

When they need a break from all that summer fun what better way to cool off than with some shaved ice? Pair with their favourite syrups and some paper cones and you’re all set.

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trampoline accessory that adds disco lights

Trampoline Bounce Party

If you’re trying to keep away from water play this is a super cool alternative. It hooks onto the trampoline to adds disco light and music for an amazing bounce party experience

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inflatable water slide waterpark for kids

Inflatable Water Slide

Rule the summer with this in your back yard! Kids go crazy over these things, and for goo reason. It’s like having your very own water park. They come in different sizes but in this case bigger definitely is better.

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More gift ideas for summer

It’s always nice to have something new to play with outside! Hopefully these summer gifts for kids help you and your family have so much fun all season long.


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