Dungeons & Dragons gifts for a D&D Party

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Shopping for the Dungeons & Dragons fans in your life? Or maybe you’re looking for the most amazing gift to bring your dungeon master. Either way, these Dungeons & Dragons gifts are perfect for any occasion, including a D&D themed party. (And yes – I’m going to give you some D&D party decor ideas too.)

Dungeons & Dragons Gifts for a D&D Party

Look, we’re all about the parties here at Munch and Brunch. As an event planner, I love finding unique party themes. Being a bit of a geek myself, I couldn’t resist dreaming up some fantastic D&D party ideas.

If you don’t already have a group, why not throw a Dungeons & Dragons party to get some friends to try it out? Who knows, it might turn into a regular thing.

Or just pick up some of these fun gift ideas for any Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means we earn a commission when a purchase is made through one of our links.

Dungeons & Dragons starter set gift idea

I absolutely love giving starter sets to new players. It’s a great way to get someone interested in your own hobby, or get them going if they’ve shown some interest in playing D&D. This set comes with everything you need!

Dungeon Mayhem Game

Dungeon Mayhem Game Dungeons & Dragons gift idea

Card games are a lot more approachable than a full on Dungeons & Dragons campaign. These also make great “warm up” activities before sitting down to your actual D&D session. A great gift idea, especially as a stocking stuffer!

Dungeons & Doggies Figures

Dungeons & Doggies super cute gift idea for D&D fans

OMG, so adorable! These miniatures are perfect additions to a D&D fan’s campaign. Give them as an awesome Dungeons & Dragons gift idea or buy them for yourself. We won’t tell.

D&D Stats Mug

Funny D&D gift idea for fans

You can’t go wrong with this sarcastic D&D gift idea! There’s other options out there, but I really like the +5 sarcasm mug. We all have a friend that needs this.

DM Screen

Dungeons & Dragons gift idea for your DM

What do you get the Dungeon Master who has everything? How about a screen so they can keep all their secret (evil) plans from everyone else. No need to worry about players seeing your notes or other important DM info!

Dice Rolling Tray

Gift idea for all the players in your D&D group

I can’t be the only person who regularly sends dice flying of the table when I roll them. Save everyone the hassle by investing in some of these dice rolling trays. They’re a perfect gift idea for everyone in your D&D group.

Dungeons & Dragons Spell Effects

Dungeons & Dragons spell effects gift idea

It’s the little things that have the biggest impact when it comes to playing tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. This set has a bunch of spell effects that will add to the gaming experience and make everything that little bit more fun. Pick up both packs for a great D&D themed gift idea.

D&D Campaign Companion

D&D Campaign Companion gift for your DM

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track! Make it easier on your Dungeon Master by picking up this campaign companion so they always know what’s going on. What’s nice is it can be a keepsake after, too.

Dungeons & Dragons Socks

Cozy gift idea for Dungeons & Dragons fans

OK, it’s a bit cheesy as far as Dungeon & Dragons gifts are concerned, but who doesn’t want to have warm feet? Wear these to your next D&D night or bring them for your Dungeons & Dragons loving friends as a present.

Dungeons & Dragons Clue

Dungeons & Dragons clue is a fun gift idea for D&D fans

I have to admit – I don’t normally like the whole label-slapping thing that happens with board games. This one totally nails the Dungeons & Dragons theme, though!

RPG Character Backstory Guide

RPG Character backstory guide as a gift idea for D&D players

Not everyone’s a writer! This unofficial companion asks questions and makes suggestions to help you create a unique character backstory for any tabletop game.

Unique Dice Sets

Unique dice sets make great Dungeons & Dragons gifts

There’s no better Dungeons & Dragons gifts than sets of dice, in my opinion. Even if someone has a lot… You can never have too many! Pick up a set that’s as unique as they are and give it for Christmas, a birthday, or just because.

The Lazy DM’s Workbook

Lazy DM workbook is a great D&D gift

Even if it’s low key insulting, the Dungeon Master of your group will still appreciate this D&D gift. What makes it great is you can use it to just pick up and play – no planning from the DM required. It’s perfect for beginners!

Dungeons & Dragons Throw Blanket

Dungeons & Dragons throw blanket gift idea

For the D&D fan who has everything! I love that this blanket has the classic Dungeons & Dragons cover on it. Super cool for a gaming room or a nerdy gift idea.

Because I’m the DM Shirt

Funny shirt gift idea for your DM

Why are you arguing with the DM anyway? Pick up this shirt as a gift idea for your group’s Dungeon Master to help settle conflict before it starts.

Tabletop RPG Adventurer Bag

One of the best Dungeons & Dragons gifts you can buy

This is the ultimate gift idea for any Dungeons & Dragons fan! It holds everything they need to go to game night including books, miniatures, and maps.

Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

Board games make great Dungeons & Dragons gifts

I absolutely love playing Dungeons & Dragons themed board games! What’s great about this one is that it can be played solo or with a group.

Dice Bag

Dice bags make great Dungeons & Dragons gifts

They have to have some kind of bag of holding for their Dungeons & Dragons dice! This nice leather bag will do just the trick. Pair it with some actual dice too for a great D&D gift idea.

Dungeons & Dragons Party Decor

Are you throwing a Dungeons & Dragons themed party? It would be a perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday or as a way to wrap up a group campaign.

Here’s some cool ideas and accessories you might want to incorporate in your D&D themed event!

Castle Themed Tablecloth

Dungeons & Dragons party idea

This castle themed tablecloth is a perfect table dressing for medieval party. Which means it’s a good choice for Dungeons & Dragons themed gatherings, too.

Cake Topper Set

Dungeons & Dragons party idea

If you want your Dungeons & Dragons themed cake to stand out, consider these awesome cake toppers! They make decorating super easy – but still awesome.

Castle Stairways and Windows

Dungeons & Dragons party idea

How else do you transform your home into a castle? This will bring the “Dungeons” part of the Dungeons & Dragons party into your home or party venue.

Happy Birthday Banner

Dungeons & Dragons party idea

If you’re throwing a D&D birthday party you have to have a medieval themed banner.

Dragon Balloons

Dungeons & Dragons party idea

No, they’re not official, but these dragon balloons are still a great decoration for your D&D party.

Hopefully you enjoyed these Dungeons & Dragons gifts and party ideas! Stay safe out there on your adventure.

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