The Best Anime Cute Girl (Bishojou) Figures on Amazon


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If you’re an oktaku, anime fan, collector, or just shopping for someone who likes anime characters this list of the best anime cute girl figures on Amazon has you covered. There’s so many figures (and websites to buy them from) out there, but if you want to stick with Amazon these options are super kawaii choices!

The Best Anime Cute Girl Figures

If you’re not familiar, bishoujo figures basically translate to “beautiful girl”. That can be really broad – there are ones that are made for adults, and super cute anime girls that count as bishojou. All these figures are perfect for “all” ages, which when it comes to collectibles means older kids, teens, and adults.

zero rem Red Hood Figure

Re: Zero Rem Red Hood Figure

Thought I’d kick this list off with one of the most popular anime girls that you can get right now. There seems to be a Rem figure for every occasion and it’s super tough to pick the best one! This one is pretty cute though.

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Good Smile No Game No Life

Good Smile No Game No Life – Zero: Schwi Pop Up Parade

Schiwi is from the light novel and also the No Game No Life movie. If you already have Shiro (or even if you don’t!) Schwi is a great addition to your cute anime girl figure collection. Especially this version.

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Megumi Tadokoro Nendoroid Action Figure

Megumi Tadokoro Nendoroid

Tadokoro is one of the main characters in Shokugeki No Soma, AKA Food Wars. This Nendoroid is SO adorable and has a bunch of really cute accessories – including the Goosefish she preps for the Autumn competition.

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Umaru-chan figurine

Himouto! Umaru Chan: Nendoroid

You really can’t think of “kawaii” anymore without having Umaru-chan come to mind. Himouto means lazy sister, which means you get this adorable chibi character that’s always in comfortable clothes and eating snacks.

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Ultimate Madoka Figure in box

Ultimate Madoka Figure

Modoka is another one of those characters that you can get any figure of it and it would be cute. This one’s actually a prize figure that you’d normally find inside a crane machine.

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Fairy Tail Final Season Lucy Heartfilia figurine

Lucy Heartfilia 1:8 Scale PVC Figure

Lucy Heartfilia and Happy (the cat) are posed together in a super cute pose, making this an awesome anime girl figure for collectors. It’s also a really nice, well made PVC statue too.

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Hatsune Miku Action Figure casual clothes

Casual Clothes Hatsune Miku

How do you pick just one Hatsune Miku, though? I chose this one for the list because it’s pretty unique – Milku is wearing adorable casual clothes rather than her usual outfit.

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demon slayer Kamado Nezuko Figure Statue

Kamado Nezuko Figure

You came here for an anime cute girl, right? And what better choice than the ultra kawaii Kamado Nezuko from Demon Slayer! She comes with a crate and is posed on her knees.

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Yu Gi Oh Dark Magician Girl Figma Action Figure

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions: Dark Magician Girl Magical Cute Figure

I’ve been eyeing this one myself, and for good reason – it’s SO cute! Dark Magician girl is from the show Yu-Gi-Oh! and although this one is branded with the latest series, all long time fans of the show will appreciate this bishoujo figure.

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My Hero Academia Figure Colosseum

My Hero Academia Toga Himiko

Most of the girls from Boko no Hero Academia are super cute, but I picked this one because of the pose. The cords out for an action shot adds a bit of style to an otherwise simple statue.

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Beatrice Nendoroid Action Figure

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World: Beatrice Nendoroid

I could pretty much add every Re:Zero girl to this list, if we’re being honest. But Beatrice hands down wins for cutest character – especially this chibi Nendoroid version!

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hello kitty figurine

Bandai Spirits Ichibansho Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is an anime girl, fight me.

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Gun gale Llenn Nendoroid Action Figure

Sega Sword Art Gun Gale Online Llenn

Isn’t Llenn adorable in this figure? It’s officially licensed by Sega, so you know you’re getting the real deal with this collectible.

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erotic cartoon teacher Shakiri Izumi

Furyu Eromanga Sensei: Sagiri Izumi Special Figure

I can’t believe Eromanga Sensei is still popular, but I guess it makes sense with how cute the anime girls in it are. Sagiri looks like she’s ready to bed here!

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Cardcaptor Sakura Cute Frog Outfit Figure

Cardcaptor Sakura Cute Frog Outfit Figure

I will never stop loving Cardcaptors and this adorable figure of Sakura is no exception. She’s in a super cute frog suit, but still has her classic staff from the series. I love the pose, too.

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Nekopara PVC Statue Chocola Swimsuit

Nekopara Girls Figures

My 14 year old just asked me for one of these because they’re “so cute” so I thought I’d add them to the list! From the visual novel of the same name.

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Furyu Catherine full bodied

Catherine Figure

Normally Catherine (from the video game of the same name) is meant to be sexy, but I think this version of her wearing an oversized shirt is pretty cute.

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Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei Figma

Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei Figma

If you haven’t bought them before, Figma figures are cool because they’re really posable. They also come with a lot of accessories – and this cute Reimu Hakurei figure is no exception!

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Touhou Project: Reimu Hakurei Figma

Super Sonico Figure

If you collect cute anime girl figures you probably know all about Super Sonico. Here she’s in her ultra kawaii riding suit that would fit perfectly in an anime figure collection or pink aesthetic.

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Miyuki Takara Summer School Uniform

Lucky Star: Miyuki Takara

This adorable Lucky Star figure has interchangeable heads so you can put Miyuki Takara in all kinds of cute poses. The arms and legs are posable too!

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SEGA Bandori Girl band party

Sega BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!: Aya Maruyama Premium Figure

From one of Sega’s animes, Aya Maruyama is a chracter from the show BanG Dream! This figure is a prize figure, but it’s still good quality. And cute too!

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Kotobukiya My Little Pony

Bishouko Pinkie Pie

She is last but DEFINITELY not least! This line is pretty recent and you can find almost all your favourite My Little Pony characters reimagined as cute anime girls. What could be better?

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Need more kawaii and geeky gift ideas?

Hopefully you have some luck finding cute anime girl figures! Sometimes they go out of stock, and many times never return. If you see something you like I highly recommend picking it up because there may not be another chance.


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